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  1. Looks definitely divide opinion. I much prefer this new look over the last one. Test drove the last one last month. Had 2 EP3s and a ITR DC5 so am pretty familiar with their characteristics. I must admit it was fantastic to drive. Not just speed but the way it held the road, the way it drove was just like the type-r's I know and love. The turbo lag was a little frustrating but apparently this new car has sorted that a bit. I was expecting it to be completely different to what I was used to due to being a turbo lump but it really wasn't. Rev limit comes up all too quickly though.. guess they couldn't keep the 8.3-9k rev limit and strap turbo on it which is a shame but it certainly didn't detract from the drive. Will definitely be taking a look at this model in 3 or so years time.
  2. That explains it. I've been trying to check out your photos as I'm very close to buying a grey 370 myself and am finding it hard to find any decent current photos of the colour. Frustrating I see the threads with exactly what I'm after than when I click on it I can't see anything I've used www.flickr.com for absolutely years. $25 a year for unlimited storage. suits me. The irony is I do have my own webspace but flickr is just so convenient.
  3. That's exactly what I want!! Apart from it not being grey or a GT but apart from that... Thanks paul The search continues.. started looking at new ones in fact as the deals are quite good, only problem being I don't want to wait 8-12 weeks for delivery
  4. Hi all, Looking to return to the fold and get a 370 so am currently looking for the right one. Ideally after a 2011+ model GT in grey. Low mileage. If you're selling one in Berkshire or the surrounding area, please let me know. Thanks
  5. Intake pipe - SOLD Earthing kit - SOLD Pop Charger - SOLD Nice surprise to come back to (considering after that week away I am now skint!) will get them all packed up tonight and in the post by Tuesday, you should receive them Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. thanks all!
  6. hi all, im back 1660+ miles done.. man scotland has some awesome roads!! looks like theres been some interest in the intake pipe so i'll have to sift through my pms and see whats what. paul, looks like someone might have just tipped you to the post but i'll let you know if it falls through. intake pipe and earthing kit are possibly gone pending payment. filter, oil cap, and badges still available. cheers guys
  7. loadsa bits still available guys all must go! please be aware im away on a bike trip next week but please still pm with your interest and i'll get back to you the moment i get back cheers!
  8. Nismo Rad cap - SOLD Reflector LED strips - SOLD will hopefully be in the post to you both tomorrow thanks so far guys, plenty more going, dont be shy, come one, come all! (still cant edit my thread, i can edit for a while after posting but then the button disappears might be coz my memberships lapsed.. at a guess)
  9. aye thats right, they're for 03-06 cars. sorry matey will update the thread (or not.. seems i cant edit it now) dj i'll pm you now
  10. Hi all, Unfortunately the zed is going (coming up to 3yrs and not worth me paying the balloon payment unfortunately plus i want something cheap and simple to pull my trackbike around ) so I've taken off the few bits and pieces I had and are offering them up to you gents. these bits have been on the car for about 2 years, however, i have done less than 6000 miles in that time (passed my bike test a couple of years ago and thats kinda taken over my life ) they do require a bit of a clean and polish but all are in perfectly serviceable condition and would be just about mint after a good clean! JWT (Jim Wolf Technology) Pop Charger - includes heatshield, spare sticker, filter mount, seal and instructions! (ignore bag of bolts, they're for the grounding kit ) £50 + p&p http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4116/4942886883_23fa7986f7_z.jpg Optronics (Spills i seem to recall) Earthing kit - comes with all leads, bolts and instructions! £20 + p&p http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4099/4943472656_867bb1966a_z.jpg Genuine Nismo oil and rad cap - supplied in original boxes! £40 for the oil cap and £15 for the rad cap or £50 for both + p&p http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4102/4942886371_ff222776a1_z.jpg 'Z' badge - original front badge replacement £20 + p&p http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4118/4942886127_fd69a7eb71.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4123/4943557114_73790ce65e_z.jpg Original Nissan badges - for those returning cars to standard (front and rear) £5 + p&p http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4077/4942886239_9cb84d764b_z.jpg LED bumper reflector strips (Fit pre facelift only ) - direct replacement for original orange strips, never fitted. Carbon look (can be removed) with white LEDs (they are not damaged in any way, the white mark is just a reflection) £25 + p&p http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4074/4943472196_0a976d5054_z.jpg Carbon intake pipe - supplied with all required connectors, filter plate, boots. Never fitted, although attempted. Basically, as you can see from the pics below the pipe is a little longer than the original so the fit is VERY tight. I got annoyed with it, gave up and never bothered again. With this in mind I cannot guarentee you'll have more luck than I but I see no reason that someone with more patience than me should be able to get it in and enjoy some carbon engine bay goodness This was around £90 new £40 + p&p http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4139/4943472818_a5654251b2_z.jpg http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4097/4942972119_0267aa484a.jpghttp://farm5.static.flickr.com/4073/4942971755_84cab2a9f3.jpg p&p will come in at £5 for next day courier (tracked and signature required) (apart from badges and reflectors which will be £2 for 1st class post) I'm in the Berkshire/Ascot area in case anyone is local and wants to pickup to save on postage. Thanks for reading and please pm or post if interested. Many Thanks Dave
  11. hell id swap if you could take up my finance too? oh go on then just gimme £14k and you can have it.. tbf id hope by the time i come to sell mine it might be better on valuation. my god its a lovely blue 06 GT Pack Roadster with currently less than 9k on the clock dammit! no no bad thoughts..
