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  1. There was legislation introduced in 2003(?) that stated all new (petrol) cars sold in UK/EU must be capable of running on 95RON (without causing damage). I don't know about the 370Z, but for the 350Z Nissan themselves said that running on 95RON would casue about a 5% drop in power and also an increase in fuel consumption compared to the recommended 98RON.
  2. Taken it out on the road for the first time since the end of October . Put petrol in it for the first time since the start of March........⛽
  3. Another recommendation for CTEK. I have a MXS 3.8 and 5.0 They've kept both of my cars alive during prolonged periods of non use, such as during lockdown or, more commonly, winter weather.
  4. 598 miles since the start of last November. I haven't put petrol in it since February............
  5. There's a flap which controls whether fresh air comes into the cabin from the outside or is recirculated within the cabin. From your description & video it could be the flap, for some reason, isn't fully opening or closing. This could be due to a foreign object preventing the flap from reaching the fully open/closed position and consequently the motor is continually trying to move the flap and the gear mechanism is jumping teeth - hence the clicking. Or, there are broken/missing teeth on the gear mechanism, causing the clicking, which again could mean the flap isn't reaching the full open/
  6. Personally, I've been saving around £25 per week on fuel costs (pre lock-down prices) by working from home and therefore not commuting to work, (Plus an hour and a half not sitting in a car) And let's face it, the economy and therefore Government tax receipts, are going to be at best in a poor state (regardless of who is in power), as a result of Covid-19, so we will all be paying for this over the next few years either by austerity/reduced services and/or higher taxes. The point is, the more the Government loses from income tax, Nat Ins & VAT etc and pays out in benefits/rebates now,
  7. I don't know what the purpose of the switch is, but at a guess could it be so that other systems such as the ABS and traction control know if the rear wheels are connected to drive from the engine? There's obviously a switch for the clutch as you can't start the car unless the clutch is down.
  8. I've got both a CTEK MXS 5.0 and a MXS 3.8. Either will charge/top-up the battery of a 350Z. Previously, I used the CTEK XS800 as a trickle charger. If my 350Z hadn't been used for over a week, I'd hook that up and in about 8 hours it would bring the battery back up to full charge.
  9. I've owned my 350Z for 15+years and counting. The reason why I haven't upgraded to a 370Z is because although it was an evolution of the 350Z, which I was expecting, several aspects didn't evolve in the way of was hoping: For the powertrain, simply making the engine (capacity) a bit larger and a bit more powerful isn't exactly innovative. For future Z, first off let me say if it comes with a 4 cylinder engine I won't even consider it. The same goes if it's front wheel drive. Rear drive only thank you. Ideally it should have a 6 cylinder (straight or V) petrol engine (no diesels please), (a
  10. It's a Nissan engine. IIRC, the VQ series was in production, in its earliest form, about 5 years before the Renault-Nissan tie-up.
  11. Most classic car insurance policies still appear to require the car to be at least 20 years old. (From memory, 20 years was also one of the criteria used by Customs & Excise) However, Carole Nash's website indicated they will consider 15 year old vehicles as a Classic: https://www.carolenash.com/classic-car-insurance/ "But any car over 15 years old is now classed as a classic, and can receive reductions in policy price that reflect the care they’re given, and the way they’re driven." As my Z is now over 15 years old, I may look into this option when its insurance is due for renewal
  12. As I understand it, they don't issue fines/points to members of the public and as such are no different to Community Speed Watch groups, where all the registered keeper gets is a letter telling them they've been naughty and to slow down, (Stands to be corrected). The main purpose of these is to clamp down on contractors exceeding the site speed limit within the roadworks and any unauthorised vehicles entering the roadworks area (ie taking a shortcut or bypassing a traffic jam) https://www.carnellgroup.co.uk/solutions/safetycam/
  13. Yep, purchased new in 2004. And yes, the sig pics could perhaps do with an update...
  14. I've owned my Z for about 15 years now. Mileage is actually just over half that. The Z has always been my 'other' car, so not used for commuting, the most miles I've done in a year is approx. 4500 and the lowest around 1200.
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