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  1. It's a tough call Italian and Japanese cars are the total opersite ends of the spectrum. I have had many alfa's not as good as as a masser but they have real soul they aren't perfect but when you get it right they give u a real buzz. I don't want to turn you of nissans in any way and pauls right a GT-R will eat it for breakfast. All I can say is it's a bloody hard choice either way matt
  2. paul we don't allow people by the name of Mart to live in Norfolk. That one big jump from a datsun 120y to a GT-R
  3. That's one busy weekend can't beat that no way. Sorting previous owners bad diy is pants these people seem to drift from house to house f.....ng them up.
  4. Hi laura and welcome to the friendly club. Have look around and ask any questions you can think of.
  5. I Always wave. I get realy stressed when other people don't wave back I even wave when I am in the pathfinder then they think I am just mad
  6. Hi matey and welcome to the club. Love the car and glad that you are enjoying it there's a wealth of knowledge on the site so ask any question you can think of. Don't ask me unless you need to know about big pumps or pipe and stuff enjoy regards matt
  7. Hi mate and welcome to the club. Car looks great love the red leather against the black. Enjoy the site and please feel free to ask any questions regards matt
  8. Sarah, I was only messing save the postage and give mine to the new members. Matt
  9. Hi mate and welcome. You sound like a man after my own heart I was an alfa man for years but as you say they no longer have a true coupe. Enjoy the new car matey I am sure you will Matt
  10. My 370 does and the pathfinder is even worse people just shut the winos and I shout I haven't got it open. I very poor when so much effort goes into the voice activation etc. Sorry I can't offer more advice than it's s***
  11. Andy you need ear wax that will stop it and it doesn't smell. What bug is that your seat belt looks twisted or is it supposed to look like that
  12. mattsps

    Alfa 4C

    I would buy one no question but alfa see to have become obsessed with 4 cylinder engines the v6's that I had just sounded so sweet. That car with a V6 would be just awsome
  13. Nothing in norfolk yet. I am feeling a Jedi knight comming on
  14. mattsps


    Right what you need to do is fresh lemon juice over the pan cake the sugar the roll repeat this process 3 times then a bit more lemon juice then poor double cream over them then the lemon and cream react and thicken nicely Yum yum in my tum. Ps bet you didn't know I am proper anal in the kitchen when you get real bored I will tell you about my chefs corses
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