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  1. John_K

    F1 2021

    I'm probably biased towards LH, however, I was there Friday and Saturday and it was building all weekend. Going in to Copse, Lewis pulled the same move on Max on Sunday, that Max pulled on him in Sprint Qualifying on Saturday. They didn't crash on Saturday because Lewis gave in. Max didn't give in. 100% racing incident. The penalty was harsh, but not as harsh as the one for Russell on Saturday - absolute joke. The stewards need to understand it's motorsport, not a parade! Just my opinion...
  2. John_K

    F1 2021

    Wow!...no comments from this weekend?! Anyway, if you fancy being there, on race day next year, as a guest of McLaren, use a search engine for "dofe McLaren"... and if you win, remember who told you about it, for your 'plus one' 😉
  3. just in case it helps, I recently found out that the TPMS on a 370Z only resets after running at over 15mph, not just by putting air in the tyre…
  4. my v1 goes to Norton Way, Letchworth, and i don't hesitate to rebook with them - 7th service and MOT already booked, and priced, for soon
  5. I can feel a strong urge to have a 'pork pie' only dietary requirement for the day 🤣 other dietary requirements can be made available...
  6. still bizarre! You see a White Nismo and it wasn't me! I see a Yellow Z with black decals at it wasn't you! Next time...
  7. NO WAY! Spotted...Yellow 370Z, M25 anti-clockwise, about 17:30 between Jct 16 & 23 (nearer 23 than 16, but cannot remember where!) Was that really you Paul?! (we were in the Lexus going Clockwise, so the Nismo wasn't us, but I think we saw you!)
  8. with yesterday's announcement of this going ahead as a test event, I thought I'd drop a note in here to see if anyone else will be around? All being well, I'll be there on the Thursday, with the Nismo booked in to Performance Car Parking East (near the hill climb start line I believe). The family and I should also be there on the Saturday (without the Nismo).
  9. my biggest pressie - THANK YOU!
  10. If it beats the sweet smell of the Meguiars Waterless Wheel & Tyre, then it's doing well Chamois normally used to wipe the sweat from my brow 😅
  11. some pressies received that would keep the OCD Team happy!
  12. Thanks all for the birthday wishes. pressies mainly consisted of car related gifts - I now own 3 buckets...🤣
  13. Wow!, well done all of you. You've been more successful on Estate Agents websites in lockdown than we have 🤣. Double garages are hard to find, and I now carry a tape measure for garage door widths...who knew they come in different widths! and why?
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