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  1. Let's just say that the bank manager isn't moaning - first car I've ever made money on that's for sure. Cheers Rob. Just seen the post too - thanks for the kind words
  2. GTR now sold at asking price to the first guy who viewed it today.
  3. If it's not a 356, I'm thinking it might be a 550?
  4. A belated happy birthday Joan - hope Jeff spoilt you
  5. Hey Dave, I've had the GTR for over 3 years would you believe, that's a long time based on my history I can tell you Not sure on the replacement yet, it will likely be bricks and mortar rather than vehicular based! All the best.
  6. No, that's a new one to me, but great to see!
  7. We weren't sure if this was a 240Z or a 280Z (I thought the latter but perhaps someone more knowledgeable could advise ...........) And there were plenty of Skylines (more in fact than R35's): A rather famous look a la Paul Walker in Fast & Furious:
  8. The Aston Martin Vulcan (stunning): I so hoped a Koenigsegg would be there and was pleased to see this beautiful Regera in Carbon Blue: Did someone say Eleanor?
  9. Here's a few extra pics from me ............ The Individual 'show' car area as John mentioned: Matt Watson from Car Wow squeezing into a Peel P50! Schmee's full garage was there (not my choice of colour but I love the GT8: There were Supercars a plenty like this 720S: An F50 (there was also an F40 that I haven't uploaded the pic of yet): The new Ford GT:
  10. Had a great day today meeting up with John, Mick, Chaz, Pete & of course Scott who was my chauffeur for the day It's been too long so always good to have a natter and enjoy some Petrolheadonism together. The event itself wasn't quite what I was expecting but there was all sorts of automotive joy to behold. I'll be sure to post up plenty of pics in the next couple of days.
  11. A few members who I've spoken to at points this year knew this was coming, but the time has come for me to sell my GTR. Some local friends have argued I should keep it as they are increasing in value (with the news of no R36 coming to Europe) and if I could, I would, but needs must. So, the main details of the model/spec and a couple of other things to mention are: 2011 DBA model with just over 52,700 miles (GTR has now been valeted and will be sat in my garage resting) Litchfield stage 1 tune with Miltek Y-Pipe Upgraded Alcon discs with Ferodo DS2500 pads Full service history from main dealer and then Litchfield Ivory leather/alcantara seats (this seems to be a very rare thing) Alcantara flat bottom steering wheel from Royal Steering Wheels (all the normal GTR functionality included) Private plate included GTR branded full car cover Michelin Pilot Sport 4S's new in March She's a stunning car that gets plenty of attention and has wanted for nothing. There's a couple of small stone chips at the front end as you'd expect but the overall condition of the car is great. MOT and Service (small one at £320) are due end of November and I'm happy to either negotiate with a potential buyer or get these done early for the right price. If you or anyone you know is interested, please PM me for further details and to discuss price. I haven't listed on Autotrader or Pistonheads yet as I'd like the car to stay in the club or to someone known to you, but will be listed next weekend I think.
  12. Last few worthy of note. After leaving Florence, we headed to Innsbruck in Austria, which meant some amazing roads up through the Alps again and lunch at over 7,200 feet:
  13. After leaving Florence, it would be rude not to visit a few famous local places, like: The Ducati factory/showroom: The Lamborghin museum (I have many many photos of the italian exotica: And a quick stop at the famous Mugello race track:
  14. More views in the morning as we had plenty of time to explore: The Piaza Di Michelangelo:
  15. Arrived that evening in Florence - an absolutely stunning city with some very famous views: The Ponte Vecchio:
  16. After leaving Rapallo, a little stop and tour of Pisa:
  17. Two beautiful views in the Alps? Arriving that afternoon into a little gem of a resort in Rapallo, Italy And at night ..........
  18. Overnight stay in Grenoble: Some dramatic views on the way oer the Alps into Italy, like this Glacier And some beatiful buildings:
  19. Finally got round to sorting through the photos and videos, so thought I'd share just a little sample of our trip ............. Meet point at the Eurotunnel: Start of the Run2 at the historic start/finish straight of the Reims race track Lunch in Dijon
  20. Just a small knocking from the rear right suspension. Possible drop link but ended up taking it to Litchfield today in the end as they are going to try and squeeze me in next week rather than waiting for the 21st. Hope it's good weather in the morning for those going!
  21. Sadly my GTR is in need of some work after the long road trip around Europe and is booked in for the 21st at Litchfield so I won't be there this Saturday sorry.
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