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  1. Hello Scott. I was right, that is very pretty and looks great after just a wash and a wax. I can't wait to see what it looks like after a claying, etc. Before they're fully up to temperature, HR gearboxes only really like being changed at just below 2500rpm. And you may even have to double de-clutch the first time or two. There may be the odd funny noise, but the more gently you treat it until fully warmed up the better it should get. The clutch and dual-mass flywheel has a wonderful repertoire of noises, depending on temperature, humidity, and how hard/long you've been driving.
  2. Many Happy Returns, Geoff. I hope you got the one you can't have, the one that's driving you mad. Unless you already had it . . .
  3. After several months of relative neglect - or at least a relative lack of attention (and nearly a sale until I pulled out after realising the difficulty of finding something that nourished the soul like the Zed) - I at last broke out the polish and the glaze, a little later than in previous years. I had to get my skates on slightly, as I'd also arranged to have four new tyres fitted early next week and I'm not at home much before then. As I've no wish to have a mobile tyre fitter removing and refitting the wheels - and that I would like to wire-brush and grease the brake pipes and clean
  4. "Annoying beeping sound"? It's not another "Nismo" engine sound, is it?
  5. It's mainly a matter of technique. And raw meat, which maybe explains your difficulty.
  6. I thought one of the ten commandments was: "When removing or refitting a 350Z's gearknob, thou shalt use mole grips". There was also another stone tablet with more detail: Lift the gaitor/surround/centre console up to expose the shaft. Wrap a duster or a cloth around the shaft before fixing the mole grips around it. Hold the grips with one hand, and grab the gearknob with the other. Lock your wrist, and turn from your elbow - it effectively gives you a breaker bar about eighteen inches long - and nothing much can hold up against that.
  7. [Slightly outraged at the joke at the expense of a vehicle I thought "we" were supposed to support] Although its always difficult to win a race when you have further to travel than your opponent, and perhaps don't get the same level of support either.
  8. Merry Zmas everyone. Realising that the gift of a Yorkshire garage tan is greater than a Gloucestershire open air detailing is the greatest gift of all. Well, almost . . .
  9. Arguably the quick-checker is more brilliant than the dehumidifier bags - the engine should still turn over easily when the amber light is flashing in my experience - the only casualty was my multi-meter.
  10. Yes, my thoughts entirely. I'd much rather save my charm for something other than a quick charge . . .
  11. I've been pondering buying one of those that is suitable for a Zed for a few years, and next Spring I might have to bite the bullet and get just one of those. That is despite the fact that the Halfords battery a previous owner put in my Zed still holds its charge pretty well - possibly down to using the recondition mode on my CTEK once a year for a week or two.
  12. Yes, sad, very sad. And a mistake, even if not entirely of Nissan's making. Honda's regret at losing the S2000, and its enthusiast following, has fallen on deaf ears.
  13. As far as I'm aware running the aircon for short journeys, or for the first and last few minutes of any journey, isn't particularly advisable - unless the car is used daily. It just blows damp air for the first few minutes until the system has dried out a bit, and you're best not having the blowers on at all for the last few minutes because no air coming in means the air is drier. If the car is relatively new, and the aircon system is relatively good (or Japanese), ten to twenty minutes use every four weeks is sufficient. As for the CTEK trickle-chargers, they are absolutely idiot-proof
  14. The World Health Organisation recommending that countries should test for it, because the vast majority aren't at present, would suggest that is correct.
  15. That's a good one. I knew there was one I'd forgotten. Keeping the tank at least three-quarters full (to minimise condensation formation) was how I remember it. Occasionally putting a can full of fresh petrol in doesn't do any harm either, and if that means your winter hack gets a fill-up of V-Power or Momentum into the bargain as a reward does more good than harm too . . .
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