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  1. Cheers guys, Turning off the tilt / motion sensor did the trick (Switch behind the passenger seat) - a peaceful night last night. It's in for a service on Friday, might ask them if there is such a thing as an event log for the alarm system. All the best, Martin
  2. For reason's which are completely unknown, the alarm on my 10 plate 370Z roadster has started going off at random times. First time was about 2:00 this morning, then roughly on the hour. Checked the obvious - doors, windows, boot, but nothing wrong that I could see. Filled the car with Fly spray in case there were any big flies/spiders triggering a motion detector, but still going off. I live in a very small and very quiet village, the car is parked in the village square and I swear, if the same thing happens tonight, there'll be a lynch squad banging on my door. The really odd thing is
  3. 370Z Roadster. for the life of me, i cannot find the spanner for the locking wheel nuts. I've looked through the manual and though I may of missed it - cannot find any reference to it. I've got the car going in tomorrow to have all 4 tyres replace and don't want to look like a complete tit when I have to start clearing out the glovebox, boot etc trying to find the damm thing. Can someone help? Thanks martin
  4. Hi, I've got exactly the same problem as you. I typically spend 4 hours a day in the car and need to use the phone for around 40% of that time so it's a real pain in the a*** for me. My problem is that the mic just seems to 'drop' out every 3 or 4 secounds, one minute the caller can hear me ok, the next it just drops out - sooooooo annoying. It work fine if I'm stationary, but once I'm anything over 20 mph it's unuseable. It's so bad that I've just gone back to using a wired headset which is damm annoying when every other aspect of the car kit is very good. I asked Nissan about it when I p
  5. Just do it! I've had company cars for the last 20 years - all of which were very practical, economical and very very very boring. Two years ago, the company I work for allowed it's employees to opt out of the company car scheme and receive a cash allowance. I opted out and went for.................. A BMW 3 series (2.0 Diesel). Yes, it was economical, yes it was a sensible car, yes it was reliable... BUT IT WAS SOOOOOOOO BORING! After 12 months with the BMW, it became so boring I decided to break the habit of a lifetime and do something reckless. I started looking for a new car that of
  6. Ouch - Just got a slap from my darling wife who accused me of 'sexism' (Quite rightly) for the 'Love songs for the missus comment'. She reminded me that she's got loads more Rock CD's than me and highlighted the fact that I have some extremely embarrassing CD's in my collection. (No - I'm not naming them!) Sincere apologies to all female members of this Forum - rest assured it was a very hard slap! Martin
  7. If it's a 'purchased' compilation CD it will pick up the Album and track titles. If it's a custom made one that you've done on the PC it won't. Although, it might pick up individual track names depending on how you've 'ripped' the music from the original CD's onto your compilation CD. As for 'downloaded' songs - these are normally downloaded in the .MP3 format. Unfortunately, you can't copy these onto the hard drive (Music Box) on the Zed. The good news is that you can simply copy all your favourite downloaded songs onto a USB memory drive (Which are as cheap as chips nowadays) and the audio
  8. Wahey - it worked! Although it's a bit faffy, it was really easy to do. Just plugged a USB drive into the Zed, followed the instructions on the PDF. Unplugged it, went back to the house and plugged it into the home PC, ran the piece of software I downloaded from the Nissan site, then went back to the car and completed the process. Quite simple in reality - All the Albums have now been updated, it even picks up the Album information / track titles for brand new CD's that I've just bought. Fan bloody tastic - I've actually contributed something useful to a forum as opposed to picking other
  9. Here's the PDF containing the instructions if anyone else wants to have a go. You need to download a piece of software called "TitleInfoSearch_Exe." from the link I posted above, then follow the instructions in the PDF below navi_usb.pdf Martin
  10. Apologies - I should have spent longer researching! Trawled through the Gracenote site and found this link to the Nissan technical page on the very subject. http://www.infinitiusa.com/music-update/usb.html It looks a bit of a faff - but I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on. All the best, Martin
  11. Morning lads & lasses - happy new year to you all! I love the ability to rip CD's onto the Music box (hard drive) on my Zed, but it's frustrating when you rip a relatively new CD and the titles aren't picked up by the onboard Gracenote database. According to the manual, you can upgrade the built in Gracenote (CDDB) database by downloading it onto a USB drive, then plug the USB drive into the USB socket in the Zed. Sounds simple, but I'm struggling to find a link on the web to download an up to date copy of the database, just lots of links to various software utilities relating to the
  12. Thanks for the advice - bang on! Fortunately, the previous owner had actually cancelled the previous subscription (I was worried I'd get 'pulled' by the rozzers one day!) Cost me £195 to get it changed over though - tried to negotiate, but they were having none of it :-( I don't even know what I get for the £195 (Should have asked I suppose) Thanks again guys Martin
  13. Well, just over a month down the road so to speak - any regrets? Not one Positives: - 1. The feeling I get when I walk towards the car in the morning, suited and booted, ready for a day's appointment. I know, that whatever trials and tribulations come my way I'll be driving a breathtakingly beautiful car! 2. That awesome feeling you get when you bury your foot in the axminster. I'm no boy racer, but damm, there's like nothing like the feeling you get when a spotty faced oik in a hot hatchback drives up your a*** and you show them who's boss! 3. The looks you get from passers by, o
  14. Hi Guys, Bought a 2nd hand 2010 370Z (About 2 months old) which the previous owner had fitted with a tracker when purchased new from Alex Noble (Main dealer) in Edinburgh. Although the dealer that sold me the car, gave me the 2 Key fob thingeys - he didn't have any details from the previous owner about the tracker. I could tell from some of the paperwork that the original owner had the tracker fitted from new and paid a years subscription (£1,000 in total!!!!!!) I contacted Alex Noble in Edinburgh to find out how I'd go about changing the name / details for the tracker system, but they w
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