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  1. Mine have been on and off to many times and my undertray (like me) is suffering from middle age sage... Also my pax side arch liner is in tatters after letting go and covering the wheel in molten plastic during a spirited drive down the M1 New or Good condition...
  2. Did you get one? I think I still have a spare somewhere!
  3. I noticed you had a storm trooper now!! Did Dastardly ever make it back into one peice?
  4. Hey Up Doc! Nice to see the old Z is still putting up a good show
  5. still reading this thread... but WOW.... Just WOW! :notworthy: :notworthy:
  6. Greg! Paul hi chaps! Ah the Grande Fromage Hows you John? Yep, she still sat outside! Unfortunately not been getting the miles in and she needs a good seeing too... Still remember why I bought her every time I get in and turn the key though!
  7. Hey Sarah! Doing a stretch! Only joking! Am here now Work and stuff got on top of me a bit, so you know me.. All or nothing! Cant do things by halfs! Loving the site and the work the team has done! Nice work with NMGB too, the hard work paid off I see! Lovely to see this great forum is up and running Loving the new decor! You must tell me who your decorator is! Hows Tony and Chillired? All good I hope
  8. Mmmmmm more carbon!! You need some carbon ear warmers now (Wing mirror covers!)
  9. My award is just being transplanted into my engine bay for all to see. (Oh and its being polished!!)
  10. Happy Birthday mate Hope you have a good one. M
  11. Am guessing that the Post Code for Donnington is: Donington Grand Prix Collection Donington Park Castle Donington Derby Derbyshire DE74 2RP England And the hotel is Wychwood Park Wychwood Park Weston, Crewe Cheshire, CW2 5GP
  12. Dont worry Matt.... Hair Today... Gone Tomorrow!
  13. As Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner once sang... "I love my, I love my, I love my LED's...." http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff43/thetangoman/DSC03326.jpg http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff43/thetangoman/DSC03338.jpg
  14. If you get in quick you could order now from sarah and she could bring one north to the National this weekend! You would just have to drive a few miles to pick it up!
  15. Nice Pic, Wheels look great. Welcome to the club
  16. Is anyone from the south going up to the national first thing on Saturday? Convoy?
  17. Hi and welcome to the club
  18. Its 6 more bolts whilst you have the plenum off so worth it IMO and it seems to have some reasonable reasoning!
  19. 3FIDDYZ

    The Inbetweeners

    Lets hope the plot is a school trip to france! From memory there is plently of potential there to pack into a film and a sequal!
  20. Belated Happy Birthday mate Hope you had a good one.
  21. Your selling! Lovely car and some lovely mods mate GLWS. ps, you still got my strut bar cover?
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