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  1. Glad to hear things are progressing well Les. It doesn't surprise me to hear your experience re selling, We have 150+ Mortgage Brokers under our umbrella all over the country with a lot of them relying on Estate Agency leads and pretty much all of them are reporting a shortage of stock on the market, so it really is a sellers market right now. Fingers crossed everything runs smoothly for you from here pal.
  2. Happy Birthday fella! Have a great day
  3. I suppose with my limited knowledge of these things (wife used to work in car insurance), then if both cars are insured for both to drive, if you don't have protected NCB, then yes would be the answer I presume. But I would think only for the premium related to Driver A. Therefore, you could potentially remove Driver A from the more expensive car if the premium was driven up too high (due to the reduction in number of years NCB). I would suggest checking with Admiral though as Loadmaster says
  4. Further to the thread created for an event at CAT in October here, I have started this thread so that those interested in attending a Performance Driver Track Day in April next year can post up or ask any questions, including those that may have done it before. Please note that these events are for MEMBERS ONLY as CAT discount the prices for our club. So if you are a non-member and are interested, please PM Chilli Red (Club Secretary) to find out how to become a member. I would add that the benefits of membership go way beyond these driving events of course. If you'd like to know a l
  5. OK folks, the Advanced Course is a go, for in all likelihood Saturday 9th October and will be the Cornering Masterclass session after the decision was made by the group given the choices. There are currently 5 Members attending, so there is 1 more space if anyone else would like to attend. If so, just PM me or post up. Sadly though, the additional Performance Driver Track Day is going to need to be re-scheduled whlist we get a few extra numbers. I'm going to post up a new thread with the aim of seeing who may be interested in this initial training with CAT in April next year. So that shou
  6. Popped down to Cribbs Causeway in Bristol today and pulled into the car park to see a chap just getting out of his Nismo. A quick wave and hello to each other and I parked up close by to get a good ogle.
  7. I thought I'd resurrect this old thread because I've just had my renewal quote through from Admiral and it's a timely reminder to everyone not to accept the quote they/your insurer gives you. In fairness, I can't fault Admiral in the main and a lot of Members/Users on here use them as they are very accepting of the mods we like to do and it's a good policy. However, something they and all Insurers are guilty of is trying to squeeze you for extra pennies at renewal. Case in point ........... I have the multi car policy with my GTR on it and the Peugeot 3008 daily drive. Last year the annua
  8. I'm just waiting back on a couple of PM's to confirm a detail or two and then I'll PM the respective groups with how the land lies, potential date and costs etc. Hope to do that before the week is out as am keen to get us firmed up in CAT's diary ASAP.
  9. Looks like a great day and some lovely cars there. Ironically, I was in Surrey on Saturday visiting a friend who lives in Crawley - was hoping I would get spotted by someone but it appears not this time.
  10. I'll leave contacting CAT until after this weekend just in case anyone else would like to express an interest but I don't want to leave it any later than that as they get booked up very quickly due to how good a day it is.
  11. OK mate, I'll put you down as a possible for either as they will be both numbers dependent of course.
  12. You looking at the follow up Gav or doing the Perforamnce Day again pal?
  13. Is there anyone else interested in this or would like some more details? (feel free to PM me if easier)
  14. Looks awesome mate. I assume the Stenning Bar/Inn has been moved as well?
  15. Not me this time
  16. Happy Birthday mate! Hope you're having a great day and that Gill (Jill?) is spoiling you rotten
  17. For the Performance Day John given you'll be in a new beast or the advanced option?
  18. Will do! I assume for the first one - shout if you mean the advanced one
  19. This would be my thinking. Happy to look at organising 2 different events. The first, for those that want to attend the day we just did and the second, for a follow up to the performance day (I recall Colin mentioning Cornering Masterclass as one I think). If you're interested in either attending the Performance Day or a follow up, just post up and I'll collate in the original thread.
  20. And last but not least .......... Driver of the Day, Dan (looking very proud with his CAT cap on) And the winner of the consistency challenge, John .......... And lastly, Jo at the end of the day surprised us with this label which she still had from when we were the first club to be hosted by CAT back in 2006! (under a different name then) ..... As usual guys, if there's any of these you would rather I remove, let me know
  21. Thanks Jo, we always love a good amount of pics, so without further ado, here are the pics from Jo, Colin & Paul ............
  22. After an extremely succesful trip to CAT Driver Training, I thought I would start a post to see who else may be interested in attending an event like this. If there are sufficient numbers, I will start discussing with Jo at CAT to see what date are available (it would likely be September/October). Please note that these events are for MEMBERS ONLY as CAT discount the prices for our club. So if you are a non-member and are interested, please PM Chilli Red (Club Secretary) to find out how to become a member. I would add that the benefits of membership go way beyond this one event of course.
  23. I stayed at an AirBNB the night before this event and the owners of the property were amazing. I'd never done an AirBNB before but I wouldn't hesitate to do so again after this experience. The reason I mention this is that the hosts Lynn & Greg were brilliant and Geg's son (who lives in Australia) is a complete petrol head so Greg took a pic of my car to send to him. Furthermore, he then came and met us at the meet at Ampthill and did a quick video of us leaving the car park. So huge thanks to Greg and here is the video he took (this video is unlisted - so not public - meaning that you mus
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