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  1. Safe 'saving motion lotion' convoying chaps. She's clean, prep'd and hiding...ready for her early morning call. See you in the morning.
  2. even Premium unleaded? Unleaded is E10 up here, but Premium is very much still E5.
  3. John_K

    F1 2021

    thanks for the prompt, I've bagged a few 😁
  4. why would Renault want competition for the Alpine?
  5. John_K

    F1 2021

    correct decision, rubbish penalty. They were probably going to take a new engine, and the penalty for that, at the next race anyway...
  6. 100% the police won't be interested, and you probably cannot prove fault anyway, it was just a thought.
  7. Sorry to hear this Gav. Worth a few calls to Jag dealers in the next few days to find out if they’ve had any calls for a replacement? Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime.
  8. John_K

    F1 2021

    100% agree. If Max doesn’t get a penalty, neither of them will back out next time. Imagine if today was the last race of the season, Max would be champion having taken his rival out. Now imagine no penalty today, and at the last race of the season, Lewis is ahead in the championship and just takes Max out to win…
  9. Car Club entries will close on Friday 17th September Please see first post for details of how to join us. Received today; ADVANCE SHOW INFORMATION Thank you for entering this year's Go Japan! We are delighted you are going to be joining us for the second running of our annual celebration of Japanese automotive culture, which takes place at Brands Hatch on Sunday 26th September. As we're only two-and-a-bit weeks away, we thought would send you some advance information about the show. Here's what's in store: · Time Attack Championship - Round 7 · Tegiwa Type R Trophy - 2 races · Milltek Sport Civic Cup - 2 races · Drifting demonstrations · JDM Legends display and parade · Celebrating Civics - a commemoration of Honda's most popular model · Power Maxed Show & Shine competition · Cos Play characters and workshop · Japanese food and drink experience · Japanese arts & crafts · Extensive trade area · And of course, car clubs and 100s of Japanese cars on display CELEBRATING CIVICS - AN INVITATION TO CIVIC OWNERS As you may have seen, the theme for this year's event is Celebrating Civics. We are therefore reaching out to Civic owners to see if they would like to display their car on a feature stand in the centre of the show. So, if you own one of Honda's best-known cars and it's in show-worthy condition, we would love to hear from you. Please send your details and a photo of your Civic to: events@timeattack.co.uk ENTRIES, TICKETS & PASSES Please note that Car Club entries will close on Friday 17th September. Therefore, if you know of anyone who intends to join us and has not yet registered their intent via the website, please ask them to do so ASAP here: https://www.gojapan.co.uk/club-stands/ Closing entries a week before the event enables us to finalise our plans and send information and vehicle passes to you in good time before the show and not at the last minute. As well as a car pass - which will be emailed to you together with pre-show information - everyone will need a ticket to get in. These can be purchased online in advance before 16.00 Friday 24th September here: https://brandshatch.msv.com/BH-21-JAPAN Tickets will also be available at the gate, albeit at a slightly higher price. We look forward to seeing you there!
  10. The perfect Nismo v1 Nismo v2 spot the differences post!
  11. looking tidy Chas. Any more cleaning/detailing that took place once parked will remain a secret for attendees only 🤣
  12. Hi Scott Your name and car are definitely on the Club Coordinator page list, along with mine and Neil's. That's 2 people that have successfully followed my instructions. I'm taking that as a win! Cheers
  13. Hi I think the confusion here is RON v E. 95RON, E5 or E10, NOT ideal for your 370z Nismo. 97/8/9RON, E5 or E10, suitable for your 370z Nismo. It appears that, at the moment, only 95RON is changing to E10. I hope that makes sense. I could be completely wrong, I'm definitely not a motion lotion expert, but that's my understanding anyway. My Wife's 2017 Lexus NX has a label on the inside of the filler cap that clearly states 95RON E5 or E10 is the fuel to use for it. Cheers
  14. the official 'album' photos are available for download now @ChasGFL@Gasitup
  15. A BIG club welcome from me too Scott. Looking forward to meeting you, and the car, at GoJapan. I'm pleased to say that you've appeared on the GoJapan Club Coordinator page, so all looks good at this end.
  16. some pics of a good (birth)day did someone say decibel challenge in the Arena? lol Teddy found it all very loud - good effort though Chas a pretty good day for £4!
  17. What better way to spend your birthday than with the club at Knebworth car show. Happy Birthday mate. ”HBTY, HBTY, HBDM, HBTY”
  18. bumping this, just in case anyone is still looking for something to do this Sunday. Tickets still available at just £4, and space available on the club stand. Meeting point and short arrival convoy arranged. Weather looking great!
  19. Go Japan! – Japanese Automotive & Cultural Celebration The club would love to see you at the above event, maybe one last hoorah for you and your car before those SORN months?! The club have secured a club stand for nissansportz, and current members who have paid their membership as of 27th August can benefit from club subsidised entry (all adult members in the car payed for by the Club by way of a refund, after attendance on the club stand). Non members can attend but will not benefit from the subsidy. easy booking steps; Go here, to book your tickets: MSV Tickets - Go Japan! - Brands Hatch AND Go here, to add your car to the nissansportz club stand: Club Stands – Go Japan! The code you require is: 55002551 AND Let me know, by commenting on this thread that you've done the above, so I can cross check your club booking. Attendance; John_K - 370Z Nismo v1 White Neutreus - Gunmetal GTR R35 Paul_S - 370Z (The Honey Monster) Scott Robinson - Gunmetal GTR R35
  20. Service & MOT this morning at Norton Way - all good. Thought some photos were in order, as not often you see 3 Z Nismos in one place! hmmm, just the VIP road markings missing from this one 🤣
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