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  1. I did the performance day and the cornering masterclass probably 6-7 years ago and would be interested in doing it all again. I remember them being informative and building confidence around your ability.
  2. Oops that is an unwelcome gift !
  3. Happy Birthday Sarah, enjoy the day.🥳
  4. Abbey did my annual service and 8 year Mot all good with no advisories, the only issue was the oil cooler fitted when i went FI was leaking badly so needed replacing, it looked as though it had been weeping for some time. I had a Vibra - Technics gearbox mounting fitted while the car was on the ramps, it is so superior to OEM, the gear changes are now much more precise. You can see the difference in build quality by comparing the two pictures. The original Nissan mounting can be rotated by hand !
  5. I agree, only go specialist if the car is highly modified.
  6. TBF Les, that looks like a neat solution.
  7. Morning Les, after a bit of research online i think you are correct about the speed camera alerts not being a function on the Juke sat nav which is really irritating for us in the UK, WAZE is the way to go i guess unfortunately it means having to mount a phone somewhere which rather defeats the object of inbuilt sat nav in the first place! I went for the manual box .
  8. No not tried pro pilot yet, lockdown is preventing any long journeys for us at the moment !
  9. I have had 3 relatively trouble free motoring with my Grey Qashquai but felt the need for a change so i decided to give the new Gen 2 Juke a go. I had the original model 6 years ago and felt it was adequate at best but this new incarnation is so superior it may just as well be a completely new model, it feels like a slightly scaled down QQ and in the Teckna grade feels luxurious with lot of alcantara and leather, the 19inch wheels fill the arches well and look almost too big for the size of car. I have completely fallen in love with the heated front windscreen it clears frost almost instantly, and the heated seats are a joy so for the few days i had the new car all is good. The one thing i have not been able find on the Nissan connect sat nav system is a speed camera alert so if anyone knows how to do it i would be most grateful if you can pass it on 👍
  10. As above AF63 *** looked and sounded standard, Fir Tree Road Epsom around 3.30 pm today.
  11. CTEK for me as well, not cheap but highly recommended 👍
  12. I thought it was a bit dry, Needles needs another presenter with more personality and zest to pep up the show !
  13. Happy Birthday buddy, have a great day
  14. Front brake pad change is very straight forward, check out some you tube video first.
  15. I met her at the Top Gear studio at Dunsfold Park a few years ago and found her very pleasant and down to earth. Hope she makes a full recovery asap.
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