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  1. Hi Guys Just joined the forum last night after picking up my 350z on saturday and I havnt stopped smiling since I got it ! love it awesome beast, just a few niggles I need to sort out and then I will be estatic !! Forum look great lots of useful info etc and good to know there is support out there Car is 03 GT Spec with a few subtle upgrades as follows: 9.5 x 18 inch Rota GT-R Alloys in Bronze Japspeed Y Pipe Scorpion Y Pipe back exhaust JWT Popcharger Upgrade air intake tube Motordyne plenum spacer GT Spec Dry carbon strut brace Smoothed and debadged front end Carbon fibre air intake duct Denson Iridium Power spark plugs Anyway looking forward to this new nissan world and exciting forum. wevo
  2. Thanks for all the responses guys Im taking her in to Nissan dealer tomorrow as I have a friend who knows someone there so fingers crossed. The deal I did was a straight swap for my one series bmw and there was nearly 1k difference in the booking prices in my favour so thats why I was happy to overlook the crunching and get it sorted hopefully its not too pricey Anyway heres some pics as requested .....
  3. Hi Guys Im a newbie on here and just picked up a 53 plate 350z yesterday with 73k on the clock, I aboslutely love the car and everything is fine apart from when shifting into 5th and 6th gear it makes a crunching sound The clutch is fully down and it dosnt seem to make any difference if I rev higher or lower but if I shift slowly into neutral then into 5 or 6 it goes in fine, and sometimes there seems to be a sweetspot. Im wondering if this is a common problem and whether I need to worry about it or I need to get it looked at. If I need it looked at is main dealer best or are there specialists out there I live near nottingham. Thanks in advance hopefully someone can helps Glenn
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