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  1. With the flying helmet and the wet celery.
  2. I wonder what speed the bus was doing to take the whole roof off? Almost like a large can opener was used.
  3. ajpac

    AutoCAR Article

    A closet David Soul fan.
  4. ajpac

    Tesla Roadster

    One article I read suggested the roadster was a ploy to divert attention from the production difficulties with the model 3 or a ploy to gain some crowdfunding. Tesla are bleeding money at the moment and whilst I like the Tesla ideals they need to get the basics right.
  5. Interesting to catch up on your project I always liked the 240/260/280 range the sports car that the British car manufacturers should have built. In the late sixties/early seventies I had a friend with a Land Rover Mk1 so we acted as fire tender at various hill climbs. At Prescott the breakdown crane was provided by the local Datsun dealer, the mechanic telling us how the cars were driven up from Southampton docks the ignition adjusted and the cars were good too go as the engines were blueprinted and did not need running in!
  6. Having just moved on from Zed ownership, 4 years with a 370z then 3 years with a Nismo V2 (both manual) I am in full agreement with Lesmo's summing up. A rare car on the road so get ready for the inevitable attention. Several times on the motorway I had drivers who would crawl past to observe the machine. In fact I think there are fewer 370z registered in the UK than GTR. Tyre noise could be intrusive- Bridgestone Potenza but that was the only downside. Great bunch on this forum so I am sure they can answer your queries. Enjoy your Zed ownership.
  7. 9 speed auto so I just let it play by itself. First automatic I have owned and well impressed. Engine uses 0-20W oil is this common for turbo engines?
  8. ... but still alive and kicking. Well after a year of indecision the deed has been done and I have moved on from the Nismo. Now for most of that period there was only one contender as a replacement the V6S F type. However after much consideration I decided that I was spending a great deal of money to replace the Nismo with something similar but with the addition of awd. Common sense kicked in plus the occasional bouts of sciatica and then a dodgy knee, getting in and out of the car was not a pretty sight. Much as I loved the Nismo its days were numbered, so what to replace it with? Being a low mileage user diesel was not an option so a petrol 4wd it had to be. Which was a major problem until I spotted a press release and after a test drive of a diesel version I took a gamble and bought a Range Rover Evoque Autobiography 2 litre petrol turbo 290bhp. Still getting used to the auto box, perhaps a tad more body roll (note to oneself this is not a low sports car ) but the performance is really impressive for a big box. A completely different view of the road from the cabin looking down instead of up. Too many gizmos for a bloke of my advanced years but really happy with my new set of wheels.
  9. People who have strong tinted windows have something to hide and should be stopped at every possible opportunity. The only vehicles that require them are certain security vehicles and prison vehicles.
  10. The reviewer on that video is obviously a strong contender for 'Plonker of the Year'!
  11. Engine options could be reduced. https://www.theguardian.com/cities/2017/apr/13/death-of-diesel-wonder-fuel-new-asbestos?CMP=oth_b-aplnews_d-2
  12. Misread the title and thought it was some new super hallucinogenic drug.
  13. Crumbs thought that was a mouldy Weetabix until I clicked to enlarge.
  14. Stereogram, now that is a word you will probably have to explain to the youngsters on this forum.🤔
  15. Essential equipment for any man cave! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Beer-Pump-/292073317018
  16. A few more pictures.http://www.caranddriver.com/photo-gallery/2018-nissan-370z-heritage-edition-ushers-forth-the-zs-50th-birthday-no-colonoscopy-required-gallery#1 Quick search shows only the yellow version of the vehicle, probably makes more impact in the photo coverage.
  17. I have a vague memory that the Japanese built some British cars under licence possibly from Austin or the Nuffield group before the second world war, so that might explain the use of imperial fittings. Of course I might be just having another senior moment!
  18. I think the window information is in the manual, I have a Nismo 370z. Loss of electric seats is strange has a fuse has blown? Just wonder whether taking the negative battery lead off for a few minutes might have an effect, like a computer hard reset. Hope you can get it fixed soon and make the vehicle secure.
  19. Perhaps an exorcism is the way to move forward/backward.
  20. A tragedy yes, but hopefully a warning to other youngsters about unapproved modifications to motor vehicles.
  21. Have you seen the TV advert for the E type Jaguar model (produced by those rip off merchants at De Agostini.If you read the small print it will set you back around £900 for every issue of the magazine and parts. So I reckon LESmo's eBay find is the bargain of the century!
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