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  1. Happy Birthday dcash5!

  2. Happy Birthday dcash5!

  3. Happy Birthday dcash5!

  4. Hey sar - would love to but I'll be in San Francisco at the time (Sorry to rub it in!) Trust everyone is well?
  5. Afternoon, Just saying hi as I have been a slight lurker on here since selling the 350z. Unfortunately I havent returned to the Nissan fold .... yet! But I have been on an endless quest to find a car to replace the fun I had in my 350! Since leaving the Nissan fold in 2010 I went: To a Honda Civic ctdi diesel barge as I was doing approx 200 miles a day for a short while - sold the car for more than I bought it for despite putting 12k on the clock!!! (not sure how!) Then got a Clio 182 full fat clio whilst I bought a house - good fun but unreliable as ****! Never broke down but always had quirks - some days it wouldnt lock, other days the lights went dim, ECL was a common view from the drivers seat After I regained some money from buying the house I got a BMW 335i - Silly mistake!!!!! Cost me a fortune e.g. a slow puncher need a replacement tyre (as you cant repair runflats) so that was £320 (19.275.35) and because they had less than 3mm they had to be replaced in pairs - £640 for a slow puncher was a touch excessive in my book! After struggling to sell the BMW I eventually (after 3 months up for sale) I did a dodgy swap for a golf mk5 with cash my way. Was risky at the time but the golf was a brilliant car although it had alot of miles (81k) When the golf hit 94k I thought I better look to sale before I took the stepped depreciation hit at 100k and I got an Audi A3 2.0 TDI 170 S line I thought the Audi is a nice prestigue smart motor which was well built and well specced - how wrong I was! Everything is an optional extra - No auto lights, wipers, heated seats etc etc so finding the perfect car is very difficult - eventually I bought a Lava grey car with most of the bits I wanted apart from the Navigation on the assumption that one will be retrofitted! WHAT A BORING BORING BORING CAR - the final straw was when I walked past it in Sainsburys carpark because it just blended in with every other barge! It lasted a total of 2 months! Now .... I think I may have a keeper!!! So much fun and the mods have already started!!!! http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c216/pugdan/ae5001fb8b060fc93a70b3149bfcfd78.jpg I know its not a Zed but I thought I'd swing by and say hey - Hope everyone is well!
  6. Thanks Guys - just been doing some catching up. Concerned about lack of updates from Tim, that became my weekly read!!!
  7. Possibly be up for this, would a goof be welcome?
  8. Looks fanstastic mate. All you need next is some lights on the roof and a bull bar at the front and then you can achieve the complete look you're going for... http://www.matt-hughes.com/images/blogimages/05APR09/IMG_3966.jpg
  9. Looks fantastic, is that shot on a go pro?
  10. dcash5

    How many...

    An oldy but still raises a smile
  11. Fantastic video - however I was a little disturbed by the google choice of adverts!!!! .... http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c216/pugdan/timvid.jpg
  12. dcash5

    iPhone 4s

    Yeah I am very impressed with Rach's - unfortunately my iPhone is up until April next year grrrrrrrr
  13. dcash5

    iPhone 4s

    So come on.... Who Buckled to the marketing and chaos? Rach spend 3 hour queuing outside O2 however it was out of necessity as here 3GS completely died a week earlier!
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