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  1. I’ve logged in for the first time in ages just to say……..Happy 500th Birthday Paul.
  2. Any interest in a pair of GT4 wheels in original paint? One has a nasty bit of curb rash and the other has a few small marks. Probably around the £120 mark each. Hi everyone!!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday Fuku Fuku!

  4. Thanks all. Spent most of the day in the air!! Sunning ourselves in Florida.
  5. Happy Birthday Fuku Fuku!

  6. Alcantara feels great when new but is a bit of a bugger to keep in good order. It tends to pick up the oils from your hands over time and gets a bit of a sticky feel and can get a bit ‘claggy”. I found I was having to spend too much time cleaning it. (Could always wear driving gloves I suppose. ) My M3 wheel was alcantara and it’s put me off having it again.
  7. Looks like you’ll need plenty of spare skin to get this project finished Paul. Awesome thread.
  8. Brilliant Paul, your Dad’s a real star!! Do you think the lumpy running is just the carb set up needing looking at? Many congrats - great to see.
  9. The footage from mine meant not having to wait for the insurance companies to argue about whether or not I was to blame for the imbecile pulling out and hitting me when I was overtaking him and another vehicle. Best investment I’ve made in a long time.
  10. Happy Birthday Fuku Fuku!

  11. It’s a compelling thread Paul. I’ve been super busy so haven’t commented but it’s great to see the progress you’re making. Keep up the good work mate.
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