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  1. Yes, I’ve only done 160,000 in 2 GTRs and the Z since 2004.
  2. This is great news and hope they can repeat the dominance of the previous cars wonder if we will see it in the UK though?
  3. Sorry to hear that Paul. I suspect the police don’t want to know but you would think there would be a way of tracing him as you have his number plate. agree it looks like an old boy who may not have realised. The wife had this with a lorry and forced him to stop.
  4. Do we know if the 9 speed auto is a twin clutch gearbox?
  5. Interesting vid from carwow at 650hp 1000hp and 1650hp:
  6. Happy Birthday John from Sally and I. Looking forward to updates on the Track Edition driving experience. It’s about time we had a meet up to see it! cheers Paul
  7. Brings back good memories of the ring. I only managed about 40 laps in mine had no problems at all other than setting cosworth road pads on fire and groaning noise from Ferodo pads. I remember at launch that these cars were designed for 200,000 miles.
  8. It seems to have gone very quiet since they mentioned packaging problems with a hybrid setup. My guess is that without Ghosn providing strong leadership who understood the need for a halo car and the financial problems at Nissan I suspect it may not be replaced until a totally new electric platform is developed which may be 5 years away. I’m also hearing that the T Spec may be a 21 Model year with no further development. So basically a paint job and track edition bits. I do think we are looking at the last year of manufacture now.
  9. 50 of the 100 Is being offered to the American market: https://usa.nissannews.com/en-US/releases/new-limited-production-t-spec-edition-joins-nissan-gt-r-lineup#
  10. It’s the same as your car John with a different colour. Must admit was hoping for a facelift of the interior, another 50hp and needs a 7th gear really. Happy they did not add a hybrid option though. Im guessing this would be £130K if sold here.
  11. OK it’s a 100 off T Spec which is based on the track edition available in Japan. 2 new colours Midnight Purple and Millenium Jade for the mature driver… Has a hint of green in it and is based on the R34 M Spec. Carbon brakes, roof, boot and spoiler saves 18Kg and are standard some were optional on the previous TE. The carbon brakes save 14kg unsprung weight. suspension tweeks reduce vibration by 15% steering correction reduced. Light green interior and alcantara dash and gold emblems on the front, back inside, door kick plates and a gold engine cover.
  12. Quite like the GLA that this is based on the interior is a very nice place to be. Have spent a fair bit of time driving a B Class for the grandkids and it actually a very good all round car. Not sure I could live with the 99 mph limit though! did you consider the Nissan Ariya?
  13. I notice the GTR brochure still can’t be downloaded. Must be over 6 months now. I’m guessing that the MY21.5 updates will be pretty insignificant It really is due another facelift John are you saying that MY22 USA cars have an OPF? I thought US emissions were less stringent than EU and non direct injection engines don’t need them anyway.
  14. Welcome to the forum. The 09 to 11 plate GTRs were the best IMO as Mizuno was uncompromising in the track set up and they were before track editions and nismo came along. Enjoy the car it really is epic.
  15. Just taken it out serious range problem!
  16. Got a couple for the grandkids takes 10 hours to charge up and lasts about 1500 m and does 0 to 3 mph in 3 seconds!
  17. Thanks all exhibiting the GTR at carfest all weekend. Fantastic to see live music again They still have tickets I think even though it is limited to 25000.
  18. Good that Nissan have brought this out probably one of the last non hybrid sports cars. Just should have done this in 2016 around the time of the Infiniti Q60 which uses that direct injection engine at 400hp. Be interested to know how the launch control works on a manual! No mention if the 9 speed auto is a twin clutcher and liking the mechanical LSD option. overall I don’t think this design is cutting edge enough but would like to see it in the metal. The platform I assume is a slightly modified 370z so aging quite a bit now At least they have a tft dash but should have two 12 inch displays. Cant help thinking this should have been all electric based on a lower performance taycan. Perhaps this will be launched in 2030… Nissan are falling behind in this area and using an engine to power a small battery and motors is a dead end IMO.
  19. Avoid Autowindscreens They are a disgrace it took me 8 visits over 3 months to sort the mess they made of my car. Link:
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