  12. thank god im buying a bike is all i can say
  13. WHERE ARE YOU ? - im here! WHY DONT YOU COME TO MEETS ? - limited time, if i can i will WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU - why thank you LOOK WHAT YOU`VE MISSED OUT ON YESTERDAY ALONE IT TRULY WAS PRICELESS - /looks as to why i paid my £30 and havent been a meet yet is simply due to the facts.. 1. its the best club for the zed going 2. discounts are always nice 3. wealth of info and knowledge 4. something to read whilst at work 5. i was out of work for over 6 months and didnt have the money to drive around unnessessarily for most of the reasons above i dont mind throwing a few beans the clubs way. if i can take advantage of the offers/events i will do but with me just getting back on my feet again and well as some other personal bits its hard to make time atm. in the next few months we'll have to see
  14. full comp it was like £800.. huge difference going 3rdpf&t. tis a good deal to be sure. apparently carole hold over a 3rd of the entire bike insurance market.. they gotta be doing something right im not a big fan of the classic bike look, tourers, road bikes etc.. the bandits are definately really nice bikes and if my dad had his way id get one of those (and never see it again as my dad disappears off down the road on it ) but the superbike shape is really what i like. speed aside i just prefer the look. they are uncomfortable for long rides but im only gonna use it for a bit of fun and the commute to work and back (12 miles each way) so thats not an issue
  15. just had a call back from carole nash about a random quote i did last night. had a bti of a chat and it looks like i can go 3rd party f&t for £235 which is quite good was adviced that if a) buying an older bike and it being your first you might as well go 3rd party and repair any inevitable knocks and scratches yourself. makes sense. im tempted to get my cbt renewed, buy a bike then do the test. having the bike before like i had with my 1st car really motivated me to get it done and pass first time so i think i'll do that (plus it does mean i can get used to moving it around, gearing etc.. at low speeds across the driveway. seems the biggest fail is u-turn so if i can master controlling it round my drive then i'll be sorted for the test.
  16. cheers damo i'll check those insurers, one of my biker m8ys are insured with carol i think
  17. Hi all, The time has come where I'm seriously considering taking the plunge and getting a bike. Had a little DT50 (which blew up shortly after building it - dont ask) when i was younger but fate landed me with a car and although i've always loved bikes i never had the opportunity to get into it til now. my main questions are what insurers would you recommend for a new biker and do you know any good shops (online or otherwise) that can do good deals on helmets and equipment (gloves, jacket, etc..) id like something inexpensive but it has to be up to the job so any recommendations on makes etc.. would be great as for bikes, i do rather have my eye on a CBR600F. the fireblade has always been my dream bike and the baby blade would suit me perfectly can pick up an old one for next to nothing (£1100-1600) and even the old ones *91+) still look gorgeous been looking at the 400RR too but they're rare as (pricy) and from what im told they're scary as (ninja stylie) so in short, any advice, info, recommendations would be greatly appreciated. i've got a few biker m8s and my dad and his friends were too so i've got some good general info and one of my m8s has a FZR600 and has offered me a bit of training heh wanna be as prepped as poss. dont worry im keeping the zed, i just want a little toy i can play with with my other biker m8s and to make the commute to work a lot cheaper on fuel, heh ta all
  18. things like that make me sick to hear.. especially when i've had the joy of decent honda service with my last car. they managed to dmg my bumper too but they phoned me as soon as it happened to apologise and that they'd already ordered a new bumper and it'll be fitted the next day ready for when i was picking my car up anyway (was in for some minor warranty work on the seals) now thats service
  19. yeh id agree.. had a supersprint unsilenced pipe on my CTR and it was soooooooooo loud. i got used to it but anyone i gave lifts to would complain of headaches and i really knew what they meant the day i tried to drive back from a m8s sisters halloween party the next morning with a minging hangover. at 3k rpm it reverb'd through the whole car.. oh the pain ;( did sound good though
  20. you not using the card much? could be simply 'underuse' to keep the card active. in these times they're all looking for excuses to refuse credit
  21. after seeing that vid the other day im starting to rather like it too.. think i might have decided on my next car agreed that the blue looks dodgy though.. red looks lovely. had to get blue this time as my last 3 cars have been some shade of red but i might be tempted back to the red side now
  22. my usual routine is a nice simple wash, wax and polish. done regaularly.. keeps everything protected (the main thing) and shiny small jet wash set in a medium spray (so its got some force but not a concentrated steam) - luckily i have an old cheapy one from macro's for yrs which isnt strong enough to peel the laquer off which i've seen m8s end up doing with their powerful ones. coat the car with that, keeping the stream moving but slow enough to get any grime nice and loosened up (can happily get rid of my bird crap or other gumph with a few passes.. i.e any big bits) all around the car and wheels - will remove most of the loose brake dust with ease. 2 buckets, one normal sponge, two mesh coated ones (one for wheels and the other for getting any stubborn staines off the paintwork) one panel at a time i wash then rince with the jet wash. as i am a lazy so and so i use turtlewax wash and wax.. its a great product (best of the combined ones i've used) if not feeling lazy i have a whole autoglym set of wash, wax, paint cleanser etc.. but it depends on how dirty the car is or how perfect i want it when i use em . dont wanna leave any suds on the paintwork especially (not a prob atm) if its hot and sunny. once thats all done i do the wipers, wheels, wash the windows with window cleaner then give them the rain-x treatment. dont forget to open doors and clean the inside windows, dedust/clean the interior and wash the inside of the doors too shammy leather anything thats wet, let it settle for a bit then polish. one panel at a time. go over with a polishing mitt for final touchups, anything i've missed, spray some tyre foam on the tyres for a nice black (or the spray version. cant remember the name) and done simple but effective. im not one of these concours people who likes to spend 8+ hours with a clay block getting out every last imperfection in my car, but as long as its clean, shiny and protected thats enough for me. normally spend between 1-2hrs doing it though
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