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  1. correct, 3 blanks in a v1 - 2 outers were for the heated seats in the GT
  2. yes, the wheels are the standard v1 wheels funny how v2 owners admire some things from the v1 (Wing & Wheels), but this v1 owner admires a v2 front skirt & drls, so swings and roundabouts i guess!
  3. I’m sure consumer programmes ie Watchdog, would be as interested as I am in knowing the insurers name!
  4. with you all the way Wash inside and out yesterday Detail today - i even autosol'd the exhaust! pic from sitting in my chair having my post detail cuppa!
  5. Welcome Carlton As Sarah says, we love pics, and ask away... Cheers JohnK
  6. next weekend according to the forecast, for Hertfordshire at least... will you need a special tool for replacing the gear knob? I still have a Nismo one to fit...
  7. blacked out burger badge on rear didn't wave 😞 first spot of the year!
  8. gauges are absolutely normal, and yes, it takes a long while to warm her up! welcome to 'the ownership' experience of being stared at! 😁
  9. are they!, wow, you learning something new everyday... and i thought someone cared every year 🤣
  10. "HBTY, HBTY, HBDL, HBTY" hope i've got that right! - AND Nismo pick up day - wow!
  11. 6.5wks since your first post...and the big day is nearly here! Really hope all goes well for you tomorrow, and you get to show and tell us all about it asap Have a great Nismo eve 😁
  12. that's me! Yes, I grab the keys (from the Faraday box which i keep the keys in, situated between my bed and my car viewing window), get the car in sight, and then unlock on the fob, then relock and watch/wait... tbf, it hasn't done it for a while now...
  13. no such thing as a stupid question - you either know, or don't - we've all been there I thought you had to have your foot on the brake for the engine to start, but that may be left over from my previous auto. Nice habit though, brake on, clutch in, press start. I put the key in my trouser pocket and leave it there. To unlock the car, press the little button on the door next to the handle (i love doing this - people think the car has fingerprint technology!) (You can lock it in the same way) There is also a little button for doing the same, next to the bigger boot release button.
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