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  1. After a low mileage (ish) cat for my 2003 zed, I'm sure some of you will have one tucked away somewhere in the corner of a garage. I'd get HFC's but I do 100 miles a day and want to keep it as quiet and std as poss! Nissan want £1k for one, crazy for a car this old!
  2. Might be worth getting the battery checked. I had an issue with my airbag light for a year or so and just kept doing the reset. Recently my battery died on me and while checking out what I needed to buy battery wise I came across a few comments on US forums linking the flashing light to a slowly dying battery, since replacement (2 months ago-ish) no flashy airbag light
  3. Cheers for the move. Picture shamelessly borrowed Will try Zmanalex aswell. Many thanks Mike
  4. Balls posted in the wrong forum, reported should be in wanted. Apologies!
  5. It never rains then it pours it seems for my Zed ownership. After sorting my exhaust, the window motor is now on its way out, I'm sick of shutting the door the switch held up to get it closed! The motor sounds incredibly strained so time for a new one! I was happy earlier when I saw JDM had them but they've stopped retailing it seems. has anyone got one sat around that they would like to relieve me of cash for? Thanks Mike
  6. Fair one, she's a good friend but not THAT good lol
  7. Does anyone know where I can get hold of a GT-R on a reasonable daily rate best found so far is £460, a little steep! A close friend is leaving work at the end of the month and she was a big influence on me to buy my Zed (over a 911) and I'm quite tempted to surprise her with a GT-R (her next favourite) as a leaving present, especially as I've already been told I'm chaffeur for the day. Cheers Mike
  8. The Bose units are well know for one side cutting out while playing CD's. Mine often cuts out but a smack on the "leg" pad on the passenger side normally gets everything working again. I have a similar issue with the Sub, it rarely works now but a good smack on the housing sometimes gets it going. I really should get my tools out to sort it.
  9. I just bought a used standard system mate, low miles and should last me a few years. Not been fitted yet but is going on this Friday. Can't wait to hear the V6 burble rather then the aweful blow I have at the moment! Hopefully with the exhaust done and some irridium plugs going in she'll be running sweet again
  10. I've managed to pick up a full system cat back on Ebay for pennies so no longer after one. Cheers all Mike
  11. Mines gone just after the flange as well (Back box side), I've done a temp fix with some gum gum but I keep blowing it back out when I use the right foot a little to hard. I've looked at sleeving it but the centre section seems fine so dont really want to go to the trouble of doing that. If needs be I'll just have to go stainless. Cheers for the responses so far!!
  12. My 350's back box is blowing at the usual joint and rather then going to the hassle of sleeving it or the expense of buying new I thought I'd try here! Cash waiting. Collection preferred, the closer to basingstoke the better but if the price is right and you'll ship I'll be interested! Cheers MIke
  13. Bad form to quote yourself I know but I thought I'd update on longevity. I've recently had the 2 tyres mentioned above replaced. They only lasted 7500 miles whether this is my "Spirited" driving style or an indication on the softness of the rubber I'm not sure but as an indication of how much I like them I've kept on 452's. I was very sorry to see the old tyres go as I'd got so used to them in their worn state I could predict exactly where they would let go (It was great fun - without snow of course)
  14. Yep it's entirely non fault (How could a Zed driver be at fault ). I was sat stationary at a roundabout junction when I was hit in the rear, which is why I'm a tad confused that my demands are not being met. It's my insurers elected repairer whom I've used personally in the past and are very customer focused, its not them thats the issue. Its this idiot of an "Independant" engineer, how anyone can be independant when they're employed by the insurers to do a job is beyond me. I'm waiting for said engineer to call me so we can discuss his opinion, if not then I won't accept the car back an
  15. Hi Chaps I recently had a minor traffic accident with a lady driving into the back of me leaving a few dents in my rear bumper (each a few cm wide and about a cm deep), a bent rear cross member and a bent tail pipe and unfortunately me with whiplash, if you've had it you'll know the prospect of compensation is nothing compared to the pain and discomfort your in for the first few weeks (And then the muscle aches for the weeks after that). An "Independant Engineer" and I use the word engineer loosley, has assesed the car and signed off a repair to the bumper, didn't even notice the bent exha
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