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  1. If only someone in power had a family member who needed to be in hospital urgently, and waiting for an ambulance to arrive (or an electric car to change for a few more hours to make the distance) is not an option, and those cars that fuel easily and hold onto that energy for long periods of time will appeal a little more. A few months ago one of the current script writers for the BBC's Top Gear wrote: ". . . the ability to stuff our cars with a vast amount of energy in a tiny amount of time is a historical anomaly, not a divine right". So the future is going to be a backwards step then?
  2. I tend to do the same, and similarly with no delay. The discover or discover/unread routes were almost as quick too - I'd need Fergie-time to stretch it even to six seconds.
  3. Surprisingly, that's not something I've really noticed. Phone/tablet/laptop all seem to bring the first page up in good time for me. One thing I have noticed and that I do like - other than the round avatars (if I haven't mentioned them before) - is the darker text on the sections of the forum where I/you have unread content. It was probably there before - I have seen it elsewhere - but with the paler background it seems more noticeable now.
  4. I'm waiting for a guided tour of the new bits - if there are any surprises - but otherwise I think it looks really good. Much less dusty than the old one, which I suppose was the point. The round avatars could prove interesting too. If anyone had a good Rays or LMGT4 picture handy - or handy for a picture - that could look good.
  5. I received a fairly substantial cheque/payment from the state today. No, I haven't broken the habit of a lifetime and decided to give kids a try - it wasn't that large a payment anyway, which is surprising as it's far less environmentally damaging (and that's from someone whose degree included environmental economics) - rather, I've just received six months road tax rebate on the Zed. It's like a savings account where you put money in and get less back at the end of the term. Careful, it'll catch on.
  6. That's perhaps not quite the whole story, but if you want to spin the wheels in a 350Z then third gear is your friend. Second is your friend if you want to hit sixty-two or so with only a slight chirrup from the rear. In all honesty though you would struggle to feel short-changed by the amount of beans you're given in second as opposed to third, etc. The fewer restrictions that remapping allows does appeal, but being happy with the character of the car as it is makes me think twice. Power, torque, etc is just numbers. I'd rather beat someone, or make their life harder (if they're in a "big
  7. Many Happy Returns, John. With Kimi Raikkonnen racing for another year, and considering his vintage (as well as the vintages he used to consume in large quantities), are you not tempted to get your racing suit out again?
  8. Yet they still sound like a Dyson with ideas above its station. Doesn't an interim service cost something like £6,000? And, if you have a problem with one, doesn't the ownership experience leave a lot to be desired?
  9. I'd perhaps like something that gave a more nuanced, multi-faceted driving experience. Although, from what I know, I don't think anything new and at that sort of price level is significantly more nuanced or multi-faceted than the GT-R. The big numbers arms race, among other things, has spoiled the enjoyment of cars one the roads at road speeds. If I was looking at spending that sort of money on a car, I'd be looking at something more in the modern classic bracket. A Ferrari 360CS (mainly for the noise) springs to mind; or a manual Murcielago would probably yield a lot of smiles (after wi
  10. After the last two days, the Zed is now up to nearly 1,150 miles for the year. That's a little bit better. Or at least it's allowed some older fuel to be replaced by some new.
  11. Over the last two days I managed to do about 240 miles in the Zed, which is more than we've managed in any two-day period - in fact probably more than in any single week - this year. After the pure enjoyment of doing just that, the biggest benefit - with Winter hibernation due to begin within the next two weeks - was the ability to burn off a large part of the old-ish petrol in the tank and then virtually fill the tank with fresh V-Power only a few miles from home. At some point in the Spring of next year I'd like to change the spark plugs, and today I found a few old-ish bits of rubber tubi
  12. The follow-up article - where they rank Zeds in order of importance - is pretty good too, although some of the choices are a little arbitrary.
  13. Stop it! You're making me feel old. And I don't need much help in that respect nowadays. JDM Zeds too will be able to vote, etc as well. Here's to the next 180k, Michael.
  14. Yes, I've just seen that. It's probably predictable reasoning on their part, but worrying nonetheless. I don't why or how they can't use their involvement in F1 to promote technology or clean(er) internal combustion engines. They're not going away by 2022. Hopefully not anyway.
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