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  1. Happy Birthday ChinaWhite!

  2. Happy Birthday ChinaWhite!

  3. Happy Birthday ChinaWhite!

  4. Happy New year to you and fam also. Life is pretty busy at the mo so I've downgraded to a lurker as you can see....ha ha ha
  5. An F1 Car On A Ski Slope Is Gorgeous Insanity http://blackflag.jalopnik.com/an-f1-car-on-a-ski-slope-is-gorgeous-insanity-1753032292
  6. How To Un-Decorate A Tree With A Nissan GT-R http://jalopnik.com/how-to-un-decorate-a-tree-with-a-nissan-gt-r-1750205763
  7. ChinaWhite

    RICER Decals

    Ahhh I think the first one is NOS. Confused me as they have made the letters smaller and stretched the logo.
  8. ChinaWhite

    RICER Decals

    2nd one is alpine
  9. ChinaWhite

    RICER Decals

    I recognise the first 2 but got a mind block. The rest are easy Momo GReady HKS Pirelli
  10. Aston just know how to make sexy cars
  11. ChinaWhite

    RICER Decals

    That is actually a very good job
  12. As a member of the public I hate the idea of course but unfortunately that is the world we live in. It's all about making money and in this society of free internet, free newspapers, free apps...etc people have to find alternate ways to raise cash. So I don't agree with it but do understand his position and why he is suggesting it.
  13. ChinaWhite


    What a shame that has black front fenders. And I was sooooo close to buying it
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