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  1. John_K

    Striped Nismo

    another v2 owner who yearns for a v1 wing 不
  2. I think 2022 dates have been and gone, but might be worth keeping in mind for a very early 2023 meet up. I'd be up for Donington.
  3. forgot to say, this one was only 瞿29 too, you got 3.33 laps, a goody bag with stickers and the pics included.
  4. remember this?!...well I did Snetterton today. Thoroughly enjoyed it, good to give the Nismo a run out (even if she did get dirty in the process), and my passenger only swore once 不 (it was T, not Bex). All staff friendly, and seemed more relaxed, and definitely less busy, than at Brands last year - safety car didn't hang about (we touched 90mph down the Bentley straight), and all drivers in the convoy were very well behaved. Even my passenger said so. A couple of pics, competing with 1FHLs garage #23 @ Brands 不
  5. Opie oils have just replied too. "We don't have brake capacity details, but most cars need about a litre."
  6. Thanks chaps, very helpful. Rest assured, my office hands would not be doing the job!, they'd just be supplying the parts (along with tea and biscuits 不).
  7. handbook silent on Brake Fluid capacity, so any clues on how many 500ml bottles i might need would be appreciated please!
  8. thanks chaps, much appreciated. so is 1 kit, like this, all i need for all four corners? https://balancemotorsport.co.uk/6-line-stainless-goodridge-braided-brake-hose-kit-nissan-370z-3-7-2012-snn0940-6c-2702.html I'll check the handbook for how much RBF600 I need.
  9. Hi all Thinking about some TLC for my Nismo, but thought this was a better place to ask than the Nismo section, as i believe Nismo's and non have the same brakes. I upgraded my non Nismo with EBC slotted discs and Ferodo DS2500 pads, on the front, and have no reason not to do the same on the Nismo, maybe all four corners. My questions relate more, although i'm open to feedback on the above too, on Stainless steel brake hoses and upgraded brake fluids - any recommendations or steer clears? I'm open to suggestions on retailers of all too. Many thanks in advance. ps - yes, I am working through "Your Track Day Guide" by CATs Colin Hoad, page 25, level 1 不 John
  10. Welcome welcome welcome. No such thing as a dumb question, and plenty of expertise on here to answer most questions simply, and in a friendly fashion. I too have a back issue, but I find the drivers seat in the Z is my go to pain relief place. It's comfortable, and always puts a smile on my face
  11. gave her a warm through on a cold but sunny day, in prep for a run out soon.
  12. Happy New Year, and Happy International Z Day!
  13. This 2014 photo needs recreating with the upgraded versions! Merry Christmas.
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