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    Mark, If someone was behind you today at 11:45 by the B&Q in Whetstone/Finchley, in a black RX8 R3 flashing their lights and waving at you, that was me. Shame I was in the other car and not the Zed, you may have recognised me then! Hope your are well mate, Zed still looks and sounds amazing! Glenn
  2. Hi Bullet Sorry I hadn't seen this, as it sold quickly I forgot to check. In answer to tour question though, the exhaust is ver very loud and the drone in the cabin was toouch for me, especially on motorway journeys!
  3. Due to getting a HKS True Dual exhaust fitted today, I am selling my Buddy Club. It consists of Y-Pipe, Mid-Pipe, x2 Tail Pipe Cans and x2 bungs. This is one of the nicest exhausts for the Zed, the craftmanship and welding are exceptional and the fit on the car is perfect, it looks great!. It is also extremely light and one of the best flowing Y type exhausts you can buy for the car, due to a larger diameter mid section. The only down side to this is that it is on the louder side, especially if you go the decat route, as I have just done. It is not on the K1 level of noise however, and
  4. Have these not gone yet Seriously these are so hard to get now unless you want to part with £2500 before all tyres, nuts and caps!! Snap up some Nismo goodness, they set the car off amazingly!
  5. Today, I was also in a Blade with Nismo LMGT4's Thanks for waving back, nice ZED, sounded great!
  6. Thanks for letting me out on Fox Lane earlier, I know it was only because you could see I was drooling over your car V Nice!
  7. After trying to install my carbon B-Pillar covers this morning, i found that on the drivers side one the middle prong had given way, I may have snapped it, but I doubt it as I was being super careful, it seemed to just come away easily as I prised it off. Anyway, does anyone have a drivers side B-Pillar cover spare I am going to now wait to fit my covers until I have a working set That has killed that mod for the day and I dont have my wrenches here to do the shift knob, so another boring Sunday
  8. Thanks Sarah, good to know for when I get them done. Not sure how white on a black background would look, is it a square black background?
  9. Hi Mate, How much was the refurb Paul, as I am thinking of getting this done, also where did you get them done and how did they come up? Will probably need some decals myself when I get this done! Do they do them in White, as I was thinking of getting a colour change to dark gunmetal! Cheers
  10. Thanks you too Sarah! Unfortunately Mod day falls on the same day as away to Stoke City and unfortunately my numpty friend got me a ticket, so I will have to wait for the next one Im gutted as I was really looking forward to this. I am thinking of coming down pretty soon though anyway. Still being an in-decisive so and so on the exhaust, so decided to buy a couple of other things this month instead, whilst I decide what to go for, I hate the current exchange rate and it doesnt look like getting any better!
  11. Just wanted to re-introduce myself, as I havent been on here in a while and apparently it is "fashionable" to do an "Im back" thread Joined the club again after a brief spell out and then used my membership number to get a discount on my car insurance with Adrian Flux. I got a great price and I shopped around too, to compare. Once I also stated my membership number, they knocked £25 off my insurance. It cost me £25 for membership, so that makes my membership pretty much free and I now get a whole year of benefits and discounts, as well as fun and helpful people! So now lurkers have
  12. Wow! I cannot wait to see this project finished, truely an enthusiasts dream!
  13. very nice Kev and Gill! You made the right choice. Look forward to seeing it and you again at the next meet, nice meeting you yesterday!
  14. Quite a few on here have the ZZ Spec and A Spec, 3FIDDY used to have one on his car before. Tony has the *cough* expensive version on his car at the moment, which is amazing, but too rich for me!
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