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  1. The MOD days are back! Having not been held for a couple of years for obvious reasons, by kind permission of our hosts, Sarah & Tony, a Mod/Detailing day will be held in Chobham, Surrey on Saturday, 16 April (Bank Holiday weekend). What is a Mod Day? If anyone fancies just a free breakfast and a natter, or some help fixing something, then a Mod Day is the perfect setting! If it's your first mod day, then don't be shy; we are a friendly bunch and are always happy to see anyone & everyone. What a Mod Day does is let us put faces to forum names, and also ask all the questions we never got to ask on the forum!! You can just lean on the garage door and watch others busy at work whilst drinking tea and eating if you don't want to do anything else. There is always lots of Zed expertise at hand. The Owners' Club Detailing Team, OCDT, will be there, armed with all kinds of polishers, waxes, sealants, cutting compounds and screen protection kit (rain repellent). Minor scratches, holograms and swirls in paintwork sorted for free! Doors open (metaphorically speaking) at 10am and we go on until the last person leaves, so you can pop in at any time for as long as you like. Late arrivals run the risk of missing out on the slap-up brekky. Please post up if you can make it, and someone will add your name to the list. 1. Neutreus 2. Blobbish 3. John K 4. Jeff-W & Mrs Fred 5. Cray Z (Provisional) 6. Gadget 370 7. Zulu Nation
  2. Sounds like an early candidate for 'most improved driver of the day' to me
  3. Glad you found us Dave, we are in my humble opinion, the friendliest OC around, so have a good snoop around the website; there's a wealth of knowledge in the forums and plenty of members to help answer any questions you have. Your car by the way, looks a spitting image of the Z I owned, so I may be biased but it looks stunning. Hopefully you can make a meet or two (granted it'll be a long drive for you) so we can see it in person and you can have a good chin wag with like minded folk.
  4. I've sent a WhatApp to Gav so I'm sure he'll be along shortly.
  5. I'm just adding Scott to the list as he's unable to from the USA at the moment.
  6. Afternoon all, I have been in touch with Jo @ CAT Driver Training and she has very kindly reserved us a date for another brilliant Driving Event. Details are above but the date that has been reserved is Saturday 21st May. This date can only be held for a short period of time so if you are interested, please post up as we'll need to move quickly to make a firm booking. I can say from personal experience that this is a fantastic day that will give you so much more understanding and confidence in your car in a variety of situations. Feedback and photos from this event last year can be viewed here Any questions, please let me know.
  7. Hey Jo, Thanks for the message - I've PM'd all of the guys who were due to attend the Cornering Masterclass and asked them to respond ASAP. I'll send you an email separately regarding another possible date now we are already in mid-January! All the best.
  8. Hey Paul. The GTR is currently sorn'ed and hibernating for winter and Jeff is out of action for a little while, so one to revisit when warmer climes are on the horizon I think
  9. Happy Birthday Paul - have a great day!
  10. A very Happy New Year to all of our Members, visitors and your famillies. Here's to good health, freedom and lots of meets in 2022!
  11. The GTR is hibernating for winter but Merry Christmas to you all - I hope you and your families have a fabulous time and here's to good health and plenty of car meets in 2022!
  12. This has got to bring out the competitive spirit in some - who's brave enough to give it a go and post a picture of your results?
  13. Based on that other post about Les' old car, it sounds like their price guide may be a little out of date now!
  14. Neutreus

