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  1. tbh the drives in and out, from the North, were surprisingly painless... apart from the noisy car behind me for the first few miles of the way home...😉🤣
  2. that'll be my bit then! Many thanks for sorting Paul. Part 1, sights on arrival! Part 2, our arrival, and invitation to relocate to compliment the heritage collection Part 3, some other cars Part 4, the night photoshoot, outside 'The Battleship building' when the photographer wants more light, what could be better than a Nismo? 🙂 Yet another fab, money cannot buy event. Both Bex and I were buzzing all evening, and met some very interesting people (and puppies!). I learnt so much, was flattered at their interest in my car, know more about the 400Z (and it's similarities to my 370Z), and feel for them for the work that went in to the beautiful Infiniti, to have the plug pulled, just as the production run was to begin!
  3. just doing my pre CATDT checks, opened the bonnet and ooohhh - I had forgotten that I had had that cleaned too, back in April! and now she lives in the garage, for the attention of the OCDT, no sand!
  4. yes, same place Chas, 07:45, for 08:00 departure to CAT.
  5. from Nissan social media;
  6. ok, here goes. Firstly, my thanks to Neil and Scott for attending, and it was great to meet you Scott. I enjoyed the day, an interesting event format, with many club and individual car displays but also on track action, I didn't once find myself bored. The pre event organisation made it easy to be EO, and once we'd found our correct display spot, I believe our 3 cars out shone most of the 'show and shine' entries. Our allocated spot was good (much better than one of the other clubs 😉, in my opinion), and the cars got a lot of attention, even getting a shout out from the on track commentator! Seemed no requirement to stay until closing (18:30), so we left, as we had arrived, in convoy at 16:15. nissansportz.club listed in the official programme too! Definitely one to consider again. did someone say pics? If Carlsberg did hotel car parks? our spot OCDT? exhibits this also turned up, but not for long (so much so, Neil didn't see it!) Modified girls! Individual display GT4!... one of about 4 Nismo v2s familiar colour? some other make 🤣 and safely home to bed! oh, and the view from the loo! (best seat in the house? 🤣)
  7. I guess you just had to be there 🤣 Pics coming, life and work first though...
  8. Safe 'saving motion lotion' convoying chaps. She's clean, prep'd and hiding...ready for her early morning call. See you in the morning.
  9. even Premium unleaded? Unleaded is E10 up here, but Premium is very much still E5.
  10. John_K

    F1 2021

    thanks for the prompt, I've bagged a few 😁
  11. why would Renault want competition for the Alpine?
  12. John_K

    F1 2021

    correct decision, rubbish penalty. They were probably going to take a new engine, and the penalty for that, at the next race anyway...
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