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  1. Interesting that a Recaro is about £40k more than a 2009 black edition.
  2. Yes, The GTR is still shown on the Nissan UK website but the brochure cannot be downloaded https://www.nissan.co.uk/vehicles/new-vehicles/gt-r.html
  3. These came from Westway Aldershot today.
  4. A sad day John and end of an era. I saw it up for sale on Autotrader. can’t believe it’s been over 12 years since we drove the first ones out of Marshall Cambridge.
  5. Auto light and wiper sensor changed by Nissan Aldershot and fault finally sorted. Well done westway Nissan! They also had to re solder the wires that had been cut and incorrectly wired up by Autowindscreens Reading when they broke the plug then shorted it out and fused the car. Avoid Autowindscreens Reading. A few photos of there disgraceful workmanship enclosed.
  6. That is great news. ive been having “fun” with my windscreen change after a crack appeared. Now on my 8th visit to get the auto light and wiper function working after they have had 3 attempts at changing it and a second windscreen. The idiots cut the wires and shorted it out blowing a fuse and causing no power to the OBD port and caused the heater control memory to be lost. Also had numerous attempts at getting new Vodafone trackers to pair with the car. They didn’t realise they had changed the frequency the remote works at! 5 year service and mot all went well with no surpri
  7. Good news have heard of intercooler corrosion at 10 years didn’t think that would stop a gear change though. Litchfield do know there stuff. hope it’s fixed soon.
  8. Do you know if the gearbox software was updated when the stage 1 was done?
  9. Auto torque have a very good reputation sorting GTR gearbox problems. May be worth talking to them as well. https://www.autotorque.net/nissan-gtr-gear-box-upgrades/
  10. Have heard of that a few times could be sticky solenoids, sensor or something simple, generally not serious but will probably need the gearbox pan removing. Hopefully should get it sorted for under £1500.
  11. they have also changed the colour of the engine certificate plate as well so £202K?
  12. Will be interesting to see what they charge for the new colour, red wheels and tightened engine manufacturing tolerances. £200k?
  13. Hi Les I think working more than 40 hours a week for long periods of time is not good for the work / life balance especially as you get closer to retirement. As a contractor I have worked silly hours for the last 25 years and have just recently had a 40 hour limit imposed. Initially I was against this but am now finding more time to play golf or just go for a walk or just drive the GTR to starbucks during the week on what was work time. Cutting the hours is definitely a good thing!
  14. Happy birthday Sarah what a year!! It can only get better
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