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  1. I always/often wave/thumbs up at both Zs & GTRs, quite often forgetting i'm not in mine at the time... weirdo in his wife's Lexus NX 🤣
  2. fantastic, so if we can meet up inbound, i won't be alone, and we can display a White Nismo v1 next to a Black Nismo v2... I'll PM you my initial vague plan...
  3. I asked, they answered. Plastic trim tools, and patience (I mentioned dental floss/cotton, and they had heard of the method, but hadn't used it). A thorough clean of the whole area before application of the new one is essential. One of the reasons I got them to do it at the same time as the PPF, was where as the original PPF was cut around the original badge, they have partly PPFd under the new badge, so no PPF edges, but still plenty of adhesion.
  4. welcome to nissansportz
  5. welcome to nissansportz
  6. I've ordered myself a display ticket for this event, and have received an order confirmation. As far as I can see, tickets are free, and EO would only require a meet up in the morning, to drive in together, so I'm happy to do that much! "DISPLAY VEHICLE TICKETS Display your car right at the heart of the event, among other like-minded individuals. This is a great opportunity to show off your pride and joy! Please note that if you are part of a club and you want to be placed next to each other, make sure you drive in together."
  7. I'll ask the 'professionals' on Saturday, if I get a chance. It obviously took 3 of them 🤣
  8. so do I 😉🤣 interesting tweet from Chris Harris yesterday...I suppose if you need a camera car that can keep up with what you are testing, the only sensible choice is...
  9. hmm, track access might be an issue - there's a tunnel to navigate under Paddock Hill Bend...
  10. Yes, only £35, which I think is good value for 3 laps of Brands Grand Prix (each lap was about 4 minutes). I'd say 60mph was the max, but I was concentrating on showing Bex the racing lines, and accelerating through the corners, rather than the speedo. As I said, not a trackday, but not a parade lap either (and a good opportunity to show the whole family the track (if you take a bigger car 🤣))
  11. the cost of this (£35) also included a photo. These are the best 2 out of the 14 they took!, all downloadable at no extra cost (the 'spotted' GTR is in the background of the first shot). We also got given a goody bag, which included 2 different "I've driven Brands Hatch" window stickers. So all in all, a good day yesterday. Now, do I do it again?...
  12. first spotted behind me in batch 2? I was coming down Graham Hill, as it approached Paddock Hill bend. 2016 Orange GTR Litchfield, F1xxx. We waited on the exit for it to pass...thanks for the wave and 4 way flashers...lovely sound...
  13. well i'm pleased to report that we're back safe and well, and both enjoyed the experience. I wasn't sure what to expect really, but tbh, they've hit the nail on the head. It's not a trackday, but it's not a parade lap. 3 laps of the full Grand Prix circuit, with about a dozen cars behind each safety car. His pace was good for novice drivers, in a variety of cars (I had a Discovery behind me!). No crash helmets, and with under 16s allowed as passengers, i think it gave Bex a good taster. As with all circuit experiences ever, we wanted more laps!...
  14. Great to have you back Les, we've missed you. I agree, time off to recharge is so important. I'm in the middle of two weeks leave right now, and I can feel it doing me the world of good. I'm not sure my demolition of an M&S chocolate hot cross bun just now, fits in to healthy category!, but I too have lost weight and feel better for it. Can't wait to meet up soon...there's light at the end of the tunnel, i'm sure...i've just done a car event that wasn't postponed!...in the meantime, we're always here for each other.
  15. It's 'Drive' Brands Hatch eve! I promise to report back after, good or bad, but i'm genuinely excited just to be 'going out'! Bex seems keen too. I expect to put more miles on the Z tomorrow, than I have so far in the rest of 2021! She's clean, detailed, and ready to go.
  16. a wash today, ready for a detail tomorrow, in preparation for a Drive out on Monday.
  17. the clip of the yellow one appears to be from this, but playing in mirror image!...sorry Chubbs, it's left hand drive!
  18. Nice to see you back here Ant I do keep a close eye on your Social Media presence
  19. Optical illusion, just a sticker.
  20. I've been out to mine and experimented...and think i can replicate... If i open the door, then switch the engine off, i get a series of 4 rapid beeps, continuously, until i shut the door. This does not happen if i open and shut the door with the engine running, nor if i turn the engine off before opening the door!
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