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  1. Looking forward to tomorrow. fyi, it looks like just me, in the Z - Apologies for absence from injured foot and teenage tiredness respectively.
  2. out in cinemas today, we went to the first screening available at 10:30 this morning (whilst the Nismo was being serviced) We would highly recommend, we thought it was very very good. Runtime is 134mins, and I don't recall looking away from the screen once. We both feel you don't need to be a motorsport fan to enjoy it, it is very well explained. (wearing Nismo gear to the cinema is not compulsory, but don't wear pink as you will end up in a Barbie screening haha)
  3. another year, and another service and MOT completed. 9th service @ 20916 miles = must get out more!
  4. I'll be at The British Motor Show on Thursday and Friday, exhibiting the Nismo.
  5. Count us in, with many thanks, it's been too long. I will have a plus 1, maybe 2, tbc...
  6. Hi, busy work and life!, but all good, hope you are too. Nothing at the moment, but never say never. I see attendance at classic shows as highlighting future classics 😉 . Petrolheadonism is certainly the other end of the scale though! We do have a potential 240 for Knebworth...
  7. A last minute decision to attend yesterday, made good by the sight of some sunshine! Shame there were no GTRs in the entries, or in the Supercar car park, so 370Z Nismo's had to fly the flag. Amazing amount of interest. Some pics; A rose between two thorns teehee Great to see, and chat to, another member... Trackday choices?... At least I wasn't on my own all day teehee...
  8. https://www.petrolheadonism.live/ I've booked myself an individual entry weekend showcar ticket, so please join me on either or both days - book your own tickets via the link above fyi, in my experience, you can leave early without an issue. 1) Sat & Sun - John_K - White 370Z Nismo v1
  9. Updating to see if there's any interest in; https://classicmotorevents.com/more-info-turvey-house/ Sunday 11 June, between Bedford/Milton Keynes/Northampton I'd be happy to be EO
  10. More Info Knebworth Park – Classic Motor Events £4! - for exhibiting car and passengers! bargain! I've started a club pitch, so please join me on either day - book your own tickets via Vehicle Club Tickets, remembering to quote nissansportz. fyi, in my experience, you can leave early without an issue. 1) Sun & Mon - John_K - White 370Z Nismo v1
  11. Thanks Jeff. It was a Silverstone run car track day - details on their website. Not cheap, but so good! I've done 3 now. (in my opinion the price keeps the boy racers away). Limited numbers of cars, but of all sorts (Caterhams to a Bentley GT3!, one GTR, lots of Porkies, Ferraris, a GT40 and a MC20!), and a complete range of drivers from novice to racing drivers. Complete Grand Prix circuit, run from old pits. Open Pit Lane, so come and go as you please throughout the day. Track opened at 9am for sighting laps behind the pace car, once everyone was happy, track opened, and remained open until 5pm (apart from 1-2 for lunch). Safety briefing beforehand, main message = BE NICE. Overtake on the left only, on the straights only. Any violation, or flashing of lights, and you're black flagged and goodbye! "Everyone has paid the same to be here"... A few red flag stoppages for spinners in the gravel, but dealt with very quickly. On the whole I would do an out lap, 1-3 fast laps, and an in lap, then take a break for cooling. Running from the old pits meant your out lap could actually be half a lap to the Grand Prix start/finish, a couple of quick laps, and then an in half a lap back to the old pits - perfect. Tuition was available, but I didn't take it. CAT DT has served me well, I was very happy with my laps, of which I did about 35 before the rain came at 2.45. Took the opportunity to stay at the new Hilton the night before, arriving nice an early to take it all in and have a good explore. £13k per person, per night, min 5 night stay, during the F1, in case you were interested. You over look the start/finish and new pits. Just noticed I missed a pic they sent me, (and duplicated another)...will sort shortly, as it's another goody.
  12. What a day! Car didn’t miss a beat.
  13. In Pole position, all set for her day
  14. with huge thanks to those that braved the weather and made it this morning. Exactly 250miles round trip for me, mostly driven in the dry, although the roads around Kemble were VERY wet. Great company over breakfast for 2 hours! (can we talk!) and then dry weather to enjoy another 30 mins talking around the cars. A fab first run out of the year. Some pics, incl the breakfasts you missed out on if you didn't make it! Enjoy.
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