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  1. mrsteve

    350Z Bits

    Hi John replied, it is black trim if you require.
  2. mrsteve

    350Z Bits

    Hi John I know which bit you need and I have one in good nick, to be honest most of the interior looks well kept on this one Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  3. mrsteve

    350Z Bits

    PM me with the interior parts you want and ill see what I can do
  4. definitely like the AP's and the Alcon's - have you driven in anger with the Ksport? they seem semi decent value if they are any good!
  5. isn't there a thing where having GPS is not such a good idea?? IE if you have an accident the police can use the gps to work out your speed and then either cause you problems? I went for the cheapo non gps eprance
  6. gutted i wont be able to make this - will try and rock up to the next one, i seem to have another 350z now as well... :S
  7. if it is right hand corners maybe the same issue we had - the saddle tank only has one pickup on the right hand side - Abbey fitted an additional one on the left to feed the one on the right which resolved it ? Awesome progress Tim
  8. Looks awesome Paul cracking choice Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  9. This - looks like the back end went light and locked the diff.
  10. It's been a while and there have been a lot of personal hurdles for the team this year. Having won the Britcar Production class championship last year we have a looooooooong list of things the car needed. The torrential downpour at Oulton with no ABS or TC highlighted where we were losing some time, though it also highlighted how knocking in consistent laps can help (having finished ahead of a privateer Ferrari 458 race car) - as well as a good team strategy - diving in the pits just as we suspected a safety car would be released. So we drew up a list including: New suspension part
  11. Sorry for the late post but better late than never, we have more news coming as well! http://www.teamlizardmotorsport.co.uk/blog/rain-and-trophies-oulton-park
  12. Setting up and getting to bed…should be easier than this! So we started the weekend in a bit of a rush having got stuck on the M1 on Friday night. How is there a traffic jam like this at 8pm? One secret shortcut later…we get in the garage and start setting up ready for race day…but not before having a snoop at the competition. A few garages up, the FF Corse guys are busy building a huge red wall, behind which sat silently were not one, not two but three Ferrari 458s! Our neighbours (oddly also sponsored by a sausage company – what are the chances?! Debbie & Andrew’s for the win!) have ju
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