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  1. Your inbox is full mate so cant send you a PM, let me know how much inc delivery bud Cheers Pedro
  2. Hi All I'm after a starter new or used at a decent price, my current ones completley shot and cant be refurb'd Any help greatly appreciated. Regards Pedro
  3. Guys Havent been around here for a long time but its with much regret I am puttin my Zed up for sale. Its a 2004 Stock import 42K miles I've owned this car for 17 months now and loved every minute of it and had zero problems with this car. The vehicle no Tax but I'll put a years MOT on it asking price £12,500 excelent condition. Genuine reason for sale...i.e. my new mrs has a kid and need 4 seats Car will be available in approx 2-3 weeks..sorry waiting on delivery of my new CLK...i know i know I'm now officially a dic£! If your interested drop me a PM
  4. Hi PPL Not sure if anyone will be interested but i have a newley refurbished set of Matrix 19" 5 spokes that came off my 94 Supra, all wrapped in Hankook Ventus K104s but two are proper illegal and need replaced, can be bothered with reg on ebay etc to sell. £400 + Delivery drop me a pm if anyones interested Cheers Ped
  5. q Sorry guys standard nissan and Im about 16 miles outside Edinburgh so if your close you can pick them up Cheers Ped
  6. All I really have no place to keep these now my 19s are on the zed so just looking to punt ttem on. The 4 wheels are in good condition (will try to organise some pics) all wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza rubber but a couple of them are on the limit. £300 ono + Delivery - PM me if your interested Cheers Ped
  7. Guys After a bit of info get my 19s back from the refurbisher this week so can finally get them on my Zed I will be looking to punt on my standard 18" 6 spoke nissan alloys but have no idea how much there worth? There in reasonably good nick a few curb / scuff mark and some bridgestones on them although a couple probably boarding on legality. Cheers Ped
  8. Guys My rear plate fell off yesterday on a busy road so couldnt retrieve it, i got a standard UK spec square plate made up and have managed to get wedged on for the time being can anyone advise on a good site to get the correct size import plate for my Z?...Can't deal with having holes showing on the back for long.....
  9. Guys Does anyone know a company / individual that offers leather retrim seats on an exchange + cash deal etc? Or can anyone advise on any good companies in Scotland ? I contacted Transcal LTD who quoted £695+ VAT for a 2 tone leather retrim on the seats is this a good price? Cheers Ped
  10. Hi PPL I'm looking to change my stock rims on my 04 Sunset came across these on flea bay...I haven't heard of this manufacturer or wheel before but i think they look good. Any thought's or opinions? Cheers Ped
  11. q I'm just outside Edinburgh up in Sunny Scotland and I'll be looking forward to getting to some club meets this side of the border
  12. Hi All Just thought I'd say hi had my 350 for 4 months now and love it to death..hope to start moding soon so will doubtless be looking for loads of advice soon .... Cheers Ped
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