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  1. Hi Les. Sorry to hear things got bad for you but really pleased that you listened to your body, made some adjustments and are seeing the benefits. I learnt quite early on in my career that busting a gut is rarely rewarded so I flex when I need to but I don't sell my soul to work. Others will no doubt think different to that approach but if I stopped working tomorrow, the company I work for would just bring someone else in and service would be resumed (just a different name in a spreadsheet)! Anyway, keep up the soul searching since you only get one shot at this game so make it a good one
  2. Looks spot on Gav! Of course, you could have saved yourself a lot of hassle and sold your silver Zed, bought a black one and then just ordered the black side indicators! 😆
  3. Simple one for me, had my Zed serviced by my local independent garage. Nothing major, just an oil and filter change as well as new coolant. I'll do the other bits myself (new pollen filter, clean the K&N air filters). Another stamp in the book...
  4. Tis sad. Lots of laughs watching her on various motor shows and YouTube clips. Such a shame. 😥
  5. I hope you tested them before you set to work Gav?!? Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour.
  6. Not what I've done for my Zed but more what it has done for me... 3 year anniversary today!!! Loved every year, month, day, hour, minute and second. Did I mention that I like it...? Here's to many many more years! 🙂
  7. Headlights left on? I think the sidelights will stay on after ignition off but the main lights will still turn off when you turn the ignition off but the car still warns you for both. If it is this, set to Auto or off and see if the beeps go away.
  8. I like those. In fact, I like the front lights too but they are rather pricey! Group buy...?
  9. I'm still licking my wounds from our previous race! 😂
  10. Side indicators fitted, it was really quick to do and they look great! Very pleased.
  11. Great thanks. The postie just delivered mine! However, it's pi$$ing it down right now so it may have to wait for another day...!
  12. Ahh, suspense over, you win Chubbs! They look great! Mine are also due for delivery today so if they are as quick as you suggest to fit, I'll get them on later. BTW, how do the original ones come out? Just gently pull? I also agree, very quick postage from China. 🙂
  13. Ahh, good tip. No I hadn't. When I do, it says the same as yours. At Atherstone...they did share the same plane! Or, there's only one parcel and the Royal Mail have to flip a coin to see which one of us gets it! Edit: I missed some posts, looks like Gav is still in the running!
  14. Well, my tracking still only says "Delivering", no such depo detail for me. You may yet be victorious! I hope everyone is enjoying the suspense!
  15. Ahh, you made the mistake of still looking after you've bought!
  16. Here they are... My reverse lights are on in the next two pics...honest. The before looks particularly yellow/orange.
  17. Not today but over the weekend I managed to change out a load of halogen (aka horrible yellow) bulbs for nice bright white LED items. I changed front side lights, interior lights, boot light, number plate lights and reverse lights. Had I planned better, I should have got some replacement orange LEDs for indicators while I was at it. Next time... I also made some slight adjustments to my exhaust tips as they had moved slightly. Lastly, I put in place what I hope will be the fix for my alarm going off randomly. Successful of not, I'll share what I've done in a How To very soon as it
  18. Ha ha, my tracking says exactly the same! Even the same time. Gav, how about you?
  19. I quite enjoy watching AMMO on YouTube, it appeals to my OCD! Even better that it's a Z!
  20. Ooh, that's odd. There was something on the TV a short while ago where someone was using an ancient CRT TV in a village which was knocking out everyone's broadband. When he switch on, every one else went off! You thinking you have something similar? As for my theory, I hate to jinx it, but I've gone nearly 2 weeks without the alarm going off which in recent months, is unheard of (see what I did there! 😆 ). I'm waiting for the postman to bring me some goodies (hopefully today or tomorrow) and I'll have a go at the 'fix' this weekend... I'll then give it a week or two and if still sile
  21. Hey Loadmaster Bit of a thread hijack, but figured it could be related to someone else's alarm. I changed the battery for a Bosch 70Ah, here's the link where I got it from: https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/bosch/s4026/ My original was 75Ah. Your 50Ah sounds a bit low... I used the great write up on here to help me out (credit to Chubbs). Only took 20 mins or so start to finish, including resetting the window drop. Dave
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