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  1. Looks clean (literally!) Good to hear that you're back to a 'fun' car! I didn't realise you could get so much power out of one of those (with some tweaks naturally!) Enjoy and stay safe
  2. I took my boys to see this last week, not a bad film. It won't win any Oscars but for a petrolhead (especially ones fond of Nissans), it's a good watch.
  3. Seeing the thread, I would suggest trying a different music player (have you got an old portable CD player or MPS player?) to make sure cable and car are all ok. However, sounds like you've found the issus with phone connection/dropping. Phone software gets updated all the time, might be a software update has changed something?
  4. Thanks for the tip Steve and nice revival of a 13 year old thread
  5. Wow, lovely car. Enjoy!!! You still got a Zed too right?!?
  6. Beliated happy birthday - hope you had a good one
  7. Beliated happy birthday - hope you had a good one
  8. How are you getting on Matt? Have you managed to tame your troublesome alarm???
  9. Great that you've got some expert advice and have you car back to its previous best! Just shows the value of supporting the fabulous independent garages that continue to sprinkle their magic dust on our cars! Pleased for you too! 👍
  10. For me it was just the window reset but from old battery out to new one in was only a minute or two (so maybe more needs resetting if it stays out for longer?). I used this write up from Chubbs to change the battery... Then here's the window reset (Chubbs once again!)... Dave
  11. Happy to help. I took a load of photos as I was doing the fix with a view to writing up a proper How-To at some point. So, more to come with a more complete start to end fix. If it is indeed Matt's problem, then it will accelerate my progress (from none to some!)
  12. No worries. I also tried the button behond the passenger seat but it didn't help as from memory, that only disables the inside (sonic?) sensors which for me had no bearing on my bonnet sensor. I hope you had a peaceful weekend...
  13. Goes without saying, but let me know how you get on!
  14. You need to get the trim off the front of the open bonnet, remove the pop rivet things and then lift up the bumper plastics since the trim has vertical posts holding it in place, this helps you slide out the trim without having to take the bumper off You need to remove the above trim. The microswitch is attached to the bonnet release mechanism (you don't need to remove the mechanism for now, the below pic is just FYI). For now, unplug the microswitch it and wrap both ends of the open connectors to stop any water ingress For me, this is where I left it for a couple of weeks to see if it made any difference (it did - well chuffed!). See if this helps you. In the meantime. I'll write up how I changed the switch and got the bonnet being monitored for tampering again in case this is also your issue. Hope this helps - I feel your pain!!! Dave
  15. I literally had the same thing, only seemed to happen at night or in the damp. I just looked back at my 'How to' write up that I started and it doesn't look like I got very far 🙄 But, knowing a fellow Zed owner is suffering, I'll get it written up. Here is a summary of my problem with temporary solution... So my alarm was going off a lot, mostly at night or when the conditions were damp. I search all over this forum and on the net but nothing conclusive on why it seemed to go off in those conditions. I checked for spiders in all manner of locations, I tried disabling the interior sensor and closing the air vents but no improvement. I installed a new battery, it still went off. I bought moisture absorbing bags but no joy (though they are actually very useful and are keeping things nice and dry). I stumbled across a thread from a 350 owner who had issues with their bonnet sensors (the sensor that detects if your bonnet is opened when locked up, not anything to do with the pop-up pedestrian safety system), so I investigated this next. The sensor (there’s only one) is well hidden as I’d tried to find it before but thought that it must have been a USA thing. However, UK cars also have the sensor. It’s located on the front RHS of the car (when viewed from the drivers seat) and is mounted to the RHS bonnet release mechanism (LHS as you stand at the bonnet to open it). After retrieving and testing the sensor for changes in continuity, it was clear that my bonnet sensor was not working at all. I had an open circuit when the switch was both pressed and released. I reconnected the sensor and tested it in situ by locking the car and then pressing the microswitch with a screwdriver. Nothing, no alarm. Next, I disconnected the sensor, locked the car again and carefully shorted the terminals on the harness side (simulating the bonnet being opened when the car is locked) and the alarm went off. So, it told me that the switch is normally open when the bonnet is closed and also that my switch was buggered. So, I simply unplugged the sensor (simulating a permanently closed bonnet) to silence the alarm. Bliss, no more being woken up at 2am!!! It did mean that my bonnet was not being monitored by my alarm but so be it for now. I'll put some pics up to help you locate and unplug it to see if you're having the same problem...
  16. Hi Matt Yeah I did fix it. As you can see, I never got round to writing up what I did though. You having a problem??? Dave
  17. Perfect thanks. I've watched a few YouTube vids on the kit but not many people giving their opinion after a few week of owning and using it. It's mostly install vids!
  18. Happy birthday!!! (for once I'm on a birthday thread on the correct day!!!) Hope you have a great day.
  19. Hello and welcome back to Zed ownership! I too like the idea of your plans. I too started out that way but the longer I have the Zed, the more ideas I have... Great that you've unleashed some volume from the V6, it's the first thing all owners should do in my opinion! I too have been looking at the Nifty City kit but not pressed the button (yet), so I'd be really interested to hear how you get on once fitted and you've used it for a bit. Great looking Zed BTW!
  20. Welcome and good luck with your search. Stick around and keep us posted on how you're getting on! If you have any more questions, ask away and we'll see if we can help. Dave
  21. Looking great! So, what are your first impressions?!? I hope you're as hooked as the rest of us are!
  22. Oh no, that must have been so frustrating for you. Customer service doesn't have to cost a lot but means so much. Anyway as Jeff says, stick around and show us your new toy when you get a minute. I hope you are enjoying it. Anyway questions just ask and hopefully someone will be along to help out. Dave
  23. Oh no, that doesn't sound good. I hope the diagnostic tests will help you find out if that is the problem. Is the suspicion that oil is getting into a cylinder somewhere?
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