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  1. Treated the old girl to a new exhaust 😎 Renewed the MOT for another year.
  2. Parked up opposite Osbourne View Pub, Hill Head Road. 56 plate with a Bad Boy Single exit exhaust
  3. Welcome back Les, where you belong again 😎
  4. My one barely lifts more than 3cm’s so your lucky 😂
  5. Happy Birthday Robin, have a great day 🍺.
  6. Welcome to nissansportz 👍
  7. Welcome to nissansportz 👍
  8. Clean lowered 350z parked outside Zenith Aviation at Biggin Hill Airport [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. John, see the attached Should help if you attempt it your self. Parking Brake copy.pdf
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