    F1 2021

    Nothing will be overturned, it'll just be left to the courts if Merc decide to take it further but still can't see them doing anything. As to the events of yesterdays last lap, to say that it has left a sour taste in my mouth is an understatement. Can't help thinking that Masi has been influenced by Princess Horner, as he wasn't going to let lapped cars past initially until his Royal Whinginess got on the phone to complain. Just seems undeserved after a great race by Lewis (though can't decided my take on the first lap incident in fairness). Also quite a number of other drivers at the very least calling Masi's decision as 'weird'.
  15. After another challenging year, it appears that we are not quite out of the woods just yet, but hopefully we are all learning to live with this virus and you and your families are keeping safe and taking care. It is my sincere hope that 2022 will be a bit more normal than the last two but as a committee, we will continue to follow government guidelines and ensure that our members and users safety is at the fore of any events we organise as a club. We all want to see a return to the norm so with that in mind, it is both my and the Committee's plan to start getting some events organised in the hope that they are able to proceed. Based on the survey I held recently, I know there are a mixture of feelings towards events depending on the size, venue etc but to that end please use this thread for exactly what the title suggests! Please post up/discuss any ideas in this thread and whether you are willing to get invovled with or organise said idea. Any events agreed to as a Club will then get a dedicated thread to discuss details and will be added to the Club diary/calendar (I will add these once the first event has been confirmed). Thanks and here's to a 2022 where we all hopefully get to meet up safely and enjoy each others company and motors. Neil.
  16. Below is a list of events currently being planned for the Club in 2021. At the moment all of these are possible/provisional of course subject to National and Regional Covid rules but we're going ahead with getting some events organised and being positive! Where no date is stated, it is TBA. This list will be updated as dates/events are firmed up. 16 April 22 - (DC) - MOD Day 1 - EO Neutreus/Chill Red - Thread here 15 May 22 - (DC) (M) - Re-arranged CAT Cornering Masterclass - EO Neutreus - Thread is here 21 May 22 - (DC) (M) - CAT Performance Driving Day - EO Neutreus - Thread is here Jun 22 - Jul 22 - Aug 22 - Sep 22 - Oct 22- Nov 22 - Dec 22 - Key & Colours: · (DC) = Date claimed for diary; arrangements thread yet to be opened. · (M) = Membership Required · (NPC) = No participation as a club (entry will be deleted as date passes) · (EO - ...........) = Event Organiser - name · Green - Planned nissansportz event or participation - National · Red - Planned nissansportz Local event or participation - Regional · Black - Third-party event with possible nissansportz club attendance
  17. Neutreus

    F1 2021

    What a surprise, Max didn't get a penalty because the Stewards felt Mercedes provided no further evidence - what, you mean apart from the onboard footage that most people from drivers to fans (apart from Hamiton haters) thought was fairly damning? Anyway, in more positive and less contraversial news, great to see Lewis get an 'easy' win at the new circuit in Qatar. All talk is that the next new circuit in Jeddah could be one suited to Merc too. Looks like the championship could go down to the wire!
  18. Happy Birthday Paul, have a good one fella!
  19. Neutreus

    F1 2021

    Literally just logged on to advise the on board footage is now out myself. Completely agree, there doesn't appear to be to much of an attempt to turn in. Max only applies full steering lock as he approaches the outer bounds of the track, therefore, clearly forcing off (or crowding out as the FIA rule states) Lewis. By all accounts previous footage from Max's camera shows the difference in the attempt to turn in as well. I almost don't like wishing ill of another race driver but Max needs to learn he can't just do what he likes and it seems the only way he will learn is by being punished. Let's see if anything comes of the review but I hope so otherwise they're green lighting all drivers to force other drivers off the track aren't they? And that's a very dangerous precedence to set. (And where have we seen this all before, ahem, Michael Schumacher in Adelaide 94 on Hill and attempted on Villeneuve in Jerez 97 - starting to think it's win at all costs for Max as well)
  20. This isn't a Club Organised event but I know a few members who attended this last year and I just got an email about it. So for information, if you're interested in getting to Silverstone for their 'Lap of Lights', it's running between 26th November and 3rd January and you can see details here.
  21. Neutreus

    F1 2021

    *SPOILERS BELOW* What an utterly fantastic drive from Lewis, from the Sprint Race to the GP today, both races were a perfect demonstration of why he is a 7 time World Champion - some amazing overtakes and staying positive despite everything. As to the everything, how on earth did the stewards not give Max a penalty? I would love to see the in car footage because I will be very surprised if he had full lock on. Therefore, did he not force another driver off the track to maintain an advantage? Was he not predominantly to blame like Lewis at Silverstone or do you have to make the other driver crash for that to apply - thankfully Lewis' quick reactions stopped that happening otherwise it would have been a crash (again). No matter your point of view though, it was one heck of a race and the Championship is definitely not settled. Bring on Qatar next week!
  22. Welcome back to the fold Les
  23. Nice one John, didn't know about this either, will give it a whirl. Handy for editing a video that is 10+ mins long when all you want to show is the Z/GTR featured somewhere in the middle of it!
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