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  1. Hi Ant, 
    Sorry to message directly but I didn't want to start a complete thread on this.
    I purchased a 2012 GT edition 370z last week and so far I am loving it, but after watching all your videos I have been down and talked to Abbey Motorsport about the Ecotek upgrade you had installed. After having it for roughly a year and half, would you still recommend it as a worthy upgrade?




  2. If it is who I think you mean... some people take him that way, some people take it as him just giving brutally honest reviews from his point of view. We get on really well and he's actually a really nice guy and has been a massive source of support for the channel, as well as a good friend. Despite what some may think, he is extraordinarily magnanimous and generous individual. Opinionated for sure (aren't we all), but also a very funny and generous person.
  3. Hi all, I've been away for a while – mainly because having a small business in these times while also trying to build a youtube channel amidst today's circumstances takes up every waking moment... but hey – there's bigger problems in the world... I'm not complaining – just letting you know why I've gone quiet here... I suppose I should also mention that I've got another car that's keeping me busy 😲 Just so you know – I do miss you all! Anyway thought I'd drop in as you might be interested in this story... Yeah – Height has been raised 15mm (reasons explained in the video), dampers stiffened by 2 clicks bump and rebound and alignment done all at Abbey Motorsport! I was really impressed with the detail they went into and how my feedback on handling was taken into account in choosing the new alignment settings. If you've not had yours checked in the last year – or you've lowered your car and not had it checked again since it's settled – get booked in with @Abbey m/s! DISCLAIMER: I thought that the rake had been reduced but seems it's an optical illusion of the increased clearance – as I found out after that they did measure clearance all around and it was 15 mm equal increase front and rear. My bad! There's going to be a follow up so I'll set that straight in a future video... But, @Abbey m/s found an issue with the KW Front Lift... Both Abbey and KW are on it and will get it sorted (has a 2 year warranty) Here's the story so far... -Ant
  4. I remember that! That's me in the middle there 🙂
  5. With current economic times, more and more people are facing homelessness. We wanted to find a way to help. But knowing that many who would give, just can't right now, we thought of a way to raise money without needing anyone to donate... YouTube shares half the revenue from the adverts it shows on our videos with us. It also shares a proportion of YouTube premium subscriptions with us. By giving away our 2020 YouTube income to Shelter – a charity that helps people avoid and find their way out of homelessness – people can give just by spending time on our channel in December. (views are not important – watch-time is what matters). You all may find our "All Things Z" playlist a great place to start enjoying our content, while also raising money in the process 😁 This approach also means, the more people that spend more time on our channel, the more we'll be able to give... So sharing this on your social networks and to friends via your messaging apps will also make a huge difference... Sharing costs nothing, but could mean everything! Of course, if you also happen to be in a position to give, Shelter have asked us to request that here: https://justgiving.com/snt-shelter-2020 To find out why this is an important topic for me, and for more information, take a moment to watch this short video:
  6. Well, not sure if you've been driving cars since you were 15, on race tracks, from a RWD Ginetta G50J to race prepped FWD wide-body VW golfs... It's because of my son's experience and consequential driving skills (far better than mine) that I was more than happy for him to have the keys 🙂 I was still quite nervous, but I don't think I was as nervous as he was, given the responsibility he felt driving my pride and joy 😆
  7. This is my go-to reference for tyres... TyreReviews tested the MPS4S vs several tyres here, including the Continental Sport Contact 6 and rate the differences as marginal between the Michelin and Continentals and in fact say that the Contis have more grip – but that the Michelin has a little better feel. I ended up with the Continental Sport Contact 6 in stock sizes... These were my thoughts on it – and nearly a year later I feel the same about these tyres: very good!
  8. We were asked if our cars could be used in a music video... Someone needed to drive the Z – so I hand the keys to my son. This was too much fun!! Hope you enjoy!
