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  1. Sad times but good that you got the asking price
  2. So a kit car...? Looks very nice though
  3. Only just caught up on this, looks like an epic week away... Still intrigued by the police encounter though!!!
  4. Fair enough. Yes 3 years for you is average, bordering on too long! Bricks and mortar is a sensible investment for the time being... Better than borrowing at the moment. Well, when you do decide to replace the GTR, let us nosey people on here know what you replaced it with! Dave
  5. Hey Neil Time for another car...?!? You change cars more often than I change my mind on what my dream garage would be! GLWS, if I had spare cash sitting about (who does right now, eh?) I'd be sorely tempted. I've always wanted a GTR and this one has had some serious TLC... Now to the obvious question, what is next? How do you top/improve on a GTR?!? Dave
  6. Nice tip! Neither of my doors are doing it (yet...) but if it occurs then at least I know the fix. Thanks for sharing.
  7. +1 on all of the above. If the tyre pressures are within limits, the light should go off automatically. Suggests a fault with one or more of the sensors unfortunately...
  8. If it makes you feel any better, mine is doing exactly the same. I use a leather balm every now and again but probably not often enough if I'm honest. If you find a good solution to make it look any better, do let us know (as will I).
  9. Bummer, sorry to hear that. Better to postpone it instead of sitting in a car park for 2 days...
  10. I don't think I should take much credit for this as the way to select maps on a 370 sounds very different to a 350. However, Pete is up and running with selectable maps and has a tasty exhaust so all is well. I also had a Cobra CAT back system on my 350 back in the day...!
  11. Welcome, glad you found us! Great looking 350 in the best colour of course (I had a black 350 previously, just like yours...). I'll PM you about map selection...
  12. +1 on the Invidia, I have one too and agree with all of the comments on here. Enjoy the new sound
  13. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes (early, on time or late!)
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