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  1. Woohoo! Do I get a prize? (Or is it enough to just have a happy feeling remembering what it was like to drive in Europe when we were allowed to do such things)
  2. Nordschleiffe? (seems about right to me)
  3. Nissan's loss in my opinion. Very talented young driver. Looks like he might be off to IMSA.
  4. Sorry to hear that. Hope you find the right one soon.
  5. Still waiting ...........................
  6. Ooh, I'm looking forward to hearing all .................
  7. I'll be surprised if you don't love it - good luck with the test drive today. I'm not sure what BHP you are used to and I doubt I need to say this but just be mindful of having 350 horses under your right foot if the roads are wet
  8. Reminds me of my old 350 which was Gun Metal Grey and Tan interior too 😍
  9. I recall being in France on one of the Run2 events in my 370 and in the middle of nowhere being on fumes, the only fuel the garage had was 95. I absolutely felt the difference in power, it just felt sluggish - that's probably the best way to describe it. On a brighter note, on the same tour, we found a grage selling 101 RON - oh boy is that good stuff The 370Z other than that event always was run on 98/99 RON.
  10. Did you just suggest a Mini Coupe as an alternative to an Estate Car? As a dog owner myself, I think I would struggle to get the dog, paraphernalia and shopping or the like into a Coupe. The Macan's boot isn't much bigger than a normal though hatch in fairness - an Octavia estate for example has 640 litres of space so the gap is a little wider
  11. I think for me it depends on the type of car. When you're talking about a GTR it's not unlikely that one or two buy them and then don't realise what they've taken on. And whilst they don't cost the earth to run, they're certainly not the same as running a Ford Focus of course. So as long as it has a full service history with no concerns raised then I don't think it would bother me.
  12. Can't answer whether the seller is on here but I would hope it would get a wash (surprised it didn't before the photo's!). To my knowledge, that interior colour is called 'Ivory' on the Prestige.
  13. Agree that we probably need to see a side on shot and/or a 45 degree shot from the front side but if I were a betting man and being forced to err on one side or the other, it certainly 'looks' lower than standard, in my non Nismo owning Z experience. (Did I put enough caveats in that?)
  14. Dave G: Here's to a 'better' 2021. Boris J: Hold my beer
  15. A problem I know well that one. My garage has a concrete floor and no matter what I do, it constantly has concrete dust everywhere. I've tried hosing out the entire garage and sweeping it all out but it's like the Terminator, it just keeps coming back. I toyed with getting the garage treated or laying down some sort of surface but have done nowt about it yet.
  16. It's not one that I'm aware of us having attended - at least not as an organised club in my time. Has anyone else experience of Bromley? Have you been before Loadmaster?
  17. Are you only Tier 3 Les? The drive out was a great idea I thought but only John_K responded in the positive. I'm not sure of the reasons why but I might do a poll to see what people would like to do whilst in virtual lockdown. Leave that latter one with me.
  18. Sadly I think the mulptiple Tier 4 areas have put the kybosh on this as you are of course only allowed out for work or essential journey's. Let's hope the vaccine will start to relax some of the current restrictions and maybe it will be timed with some nicer weather so we can arrange a meet up!
  19. Welcome to the club Rob, have a good look around and let us know if you ahve any other questions or just tel us a bit about what brought you to the Nismo
  20. Happy New Year everyone!
  21. Welcome Loadmaster! Glad you found the club and you're looking at a great car by the sound of it. Have you got a test drive planned or already done so? What's your car history by the way - what's led you to the Z?
  22. Neutreus

    Yaris GR

    Fair play that is a SERIOUSLY good car - over 1.2g in cornering and braking! Think the GTR's were obviously doing a 1st lap recon (but sounded amazing anyway).
  23. All good now thanks for the help folks. Not sure if my screw on the positive is longer than Rob's but I've had to open the clamp fully and it only just fits over and stays in place but I thought this would be easier than taking off screw etc (purely because I was doing this whilst in the garage where I have very little room to the side of the bonnet). It is now charging/re-conditioning the battery - great result from the collective help of this great club once again!
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