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  1. Happy Birthday andy.j!

  2. Happy Birthday andy.j!

  3. Haha, It has certainly been a while! All good this end! how you doing?
  4. I drove mine today... does this count? Still like it!
  5. Happy Birthday andy.j!

  6. Happy Birthday andy.j!

  7. I spoke to the guys at Abbey about this. Apparently high flow cats dont have a heat shield, and unless youre parking on very dry grass after a heavy ride, it make little difference. Then they told me the catalist inside the housing was rattling, and the cats were giving their final... so I agreed to let them fit some high flow cats Hoping to get the car back (after an update to ECUtec too) soon
  8. Happy Birthday andy.j!

  9. Ahh you saw where I parked then? I had a great time! even play time with a certain Jag on the way home was fun! Definitely didn't need a passenger to keep me entertained with all the tunnels and being a lunatic on French roads I look to the future and I see a GT-R or an F-Type... gotta get this house thing sorted first though...
  10. I have one for the 370z it was posted to me when I bought mine, found it while moving house last month.
  11. I took mine to the tip last weekend! No going back now, Milltek for life!
  12. SOLD ...to me, I can make it work so I'm keeping it
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