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  1. I've decided that I need a new car. And I've decided I must have one of these.
  2. Isn't this your responsibility Les? Happy Birthday Cazza, hope you've had/are having a great day.
  3. Wow. That look sawesome Gav, absolutely top job my friend!
  4. My thoughts on that would be, who cares what other people think - do what you want although you are probably right, they wll be a mixture of grey/brown before long That looks really good Gav, I think this is going to look brilliant!
  5. Great to hear Chas and I always thought your car was really quiet, don't know what you're on about As for the badges, got to be black burgers in my book (I assume that's what you mean). Did the same on my 370Z before Gav stole bought her from me. And something I was toying with before she went was funnily enough calipers - I always thought light blue or cyan coloured calipers would look great (and a little different) on a white car.
  6. Neutreus

    F1 2021

    Yeah, what happened to the ability to hide text behind a spoiler? Can we have that back? And as to the race, what an absolute cracker, throughout the field too. This certainly bodes well for the season I hope!
  7. Neutreus

    F1 2021

    The 2021 season kicks off today with Qualifying at 3pm in Bahrain. I'm hoping it's going to be another cracker like last year; we have some new exciting drivers like Tsunoda and whilst his car won't be quick, the famous Schumacher name is bakc in F1 again. A long year ahead with 22 races scheduled, including I'm glad to see, the return of Portimao. The biggest news though is that the Mercs are not favourites going into the first race. After problems with rear end stability in pre-season practice, they appear to have made in-roads but the Red Bulls might be the ones to beat and brilli
  8. I still just fail to get excited about any form of e-racing. I'm sure it will get better with time but I'll stick to F1, BTCC and British GT for now.
  9. Happy Birthday fella, have a good one!
  10. I still thing it's fugly sadly, with only one exception - the rear. That rear with a slightly bigger wing will look epic in my opinion. Unfortunately when I look at the front, I find some sick has come up into my mouth. I fear when (if?) I see it in real life, said sick will be projectiled onto it. Agree re the interior too - it's just, meh. Done to a tight budget I would suggest.
  11. Oh dear, let's hope not too much damage - especially to any customers cars!
  12. I'm loving the additional controls I didn't know we had
  13. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out my friend
  14. Very sad news indeed and far too young, I'll fondly remember her time on Top Gear and the various YouTube vids of her doing crazy laps around the Ring. Always seemed such a genuine and fun person to be around.
  15. I'm not sure that's something we have any control over sadly but I'm sure our resident IT guru will be along later to clarify. (Would be good if we could though!)
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