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  1. Nice tip! Neither of my doors are doing it (yet...) but if it occurs then at least I know the fix. Thanks for sharing.
  2. +1 on all of the above. If the tyre pressures are within limits, the light should go off automatically. Suggests a fault with one or more of the sensors unfortunately...
  3. If it makes you feel any better, mine is doing exactly the same. I use a leather balm every now and again but probably not often enough if I'm honest. If you find a good solution to make it look any better, do let us know (as will I).
  4. Bummer, sorry to hear that. Better to postpone it instead of sitting in a car park for 2 days...
  5. I don't think I should take much credit for this as the way to select maps on a 370 sounds very different to a 350. However, Pete is up and running with selectable maps and has a tasty exhaust so all is well. I also had a Cobra CAT back system on my 350 back in the day...!
  6. Welcome, glad you found us! Great looking 350 in the best colour of course (I had a black 350 previously, just like yours...). I'll PM you about map selection...
  7. +1 on the Invidia, I have one too and agree with all of the comments on here. Enjoy the new sound
  8. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes (early, on time or late!)
  9. Just caught up on this, what a fantastic day out John. Looks very 'nice' day
  10. Just when you though my last post couldn't be beaten... Wait for it... Today I replaced my key fob battery! But it doesn't stop there. Upon discovering my 'daily use' fob was dead, I reached for my spare fob (with the intention of changing the battery in my daily use fob later) only to find the spare fob was dead too. So guess what, two key fob battery changes in one day. Such excitement. @Jeff-WStill more exciting than rubbing down door frames I guess
  11. I feel your pain but not literally. Not had any problems with my locks either (touch wood). Have you taken a look in the official Nissan workshop manual to see how a replacement mechanism is dealt with in there? I can take a look later if you don't have a copy... Dave
  12. (Last week) Had mine serviced with additional clutch fluid change. It's now due spark plug change too but I have those ready for when I find the time to do them! I bet you can all barely contain your excitement having read that!
  13. Sorry to ear the news too, I hope you can get back to enjoying driving and that someone can fill the space for you. I've done some CAT Driver training and it was fantastic.
  14. Rubbish news Chas. At least no one was hurt, could have been a lot worse on a dual carriageway. Cars can be fixed...
  15. So how long typically do you keep a car for before swapping? Presuming you don't still have 187 cars?!?
  16. I though someone had recently asked about this on another thread so I dug out the link only to find it was you!
  17. Sounds good, come back and let us know the results (pics will be needed!). You can also give the 'professional decal' place a bit of free advertising and share who you used (if they do a good job of course)!
  18. I looked at it like an upgrade to the Zed.... Having driven about in a diesel Passat for two months, getting back in the Zed, it felt really quick such that it was like having a (not quite free) power upgrade!
  19. Me too, good to be back in the Zed again.
  20. My wallet isn't big enough to reach the itch...
  21. Car picked up today - now with an MOT!!! Oddly, Mark did mention that he's had two more cars back to him since mine with exactly the same problem, running too rich to pass an MOT. Both cars had exactly the same problem, an offset on lambda in the ECU. Good thing for Mark (and the other owners) is that it was an easy fix now. So three cars in the space of two weeks. Who would have thought??? So, for anyone with an ECUTek tune who has trouble at MOT time with emissions, a quick battery disconnection might fix your problem.
  22. Glad you've decided to keep it for a bit longer - good choice! Of course, love affairs with cars can wonder but it can also come back too! Just wait until the weather is warm and you can drive about with the windows open listening to the grumbling V6! You'll be pleased with your decision then.
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