  9. I've got some questions though... Were the sales good? Yes, the UK bought about a third of all 370Zs sold in Europe... But, they only sold 3200ish cars in 2009 - 2010 across the whole of Europe! We bought 1200 of those in the UK. These are tiny numbers in manufacturer terms. Meanwhile, the US bought nearly 20,000 370zs in its first two years... Six times as many 370Zs as the whole of Europe... Despite the US having about half the population size. Last year, they sold about 2400 370Zs in the US, but only 500 ish in Europe... Of which, 199 were shipped to the UK. I'm just not seeing the business case to sell them here... Even if there were enough buyers here to justify the homologation and transport costs from Japan, emissions is the other hurdle. We don't really know what they'll be here yet. If our commitments to the UN under the Paris Agreement mean we have to stick within the framework of emissions regs we have now, then car manufacturers will still be fined about €95 per 1g/km they go over the average of 95g/km. So, as I said on another thread... In Europe Nissan sold 400,000 vehicles across all their ranges. If the Z pushes them 1g/km over the limit across their range, that's 400,000x€95 = €38M in fines. As I said in my video of yesterday, I think it's important for the brand to bring them here but they need to focus on selling more EVs and making a profit first. Still, we should absolutely highlight the demand by contacting dealers and Nissan UK... I'm just wondering how we can argue that the sales were "good" – as it's hard to see that in the numbers... Or, how we can ignore the emissions challenges they face as a manufacturer.
  10. Good plan. I'm up for emails etc. I can also put something out on my youtube channel to help spread the word too. If I can get a big enough number of people supporting my channel I may be in a position to import one when the time comes. All depends on price, import fees, any conversion costs etc. But, the bigger my channel gets, the more likely I can make the costs of being the first more manageable as I may get partial sponsorship from importers if there's a big enough audience behind me.
  11. I've left some thoughts above on emissions... I've mentioned that and a few other things, including an overlay of where the additional 52mm in length is here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ewCYR0cfIw In case anyone is interested.
  12. It is much more to do with the average CO2 across all the cars they sell than the specifics of the car itself. Manufacturers get fined €95 per 1g/km over a vehicle-sales based average of 95g/km. So, Nissan sold about 400,000 across their range. If the Z pushed their average over the 95g/km average by just 1g/km, they'd get fined 400,000x€95 = €38M. Making it hybrid is one option as that reduces the amount it pushes the average up. However, they'd be better off focusing all their energy on making hybrid and EVs that people buy in Europe. If they sell more vehicles that are low emissions then their average goes down, thus giving them headroom on the limit of a 95g/km average.
  13. Over the first 2 years of launching the 370Z, they sold nearly 20,000 in the US. They sold just over 3000 in the whole of Europe. Last year, they sold 2300 in the US, 500ish all over Europe... 199 of which were registered in the UK. They'll be thinking about spreading homologation and shipping costs over the cars sold in the region. These are tiny numbers in car terms and the price they'd have to sell them at here to cover those costs will likely push the price higher than anyone would be willing to pay. Plus – they cite emissions. Emissions regs are not just per model, they're across all individual vehicles sold by a manufacturer (they can form groups with other manufacturers too). If they sell too many high-emissions cars, this pushes their average emissions over a minimum threshold of 95g/km average across all vehicles sold. That results in fines for every g/km of CO2 per vehicle sold. So, if you're 1g/km over, you get fined €95 per g per car sold per year. Nissan sold just under 400,000 cars across Europe last year, so if they go 1g over, the fine is €38M, per year. Given their current financial troubles, that's the last thing they need. If they were selling more vehicles AND those vehicles were lower emissions and they brought their average down then they'd have the head-room to sell sports cars in Europe, if enough people would buy them for the costs to allow them to sell at a price point people would buy them at. It's nothing personal, just business 😊
  14. I wonder how many they'd need to sell in order to justify homologation and shipping costs. Any ideas on how we'd put the pressure on?
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