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  1. Would it be worth putting a deposit down and then just selling your place in the queue later down the line? If its a rare or sought after model you could make a few quid!
  2. If they are happy for a few of us to turn up then I may just come anyway. If they don't use my car it wont matter too much as long as we are allowed to hang around, watch some filming and have a catch up. As long as they dont kick us off site if we are not in the filming??
  3. Were all a pretty decent bunch on here so I dont think anyone would try to outbid you now you've shown your interest. Actually just seen this post is a few days old - did you get it??
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSAN-370Z-K-N-HIGH-FLOW-AIR-FILTERS-GENUINE-PART-/201414569844?hash=item2ee53e6f74 Someone may be able to get a good deal on this...
  5. Would it be possible to confirm if they are looking for a stock 370z? I can make it if I take a day off work but will I be ruled out because of my tints or the fact it is all de-badged with no Nissan logos anywhere! Or my tinted rear lights - or possibly the cybox exhaust too loud etc etc.
  6. Great purchase Ben and welcome to the forum. Its customary now to upload some pics of your car for us all to oggle! And maybe even a sound clip of your new zorst!! The one downside to fitting the cybox was all the plastic in the boot starts to rattle at certain notes. Go for some sound deadening in the boot and you will love the cybox even more. A lot of us on here have used carpet underlay with great effect. Our resident "how-to guru" Paul_S was kind enough to post a guide...... http://forums.nissansportz.com/topic/36116-how-to-line-your-boot-with-cloud-9-underlay-for-sound-deadening
  7. Just noticed this in the Glynn Hopkins sale Paul..... http://glynhopkinpartsonline.co.uk/product/Smartphone_Holder_360_Grip_%28White%29_Big_KS289360WH
  8. Thats going on my Christmas list - maybe I can crowd fund it?
  9. haha i just spent the last 10 minutes on this - brilliant!
  10. I can confirm this happened on Saturday morning as I drove past it on my way to training. I wish I had stopped to take some pics but was in a bit of a rush. This is about 30 seconds drive from my house haha.
  11. A great bargain for someone. Ive had my Cybox tails on for a few months now and I'd never ever ever go back to stock.
  12. Happy Birthday Mr S - hope you have a great day!
  13. Can I be another provisional? I wont take a slot from someone ahead of me but if no one else can make the dates offered I would like to be in the running. Thanks!
  14. Ha ha Willy Waving - thats now my new favourite saying!
  15. Great work mate. I think this really drums home the importance of a remap after any type of performance mod. Im not saying that the mods on their own dont do anything as they clearly do something, but it seems like the remap is needed for your car to really "see" the mods.
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