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  1. Yes Litchfield picked up lower ball joints on mine 2 years ago. Was never mentioned on my 09 car. £1500 I think.
  2. Looking good was there last week with the Ferrari boys there was an SF90 demolishing everyone
  3. Davros and ZedEd have posted some great memories over the years I think one of the best ever was the charity Bruntingthorpe days when doing 170 up the runway will the Vulcan bomber coming straight at me about 200 feet from the ground thought it was gonna land on me! The woman screaming look where you are going !!!
  4. Pistonheads have a decent article on it and most forum comments are very good: https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-features/nissan-gt-r-ph-carbituary/45459
  5. It really is the end of an era. How long before an all electric R36?….
  6. Looks like this system does not work very well on the Suzuki https://www.topgear.com/car-news/do-suzuki-swift-sports-gadgets-make-it-worth-ps18k?amp=1
  7. Straight through the MOT with no advisories and 6 year service completed. just needed rusty under tray hardware replacing. Shame Nissan have done nothing to stop this since the CBA days. Bellhousing all good though.
  8. Cul de sac partially blocked by a neighbours hedge. A couple of trees in pots blown over but no big deal.
  9. Yes was behind Sabine in the full M5 ring taxi She left me behind after about a third of a lap…
  10. Yes, had the cracked inner rear rim problem on my 09. No problems so far on the DBA wheels.
  11. Always stay at Tiergarten when at the ring good choice. Have booked a 10 day drive around the mountains of northern Spain in August. Booked all the hotels on booking.com they can be cancelled with only 3 days notice.
  12. Are the cobra high flow cats guaranteed to go through an MOT?
  13. If your car smells of fuel then the cats may have failed?
  14. Pretty sure Thailand drive on the left…
  15. Yes, Seems odd. Are Australia Thailand or USA taking orders?
  16. These noise restriction’s presumably apply to all of the range and must have been known about some time ago. Sounds to me like Nissan UK are just not motivated to make any minor changes that may be required.Very Sad really. perhaps an import could be worth considering…
  17. Yes, I’ve only done 160,000 in 2 GTRs and the Z since 2004.
  18. This is great news and hope they can repeat the dominance of the previous cars wonder if we will see it in the UK though?
  19. Sorry to hear that Paul. I suspect the police don’t want to know but you would think there would be a way of tracing him as you have his number plate. agree it looks like an old boy who may not have realised. The wife had this with a lorry and forced him to stop.
  20. Do we know if the 9 speed auto is a twin clutch gearbox?
  21. Interesting vid from carwow at 650hp 1000hp and 1650hp:
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