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  1. https://www.goodwood.com/grr/event-coverage/festival-of-speed/2022/6/awesome-nissan-juke-rally-car-coming-to-fos/
  2. I'll be there on the Thursday, with the Z in the Performance Parking West area, and on the Saturday, with the family.
  3. Another Fantastic day, fog free! spent with CAT. Limited photos due to venue, but for the record; I'm pleased to report that a Z driver won driver of the day, and I'm sure Mr Consistency will be along soon to explain his noises🤣
  4. Fantastic catch up and meet up, at a venue i love
  5. Welcome again Pete, great to meet you, and your car, on Saturday.
  6. Courtesy of Jon at the Classic Z Register I have purchased tickets for this years event, with my car on the Classic Z Register's display stand, as per last year. Jon has kindly supplied me with their Car Club display code. My intention is to be there on the Saturday, but I have purchased a 3 day ticket, as the difference was negligible and this then gives me options for (weather) flexibility. I asked Jon if he'd like me to see if any other nissansportz members would like to join me, to which he replied "the more the merrier". So if you're interested, please post up here and i'll make contact with you.
  7. Sounds like we have a plan! I'm in, subject to weather - 2 hours each way in the rain wouldn't appeal, but if it's dry, i'll be there. I'll probably have my wife, Tresha, with me. I've never booked at AV8, I don't think it is necessary unless numbers go above 6. Let's see how it goes. It opens at 9am, and for clarity, is accessed from the A433 only. What time's a good time to meet? 9.30 for 10?
  8. subject to date, a weekend day drive out and breakfast always sounds good to me. The furthest West I can realistically justify would be 2 hours from Herts., one of my favourite spots for breakfast, just within range, would be AV8 @ Cotswold Airport.
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