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  1. Happy Birthday Baldieman!

  2. Yep GTR was up there but a big V8 won over. Along with Jag warranties and other support swung my mind
  3. Paul. Thank you for such a warm welcome back. Far to kind. I'll keep an eye on the site. Who knows ...
  4. Hi Sarah / Paul. Pictures when I get 5. Very sad to see the Z go but when the last repair bill of £1k for new lambda sensors landed it suggested it was time to move on. Been busy getting a masters degree and now golf is a big part of life. Good to see the club is still strong as I still get the news letters. Keep it up.
  5. Happy Birthday Baldieman!

  6. Happy Birthday Baldieman!

  7. Long time no speak / see Still have Zeus. Thanks to Paul_s for a prompt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. ;) ;) Nothing more to say on the matter........And it was in the bag for me too..............
  9. £500 worth applied for............. NOTHING>>>>>>> And i so wanted to see the egg and spoon race along with the 3 legged race......
  10. Ah the small world thing... I have some very bizarre stories where that is concerned !!!!! Another thread me thinks
  11. Jo Flight was out of Malaga at 12.00 with Monarch but stood in the que for 1 and 1/2 hours...............leaving just 40minutes to get the flight & shopping.
  12. Guys Thanks for the kind messages. I left for a golfing weekend with mates at 4am on my birthday heading to Spain for 5 days and 3 rounds at some wonderful courses. I'm not sure if it was going to be a golfing weekend interrupted by beer or a weekend of beer interrupted by golf..... i can confirm that it was the latter. Can't remember going to bed on Friday night and Sunday night. The golf was sublime weather great and the company consisted of 5 days of constant taking of the piss !
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