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  1. Neutreus

    F1 2021

    Couldn't agree more Paul, I've now seen on Tweetbookagram that Red Bull (via Helmut and Horner) have instructed a lawyer to investigate whether the penalty given was just and whether the punishment should be greater or some such nonsense. I mean talk about a childish tantrum because things didn't go how you felt they should. They really are showing themselves up to be proper princesses and by doing so, all they are doing is re-affirming to Max that he did the right thing. Absolute Joke. They should be fined for bringing the sport into disrupute!
  2. Neutreus

    F1 2021

    For what it's worth John, I'm of the same opinion. Particularly because it was the first lap when these things used to be considered more of a race incident. You saw Max notice Lewis on the inside so straighten the wheel slightly and then turn back in, he just assumed Lewis would back off in my opinion. Fair play for him not doing so, Lewis has been very respectful to Max several times this season already by pulling out of a 50/50 whereas Max just doesn't. On the flip side, Lewis did run slightly wide so when you bear in mind that Lando and Perez got penalised for similar incidents at Austria, I suppose they were being consistent (consistently wrong in my opinion because as you say this is wheel to wheel racing), but why a 10 second penalty and not 5 like the others? Was it because you had Christian 'Dramatically Over the Top' Horner bleating on on the radio (don't get me started on Helmet Marko and his absurd comments). Strange in my opinion. It's also interesting that Leclerc (who was right behind them) and Alonso have both said they felt it was a racing incident too. At the end of the day though, what an amazing come back despite the harsh penalty. Should make the next few races a little more spicy too!
  3. Neutreus

    F1 2021

    Don't know what you mean John, there were no controversial moments or anything, just racing incidents from what I saw In reality I have plenty of opinion on it and have had several discussions with fans/haters of both LH & MV. What's your thoughts John?
  4. I know. I may have been playing with the configurator 😁 (I won't be changing away from the GTR for at least a couple of years but to the question I get asked a lot, which is 'What car do you want to get after the GTR', until now I didn't have an answer). So 3.5 V6 Manual or 2.0 I4 Dual Clutch AMG?
  5. Lotus! If you haven't seen it already, have a look at the new Emira below and here for more info. It looks a bit like a Ferrari directy from the front but there are quite a few design influences from the Evija Hypercar. In short, I love it, I think it looks stunning from every angle and the interior is a massive step forward too. And all from about £60k, this really could be the promised return of Lotus. Tempted?
  6. Both I and Mrs N will be there (the latter enjoying the facilities on offer at Kettering Park while we meet of course!)
  7. The event is now booked up for our 5 members on 9th October.
  8. Sadly not once again this year. I really do need to make an effort to go next year, it's an event I must do at some point.
  9. Glad to hear things are progressing well Les. It doesn't surprise me to hear your experience re selling, We have 150+ Mortgage Brokers under our umbrella all over the country with a lot of them relying on Estate Agency leads and pretty much all of them are reporting a shortage of stock on the market, so it really is a sellers market right now. Fingers crossed everything runs smoothly for you from here pal.
  10. Happy Birthday fella! Have a great day
  11. I suppose with my limited knowledge of these things (wife used to work in car insurance), then if both cars are insured for both to drive, if you don't have protected NCB, then yes would be the answer I presume. But I would think only for the premium related to Driver A. Therefore, you could potentially remove Driver A from the more expensive car if the premium was driven up too high (due to the reduction in number of years NCB). I would suggest checking with Admiral though as Loadmaster says
  12. Further to the thread created for an event at CAT in October here, I have started this thread so that those interested in attending a Performance Driver Track Day in April next year can post up or ask any questions, including those that may have done it before. Please note that these events are for MEMBERS ONLY as CAT discount the prices for our club. So if you are a non-member and are interested, please PM Chilli Red (Club Secretary) to find out how to become a member. I would add that the benefits of membership go way beyond these driving events of course. If you'd like to know a little more about what the day would involve, the thread with our recent feedback/pics is here and the overvew of the day from CAT is below: There is access to the 5 unique circuits at the renowned Millbrook Proving Ground, a venue that is not normally accessible for 'track days' and the general public. Activities designed for the different circuits are: • Learn threshold braking from high speed on the Mile Straight • High speed driving, potentially to the maximum of your car, on the banked circuit of the High Speed Circuit • Drive the demanding Alpine Route circuit with its hills, and variety of corners from hairpins to long and sweeping • Take on the tight, twisty and challenging Handling Circuit • Put your car through its paces on the open spaces of the Steering Pad/Mile Straight Apron An instructor will accompany you on all the circuits, and the objective is to teach you how to get the best from your car and develop your performance driving skills in a controlled environment and at a pace you are comfortable with. Short presentations in vehicle dynamics will help you to understand the relationship between driver input and vehicle balance and control. From this comes the appreciation of how to safely drive your vehicle at grip limit within the controlled confines of a track environment. At the end of the day, your new found skills can be put to the test in a timed shoot out around a gymkhana-style course laid out on the Steering Pad/Mile Straight Apron. I'll list those that post up or PM me as interested below (please note that it is a maximum of 6 Members on a first come, first serve basis: 1) Budbongo 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Reserves:
  13. OK folks, the Advanced Course is a go, for in all likelihood Saturday 9th October and will be the Cornering Masterclass session after the decision was made by the group given the choices. There are currently 5 Members attending, so there is 1 more space if anyone else would like to attend. If so, just PM me or post up. Sadly though, the additional Performance Driver Track Day is going to need to be re-scheduled whlist we get a few extra numbers. I'm going to post up a new thread with the aim of seeing who may be interested in this initial training with CAT in April next year. So that should give plenty of time to get a date in the diary and hopefully get a fair bit of interest. I'll leave this thread open now for the Cornering Masterclass in October and have changed the title accordingly.
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