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  1. Not sure at this point, I will have returned from the European road trip a week before so depends on a number of factors - I'll be a possible/hopefully for now.
  2. Belated Happy Birthday John - hope you did something suitably Zed like?
  3. Belated Happy Birthday my friend!
  4. Great news Pete and thanks Dave. I look forward to another meet now Pete, so that we can hear the Cobra to full affect PS. When we were chatting, I couldn't remember the zorst I had on my 350 - it's bizarrely just come to me, I had the 5Zigen A-Spec system.
  5. I don't mind that but I tihnk it would look better if the black on the roof stopped at the b pillar and they'd left the white at the back of the car to the sides. We're all individuals though.
  6. Thanks Dave, I said someone on here will likely have the same and be able to give Pete some instructions in plain English.
  7. File was to big to post all 4 at the same time so here is the back end of our mini meet as it were ..........
  8. Well done for shouting out and posting up about the mini meet idea Paul - was a fantastic day, and had a great brekky in great company. Thoroughly enjoyed it and already looking forward to the next one! Here's a couple of piccies I took .......... Anda rather nice Buccaneer decided to do a fast taxi run whilst we were there, so it owul dhave been rude not to take a pic/video or two ............
  9. Welcome Pete! As Jeff said, was great to meet you yesterday and you have one heck of a 350 there. Look forward to you finding out how to set mapping 3 to hear that exhaust in full glory! Hopefully we'll get to meet up again soon but feel free to post up any questions (eg. how to work the Abbey mapping) in the meantime.
  10. I spot a trend. When I had my tyres replaced in March, Litchfield pointed out that one of my lower ball joints was wearing - didn't say it needed replacing yet though. Considering I'm not mechanically minded, can someone advise at what point I should consider replacing it - when I hear a knocking or is there other signs to look for? (Had a chance encounter with an RX7 and a Skyline R34 while driving through the Peak District on Sunday and the suspension seemed fine on our 'spirited' drive)
  11. Only 20 miles from me - good company and a brekky, hmmmmmm, I'm in
  12. Belated Happy Easter Birthday Geoff!
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