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  1. I assume from the lack of a reply that you are in the dark on this too John & Paul?
  2. There's a big no entry sign on the picture for me for some reason Paul but sounds like one heck of a steal!
  3. Group PM sent re meeting up on the morning of the event for a great little Z & GTR convoy to the event Still not too late for others to join in the fun .................
  4. I've just bought a 2nd ticket as Mrs N has decided to join me for this one. Only 12 days to go
  5. On a related subject in case I've missed something - has there been any more talk about the next model of GTR and whether that's coming to Europe? There was some talk I recall a while back but it's been quiet since (possibly due to the new Z). I didn't know what this announcement was but now I see it's a limited run special edition it made me think about the above again.
  6. Neutreus

    F1 2021

    Yeah, good point. Makes that a no brainer now.
  7. I personally think this is a stock photo brought out every so often to fool us into thinking the Chilli Red really does exist. Apparently it's more common to see a snow leopard wandering in the hills that it is to see the Chili Red in real life, let alone on the road
  8. That's sh!t news to hear Gav, hopefully you get her back to full health soon (& hope you find the idiot who did it).
  9. Neutreus

    F1 2021

    Yep. If that wasn't a 'predominantly to blame' on Max's side, you have to wonder what Lewis is supposed to do in these situations. **BREAKING NEWS** - Max given 3 place grid penalty at the next race for being just as I've said above (thought I'd check before posting this haha). Good! The right flippin decision and maybe he won't think he's so invincible and can do anything he wants now. We want fair but firm racing!
  10. Neutreus

    F1 2021

    ***SPOILERS*** Argghhhhhh, I am so fed up with the Red Bull/Verstappen rhetoric that it is always Lewis' fault (and the flippin haters on certain forums). What was the difference between corner 4 on lap 1 where Lewis backed out because Verstappen pushed him wide and then corner 2 where the accident happened. As usual Verstappen just expects him to move out of the way and was clearly desparate because he knew Lewis would be away and gone if he stayed in front. On the plus side, I am soooo happy for McLaren, a phenominal result for them!!
  11. I've sent a PM to Steve so he will get an email notification too.
  12. So who else is up for this fantastic event then? Only just over 2 weeks away and would be great to have a few more people there from the club. Looking at the above, it looks to be a packed and entertaining day.
  13. They'd be pretty stupid to publish something like that online if it was incorrect (I would imagine they have spoken to all the various manufacturers to confirm the information - I would hope!)
  14. I'm sorry, but can someone tell me who this new member is please? It definitely can't be Chas because it looks like that Z has been cleaned
  15. Thanks John. It'll definitely be interesting to see what Nissan do - with news that the next Z wouldn't be coming to Europe, I was unsure of what would happen regarding the GTR and certainly when it comes to the next model (whenever that is currently being aimed for).
  16. Hey Jo, Hope all is well with you. I spoke to Robin (Blobbish) and he is definitely wanting to attend still and says he will get in touch to make payment/do forms. In fairness, he has had a heck of a lot going on in his life so hopefully that's OK.
  17. It's not too far away from me (respectively) but sadly I won't finish work till 5.30pm at the earliest, so the soonest I could get there would be c.7pm. Not long enough at the event for a 3+ hour round trip sadly
  18. And if anyone wants to check if their car is suitable for E10, you can use the government link here
  19. I've just added Scott to the list until he's able to post up officially - John, can you confirm Scott has been added to the club stand please mate? PS. If anyone else has tried to post up but can't please PM me.
  20. We're looking into this one mate but I'll add your name to the list of attendees in the original thread -hopefully you'll be able to post up in that thread before long.
  21. Welcome Scott! (This is Neil) - about time you joined up A big warm welcome and I'm sure others will be along shortly to wish you the same. Oh, and that's a great looking car you have there (I am in no way bias). Looking forward to a few convoys to various meets as we've talked about pal!
  22. Was a fantastic day and the weather was even kind - thanks for organising Jeff. There was plenty to see and do - here's a few of my pics: Then as Sarah alluded too, something a little orange and racey appeared. Lando Norris' McLaren F1 from last season: And it wasn't the only race car there. Ash Sutton and Jack Goff's BTCC cars (Ash Sutton's still had the damage he got from battling at Thruxton on it): Then there was the opportunity to sit in the pilot (or co-pilot's) seat in some aircraft like the C17 below: And then the one I was really looking forward to at the end of the day and marshalled finely by Jeff - my GTR with the C17: This one I love ............
  23. Likewise my friend - would be great to still see the awesome 200SX at some meets and catch up with you again!
  24. I've been mulling this over as it does look like a great event and I'd love to see some of the exotica on display (particularly Koenigsegg's) - it's just a shame that it's the weekend before Go Japan! That's already a flippin long drive for me and a couple of nights away and sadly Knebworth is also a 3 hour drive so would need another night over at the least - it all starts to add up.
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