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  1. My sincere apologies Off to learn how to use a spoiler setting...
  2. John_K

    F1 2020

    Talk today of calls from MPs for a knighthood. SirLH44. His drive yesterday was just the perfect way of wrapping up title No.7. Not perfect, but very close. “It’s all about the car” haha...he lapped his team mate, solely because his team mate couldn’t keep it on the slippery track. You know, his Finish team mate. Just need Lewis and Toto to do their deals now.
  3. https://www.goodwood.com/grr/road/news/2020/11/the-new-nissan-qashqai-will-be-a-very-different-hybrid--fos-future-lab/
  4. https://www.btcc.net/2020/11/15/ash-sutton-becomes-a-two-time-btcc-champion/
  5. i've done the above, thanks, let's see what happens when i post...
  6. Congrats every one involved, a very fresh look/feel I'll begin to explore now...
  7. please don't encourage him see above reply! Happy Birthday Dad "HBTY, HBTY, HBDD, HBTY"
  8. nope, it was a nondescript Grey
  9. neither of these were me Stevenage is definitely going up in the world...there was a Ferrari 458 at Burger King yesterday
  10. HBTY HBTY HBDL HBTY or! Happy 50th AnniverZary Les
  11. imagine keeping a spreadsheet mileage at 29/12/19 was 15043 mileage into lockdown 15426 mileage now 16059 - boosted by 2 driving excursions in September, was 15615 beforehand average mileage of the black Z, since ownership, was 192 a week at Sep 2018 average mileage of the Nismo was 70 a week before lockdown - unexpected but good change of job role in Nov 18 helped this! average mileage now still 58 a week i try and do an oil temp run once a week, and a wash once a fortnight working on emptying the garage again to make space for the Winter...SORN storage? so so miss Events...
  12. a good day was had by all, another excellent experience to Infiniti and beyond last time i was here for BTCC, it was at the invite of the Type R's, and they took Pole today so and we cheered on the first female driver in BTCC since 2007, Jade Edwards could be a good race between her and Mr Hamilton tomorrow and a quick nip in to the experience to see the new exhibit hmm, in July there was a Mercedes parked there...new car or repainted?!!!
  13. you know what it's like, you go out to do a job, and when you're there, you just can't find the tool that you know you packed, so you make do with something else... psst, maybe you needed to use the 6 template upside down, rather than the backwards P? psst, why do you have a P template anyway?
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