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  1. A few more pics from me and, as none of you joined in my "it's not a TR7" game, here's the full pic
  2. hmmm, interesting, can you all see the picture of the front of both Lambos? I chose the file/photo, but didn't insert it in to my post...but it has appeared anyway!?
  3. It was great to get a number of club cars together! Saturday... To park together on the Saturday, they parked us in the Yellow zone, outside of the main show area, which we learnt was a bit of a disappointment, but did give us plenty of space to setup chairs and have a good chat! I went back on the Sunday, and parked in the Green zone...noted for next year! Sunday was also much busier (upwards of 200 extra show cars!), and crowds were much bigger. as you can see, much nearer the stage and in the middle of the action, like the impromptu V12 sound off a couple of pic specials... mmm ice cream flying car anyone? and last but not least, it's not a TR7 haha, so what is it?
  4. and then, Wow!, what opportunities! my favourite pic! What a day! Thank You Jeff
  5. Good morning planes Texan T6 trainer Shorts skyvan A400M C17 and a B757 visitor from New Zealand Jeff's C17 It's high out the top! A330 Air Tanker and the exits are here, here and here... Seb's Lancaster! USAF B52
  6. £595k DBS Concorde edition anyone? (there were Aston F1 and Red Arrows editions there too) BTCC! 2010 GTR
  7. Wow! - If you didn't attend, I'm really sorry but you missed out big time. As I put elsewhere, a money cannot buy event, and a massive thank you to Jeff for hosting. Pics don't do it justice, but I'll post as many as I can, in 3 categories, cars, planes and the after show opportunities. A great day, with great company. Some things that stand out for me, that pictures didn't capture, were the beautiful newspaper holder that Jeff brought along, the ribbing he took from his colleagues for 'bringing the wrong car' and the Lancaster fly over (and I mean directly over our heads) at 250feet, flown by Seb. This is a must do event for 2023, no excuse.
  8. Belated "HBTY, HBTY, HBDM, HBTY" Apologies for the delay, I was at Knebworth (without you!)
  9. Car prepared... Wash and dry early Saturday morning, then garaged to hide from the sun! Detailing done in the early evening shade, Saturday and Sunday.
  10. Tickets and Car Club parking pass all received. Looking forward to it. Just need to prepare the car now. Apparently T & I may now be there on the Sunday too (something to do with Rick Astley...).
  11. Submitted mine, for Rebecca and I, on 12 June...not that we're keen or anything haha
  12. a very belated "HBTY, HBTY, HBDG, HBTY" Apologies for the delay, so much going on at the moment...I too was at the airshow on Tuesday...Scorchio!
  13. https://www.goodwood.com/grr/event-coverage/festival-of-speed/2022/6/awesome-nissan-juke-rally-car-coming-to-fos/
  14. I'll be there on the Thursday, with the Z in the Performance Parking West area, and on the Saturday, with the family.
  15. Another Fantastic day, fog free! spent with CAT. Limited photos due to venue, but for the record; I'm pleased to report that a Z driver won driver of the day, and I'm sure Mr Consistency will be along soon to explain his noises🤣
  16. Fantastic catch up and meet up, at a venue i love
  17. Welcome again Pete, great to meet you, and your car, on Saturday.
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