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  1. I have two of the uprated springs still in their bags if anyone is having trouble getting them.
  2. My wifes 370 Connect is up for sale. We're overe in Suffolk. You have to have one ! http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/3375743.htm
  3. Reluctant sale of my wife's 370. She's going to need something a little more practical in the not too distant future ! http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/3375743.htm It has almost every option. Hope the link to PH works OK. Rich 07967 324313
  4. Last bid was over £400, though must have been made an offer.
  5. Did anyone here buy the 370 wheels from EBay today ? I should have made an offer.
  6. Anyone know what system the 370 uses to update the SatNav for live traffic issues ? It even works on the Continent. Impressed.
  7. We're off to Germany on Wed in the 370. Frankfurt Thur and Fri, then the 'Ring for the weekend.
  8. Was temped, though with two damaged and the car being broken, wasn't too sure. Will hold out for a set in good condition.
  9. She'll kill me for saying this, though a rear wheel got a kerbing this week. Can only be expected I suppose, it is a daily driver after all. A spare set would be nice when we come to sell. I will then refurbished the originals and sell them.
  10. Anyone got a set of good 370 wheels they want to sell ? Looking for a spare set for the wifes car.
  11. I've ended up with a spare pair of 'new' boot release springs if anyone can make use of them ?
  12. Nice find. I always miss the first few episodes of a new series.
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