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  1. I thought it was a bit dry, Needles needs another presenter with more personality and zest to pep up the show !
  2. Happy Birthday buddy, have a great day
  3. Front brake pad change is very straight forward, check out some you tube video first.
  4. I met her at the Top Gear studio at Dunsfold Park a few years ago and found her very pleasant and down to earth. Hope she makes a full recovery asap.
  5. Hello and welcome.
  6. Thanks everybody who has wished me a Happy Birthday, it has been a great day so far my wife set up a treasure hunt around our house to find my birthday gifts and my grandchildren are coming over later to see us in the garden with social distancing of course but it is difficult not being able to cuddle them !
  7. Following a warning from the MOT tester in February that my 4th brake light replacement won't pass the next inspection (apparently they are tightening up the rules around the flexibility of lighting ) i decided to rewire it to operate the fog light from the steering wheel stalk as per OEM ( it was operating as a permanant 4th rear light ) any way job done using new connectors from Aliexpress and i now have the peace of mind at the next MOT there shouldn't be any issues.
  8. I changed to MPS4S a couple of months ago but decided to go up a size all round 255/40/19 front and 285/35/19 rear and personally i think they are better than the MPSS in almost every area from tramlining to grip and confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend these tyres to anyone.
  9. Be thankful i pay that amount for a mileage of 1k a year on average
  10. Kev T

    Sutton Sainsbury

    A Titanium Grey coupe with what looked to be ARK style exhausts DY61 *** pulling into Sainsbury's car park in Sutton Surrey around 11am this morning.
  11. Abbey did my service and MOT last week and told me my brake pads were getting low (ish ) so i decided to replace all my pads with Ferodo DS2500 and do a deep clean on the wheel arches and polish my wheels with Gtechnic wheel armor and finish off with Rim wax. this is what a few track days does to the original nissan pad [
  12. Kev T

    Top Gear 2020

    i think the show is great with a fantastic dynamic between the 3 presenters, what FF did going over the dam in an old Metro in episode one was awe inspiring, he has some big Cojones for sure !
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