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  1. if only they new how much fish and potatoes are and electricity etc for business and the amount of VAT/tax we pay. Can you tell me then why I can sell a bag of spuds for £3, and I go in the chippy and a bag of chips is 80p.????? There must be 70-80??? bags of chips from a bag of spuds. Something wrong somewhere here. Alizan.
  2. Alizan

    Happy Birthday......

    Happy birthday Laura. hope you have a good one. If we're adding wedding anniversaries, its my 3rd tomorrow, and I have flippin well forgotten....thought it was just you boys that did that!! I am trying to push my DH off to the pub so I can zoom off in the Z to Asda and quickly buy something!! God knows what!! I opened a stable door this afternoon and see he has a massive bouquet of flowers stashed in a bucket, do hope he brings them in the house tonight before one of the cats pees up them. Just my luck. Nice flowers smelling of cat pee!! Alizan.
  3. Was wondering about anyone with a £2000 deposit on a Z....do they still ask for this ?? Nissan Birstall will be no great loss at all ...better closed than operating the way they did. Alizan.
  4. I once overfilled the oil in a 5 series BMW . I was in a rush, I knew the BMW needed oil, so I refilled without checking, unfortunately someone else had also remembered, and omitted to tell me the job had been done, so it got double filled ! My daughter and I went merrily sailing down the motorway, about 2 miles from home the flipping thing started to billow out clouds of white smoke, I couldn't see the 3 lanes behind me at all. Very lucky for us the next junction came up very quickly, we got off the motorway, and it drove back home. god knows how a damned sight slower than it had left, as I thought its end was nigh....but, no, it didn't pack up, and it did live to tell the tale. I seem to remember it was with us about a year after this !! This BMW was a fantastic old bus. I picked it up very cheaply at the auctions, when I got it home I found it had been a police car, of all things !! I had all their old clock things ripped out, a new dash, and a new headliner put in, and it looked as good as new inside. That was of course 'til I traded it in against a new 3 series. No one at the garage asked me any questions about it at all, and all went thru smoothly, until I got a little visit from the trades description boys !!! The BMW garage should have asked me 'is this a police car, madam!!' and they didn't. And I really had no idea I should have said to them...'by the way, this used to be a police car!!' So, I wasn't locked up on that occasion. Alizan.
  5. q Heartily agree...live and let live.. (in your garden, not mine, though) Alizan.
  6. q I very much doubt it !! Blimming things live on my bonnet, and I daren't shout at them or throw things at them either, in case they scratch the paint as they're getting off. I have to wait 'til they decide to get down. I have sometimes actually got as far as starting up the Z before they shift. I have to say though, I really can't see one scratch at all, and sometimes there can be 4 or 5 of the little darlings sat there. I will try and post a pic Alizan
  7. q I'm first in the queue for a cat trap. I have monster issues with cats and my Z Alizan
  8. q Being female I will only answer to say I am totaly gobsmacked, and pi**ed as well, at the way a good proportion of women drivers just are so....well.....stupid is the only word that springs to mind. They are totally unaware of the size of their vehicle, its capabilities, and how on earth they can manage to use feet and hands all at once. They sit nattering away to their grannies, bashing their kids in the back seat, topping up their lippy...words really fail me. I had a friend call late one night, well 9 pm, in a fiesta/ corsa type thing, she was literally sweating, and asked 'for a glass of water' she 'was so upset she'd driven across town (about 20 miles) and didn't know how she was going to get back' HOW do these people pass a test?? Now, on the other hand, I have taken out a fair few gateposts and bits of tree, he he he, but in my line of work, I am a farmer, they are occupational hazards. ( well, thats my story, and I'm sticking to it!! ) But I am only 5' 1" in my wellies, and the size of tractors I tango with, not to mention 30' trailers, fully loaded with monster bales behind me, find it a bit of a tight squeeze on the little old fashioned 1930's width gateposts. Needless to say there aren't many gateposts left on my farm!! My ex. always seemed to have cats jumping out in front of him, not street furniture!! I drove the same roads as him and never seemed to see any of his cats!! I don't think sympathy is in order either, just good old fashioned driver training, and if that don't work remove them from the roads. Alizan.
  9. Alizan


    Yaa, great result again for Lewis. Wasn't Alonsos face a picture he he he. moaning Spaniard that he is !! How about 19 year old Seb Vettel, stepping in at the last minute and doing so well for BMW. I mean, 19 flippin' years old, and in charge a car like that....one to watch, if they let him have another drive !! Alizan.
  10. Whats your favorite view of your Z?? I just love the rear nearside wing, just in the corner of my eye as I'm dashing past. Just love that triangular light unit, the flaring wheelarch, and my little stubby arial. My least fave view? Straight front on, never really like the front grill . Ok. Ok. its Friday night, and I'm bored. Alizan.
  11. Fab pics. Just out of interest, how much weight can a Hercules carry, must be millions of tons (or tonnes, as we now have to call them, but I DON'T !!) Alizan.
  12. Nearly had to join you on the new key buying. Left my keys in my jeans, in the washer. Program was a very hot wash for one and a half hours. I could hear something clanking round, but as I'm always leaving nails and screws etc., in my pockets, never bothered. Big squawk from me when I found my key, as I thought I had done it in this time for sure, but no, I hadn't, they STILL work. I had also heard new keys were a terrific price. Alizan.
  13. Thought he was stalking me as kept behind me and wouldn't overtake, then when I turned off saw it was a girl! ....and the conclusion is.... girls love Z's as well as boys !! Alizan.
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