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  1. [Slightly outraged at the joke at the expense of a vehicle I thought "we" were supposed to support] Although its always difficult to win a race when you have further to travel than your opponent, and perhaps don't get the same level of support either.
  2. Merry Zmas everyone. Realising that the gift of a Yorkshire garage tan is greater than a Gloucestershire open air detailing is the greatest gift of all. Well, almost . . .
  3. Arguably the quick-checker is more brilliant than the dehumidifier bags - the engine should still turn over easily when the amber light is flashing in my experience - the only casualty was my multi-meter.
  4. Yes, my thoughts entirely. I'd much rather save my charm for something other than a quick charge . . .
  5. I've been pondering buying one of those that is suitable for a Zed for a few years, and next Spring I might have to bite the bullet and get just one of those. That is despite the fact that the Halfords battery a previous owner put in my Zed still holds its charge pretty well - possibly down to using the recondition mode on my CTEK once a year for a week or two.
  6. Yes, sad, very sad. And a mistake, even if not entirely of Nissan's making. Honda's regret at losing the S2000, and its enthusiast following, has fallen on deaf ears.
  7. As far as I'm aware running the aircon for short journeys, or for the first and last few minutes of any journey, isn't particularly advisable - unless the car is used daily. It just blows damp air for the first few minutes until the system has dried out a bit, and you're best not having the blowers on at all for the last few minutes because no air coming in means the air is drier. If the car is relatively new, and the aircon system is relatively good (or Japanese), ten to twenty minutes use every four weeks is sufficient. As for the CTEK trickle-chargers, they are absolutely idiot-proof
  8. The World Health Organisation recommending that countries should test for it, because the vast majority aren't at present, would suggest that is correct.
  9. That's a good one. I knew there was one I'd forgotten. Keeping the tank at least three-quarters full (to minimise condensation formation) was how I remember it. Occasionally putting a can full of fresh petrol in doesn't do any harm either, and if that means your winter hack gets a fill-up of V-Power or Momentum into the bargain as a reward does more good than harm too . . .
  10. Tier 3 here too. There was a slight hope a week ago that we may drop/climb(?) into tier 2, but alas that didn't happen and it is unlikely to happen anytime soon. An observation would be that I doubt the UK is the only nation in the world, or indeed in the continent of Europe, to have the more effectively spreading variant of the virus. So the decision to isolate us is as much political as it is scientific. I would also ask if anyone else did A level Geography and if so did you read the writings of Thomas Malthus? Is Covid-19 an Malthusian control - a natural control on over-populat
  11. Tip 1: Over-inflate your tyres 5-10psi each, so as to avoid flat spots. If you can roll it backwards and forwards a bit from time to time then so much the better, but over-inflation is more important. Just remember to adjust them to the correct pressure before driving on the road. Tip 2: The cleaner it is - both externally and internally - the less it will hold onto moisture. There's not a great deal you can do if the air surrounding it is damp, but ensuring good circulation of as dry air as possible is a big help (a dehumidifier is a good purchase for a garage, but I think that is bes
  12. If only someone in power had a family member who needed to be in hospital urgently, and waiting for an ambulance to arrive (or an electric car to change for a few more hours to make the distance) is not an option, and those cars that fuel easily and hold onto that energy for long periods of time will appeal a little more. A few months ago one of the current script writers for the BBC's Top Gear wrote: ". . . the ability to stuff our cars with a vast amount of energy in a tiny amount of time is a historical anomaly, not a divine right". So the future is going to be a backwards step then?
  13. I tend to do the same, and similarly with no delay. The discover or discover/unread routes were almost as quick too - I'd need Fergie-time to stretch it even to six seconds.
  14. Surprisingly, that's not something I've really noticed. Phone/tablet/laptop all seem to bring the first page up in good time for me. One thing I have noticed and that I do like - other than the round avatars (if I haven't mentioned them before) - is the darker text on the sections of the forum where I/you have unread content. It was probably there before - I have seen it elsewhere - but with the paler background it seems more noticeable now.
  15. I'm waiting for a guided tour of the new bits - if there are any surprises - but otherwise I think it looks really good. Much less dusty than the old one, which I suppose was the point. The round avatars could prove interesting too. If anyone had a good Rays or LMGT4 picture handy - or handy for a picture - that could look good.
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