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  1. I saw something recently where there was a company that has started using lamposts as a supply point for electric cars and the article said something about the average car will need charging every 9 days (there was some rationale behind this but can't remember what it was). On the basis of the 9 days calculation, they reasoned that this was enough for most neigbourhoods. Yes I thought, that is assuming that not 2 households need to charge their cars at the same time! I thought the 2035 deadline was ambitious but 2030 - can't help thinking there are other agenda's to that announcemen
  2. I watched the first episode on Catch Up earlier and it's not to bad. There's no 'challenges' or the such a la Top Gear; it's muh more about the cars. The first episode has a piece about the Nissan Leaf and how it was the Model T moment for electric cars (as they put it) and reviews the new one. Oh, that and an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, Ferrari 812 Superfast and a section on the Huracan Evo.
  3. Has anyone else seen or watching the new series on ITV4 with Tiff Needell called On The Road? (It's on Thursday evenings)
  4. I only flicked through some of the video on mute as I'm at work but was it a car launch or a concert?
  5. There's been some epic races as usual in the BTCC this year Les. I'd persoanlly like to see Tom Ingram win one and the Corolla has come on strong this year so you never know for 2021. The same can be said for the supporting races, as mentioned I've loved watching Harry King in the Porsche Cup, he was head and shoulders above the rest and teh new Mini's that replaced the Clio Cup have been brilliant. And the Ginetta's are always guaranteed o give you a good race (particularly the juniors!).
  6. I remember ITV interviewing him earlier in the year Les and I think he said it was down to the pandemic. Due to the lockdown and the contracted season, I think it was a 'mutual' decision not to race. There doesn't seem to be any clear reason though so maybe an internal spat? I have a feeling it was the Pandemic that did it for Jason Potato too. He decided to focus on 2021 as he and the Powermax team put it.
  7. Thanks for putting the result in the title John 🤬 Sadly, some of us hadn't watched it live and didn't know the result (for those that don't know, there is also the ability to put a a 'spoiler' setting on to hide text for those that may not have seen results of races but wish to discuss it with those that have) Having now watched it anyway, it was a great drive by Ash and showed a lot more maturity in his driving. A shame Colin Turkington didn't have a better car to make it more of a battle but it was another great days racing. On another note - great to see another young talented Bri
  8. Neutreus

    F1 2020

    He still seems to divide opinion, which is a shame because a lot of the haters clearly don't know him (only those close to him actually do) and have just taken certain events and the way the media has reported them as a reason to hate him. Given the records he's breaking, we are watching a British racing driver become the GOAT and it saddens me that many will choose to hate rather than support and admire an amazing sportsman. I thought yesterday showed how he's developed and improved himself over the years quite well. He didn't panic when he initially slipped back but then improved
  9. Passed it's MOT today and had the 108K service (car has about 43,000 on the clock). Having to replace the sump as it's corroding and I'm upgrading the ait filters to K&N. Won't be picking her back up from Litchfield to till the morning but the service from them has been great as always.
  10. Hmmm, had a look at that one myself John and I can't see a way of doing it either. It's not like when you are in a Word doc and can change the text to Heading/Sub Heading etc. Over to someone else with more IT knowledge ..................
  11. Ditto John. And that's from my work laptop and home (different IP's/connection speeds etc)
  12. When I had my 370Z I had an UpRev done at Horsham (having had Stillen Gen 3's etc fitted) and I can clearly remember seeing the difference in the torque curve particularly mid range. It was definitely more responsive throughout and I seem to recall that you're right about the limiting in lower gears - which was removed by the tune. On the Dyno my 370 then showed as 362.8 BHP (see pic below) I think whichever way you go, you will be very pleased with the result. Flywheel Dyno.pdf
  13. Happy Birthday John - did you buy yourself a birthday treat?
  14. Now there's a man dedictaed to the cause - car is looking fantastic!
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