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  1. You beat me to it today! I too managed to get everything in my boot as per the link (I too have a photo somewhere!). I can't claim any credit for this, it was Pauls' great boot packing that inspired me :) EDIT: Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil (yes, that's actually true...), I couldn't help myself...my equivalent photo
  2. Good work! Looks great all round. The badges came up really well. I'm thinking about 'blacking out' my badges at some point...
  3. I fitted my system during the Workshop day a year and a bit ago. It was much easier with the car in the air. I intend on going this year (if we can have the event, fingers crossed) and if we're legally allowed within half a mile of each other, I'd happily help you fit one if that's an option you'd consider... I'm sure there would be other willing volunteers!
  4. I went for an Invidia Gemini cat back system. There's quite a bit written about this system on here, and there are a number of us with that exhaust. I love it. It's louder than stock but quiet enough on a run that you can cruise all day. However when you step on the loud pedal it wakes up! ๐Ÿ˜œ
  5. WELCOME! ๐Ÿ˜ Great that you got it started again. Some have been in a real muddle getting stuck in places like car parks(!) because of the SL issue. Now that you're mobile again, you can explore 'fixes', some of which require the SL to be working while it's 'fixed'! Drop us all an introduction post and don't forget to include some pics of your Zed!
  6. It's, really difficult to tell... I spent months trawling YouTube trying to decide but you just can't tell. I had a 350Z previously and I took a punt on an aftermarket exhaust on that but ultimately didn't like the sound (it was too 'raspy'). So if you can, try to (legally and within social distance rules) hear the car/exhaust combo you're interested it. I'm sure someone on here fitted short tails to a Nismo last year...?
  7. Agreed, that looks awesome! When you get time, post some more pics! It certainly sounds like it was someone's baby before and you've got quite a bit of extras included. Great saving for you over buying afterwards! Pleased (but not surprised!) to hear you enjoyed the drive home. A totally different experience compared to a TT. Stick about as we all enjoy hearing how new owners Zeds get under their skin! ๐Ÿ˜
  8. Great, someone else found us! Welcome Carlton and enjoy your new toy! Send us some pics and let us know how you get on picking her up today! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  9. Any joy Neil? Massive long shot, but one of our other cars (Passat) says in the user manual not to press the key fob button too many times when the car is out of range as the fob and car can get out of sync. If this happens, there's a procedure to follow to resync the fob and car. Might be worth a 5 min Google search to see if the GTR has something similar (not sure if this is the same as Blobbishs' suggestion)? Doesn't explain the second fob not working though...
  10. Looks great Les! Also it's always good to know of another local outfit should the need arise...
  11. I managed to buy my car 3 years ago and picked it up in the middle of the beast from the east! Luckily I made it back in one piece. Take care on Fri!
  12. Wheyyy! Congratulations!!! That's a great result indeed. You were after a Nismo and if that's what you wanted then having anything else just won't cut it. Very pleased you sorted a deal out. Welcome to ownership (well, nearly...) The acid test is each and every time you park it up you can't help but look back over your shoulder just to take another peek! You will.... I'll check out your other thread now! EDIT, I'll check it out when you create it
  13. I only tend to use the app (Torque) when I need to diagnose something so can't really comment on your original question. However, I've seen a few videos on YouTube with various setups and the ECU can output many different sensors. Have a hunt around!
  14. Indeed, that would be a little easier! If it's all the same with you, I'll use your benefit of hindsight and pop the switches/connectors in an easy-to-reach location
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