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  1. Or for £6k if you fancy doing the work yourself: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1291614
  2. For £15.5k id go for a Bentley continental flying spur. Total luxury 4 door with probably more room in the back than an estate and can’t see it depreciating much more. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202011256474661?atmobcid=soc3
  3. I didn’t realise there was a predecessor to the 240Z Don’t think is was available in the UK at the time... The Datsun Sports (called Datsun Fairlady in the Japanese and Australian markets), was a series of roadsters produced by Nissan in the 1960s. The series was a predecessor to the Z-car in the Fairlady line Well worth watching Wheeler Dealers Series 16 Episode 8. 2 litre OHC engine was making 150hp in the late 60s and was cleaning up in its racing class in the US More here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datsun_Sports
  4. Yes, wish I had kept mine. Only got £10k for it back in 09 when I traded it for the GTR...
  5. 4 owner car. Not that many black prestige with Ivory. Reckon you would only lose about 12k in 3 years in depreciation so far better than a new 320d. Go for it!
  6. Some interesting rumours on the net that the 400z being the last petrol Z is a short term stop gap to be replaced in 2025 by an all electric version perhaps using a modified Ariya platform. I hope this is true as Nissan were the BEV trailblazers having had the leaf in production for over 10 years now. But are losing market share to tesla and need to put there stake in the sand on a sports BEV soon. I think the real worry is that ghosn was a visionary leader. They seem to be run by penny pinching accountants now so who knows what may happen...
  7. If you use it it will charge itself!😃
  8. 11.5 years in recaros now and no complaints. For track use they are a must. The wife’s e class has all the pump up support bags in the seats and they seem less comfortable.
  9. I’ve only ever fitted oem runflats on the GTR. They can be repaired. I’m assuming they are Bridgestone? Is it worth buggering the handling and safety of the car with non runflat tyres just to save a few pounds?
  10. Think this is the first one I’ve seen on the second hand market: https://hey.car/gebrauchtwagen?fullQuery=Nissan GT-R 50th&make=nissan&model=gt-r&q=50th
  11. Must be nearly 80 by now!! Happy Birthday John
  12. Nismo is a great car but the 720s is another level. I would not take on a 720s at the lights or on the track as it will demolish any GTR in all areas.
  13. Be interesting to see how long this car sits at the dealers. IMO it may be the best Nismo yet but the £25k increase was a mistake. Forget the 600LT you can get 1 year old 720s with less than 500 miles for that.
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