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  1. Hi, Found this today too: http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2012/01/2013-nissan-370z-new-nv-heading-to-chicago-auto-show.html Have you heard anything about this? Wondering if I should hold on a bit before takeing the plunge?
  2. Anyone got any comment's/knows the facts on this? Can we expect styling/interior tweaks? http://www.chicagotr...0,1827721.story
  3. Thanks for the advice... I guess if I don't actually mind the ride and noise - which for me is part of the experience then I suppose I'd question the need for the GT Edition... One thing on the GT though, has anyone got a picture of it in the other 2 colours?
  4. Just wondering if anyone has purchased and received a MY2011 yet? Been looking at some nearly new 370z's (2010-06) and I can't decide if to hold off for the new model.... I note in the 2011 manual it states parking camera and tyre pressure monitor (not too worried about that) but want to know if the damping and sound proofing is coming in the 2011 standard model?? Or is it just on the GT edition? Final question, does the 2010-06 have parking sensors(without camera)? Many Thanks!
  5. If anyone finds out what the plan and price is with the base 2011 model please shout. Also still don't understand also why the 2011 brochure says you can have it in grey yet the website says not......
  6. They really do need to line up their ducks in a row before doing this sort of stuff... poor show.... Read the press release, yet no mention whatsoever about the improved base model..... emmm....
  7. Don't forget that the 2011 model will have better sound proofing and a slightly softer ride for European pot holes! Might be worth considering that - hence why I've put off my test drive until I can drive the actual car I may buy..
  8. Spoke to my dealer a week ago. Latest he had been told was that there was going to be a launch in the summer - possibly aligned to the new plate release. I was also told that as well as all the stuff we know that is coming in the 2011 model, it would also have LED day-time running lights.... Probably also explains why there is some good deals around still on the 2010 model.
  9. Found this - http://www.themotorreport.com.au/51650/201...d-for-australia Probably explain's why a certain colour has vanished form Nissan UK's website car builder. Just wish someone in the UK could confirm anything!
  10. Thanks for the update.... Was aware of the GT announcement..but it is strange how the colour on the Website has been removed.... perhaps because their is just none available at the moment for the current model...I'm sure the terrible circumstances in Japan must be impacting plans as you say. With regard's to a potential model next year - I guess that's life..... Although that could also provide a good opportunity for extra special prices/magic deals this year hopefully Then again, that will be offset by the outrageous petrol prices.... I'll keep you posted on my adventures!
  11. Hi All, New round here - looking to potentially buy a 370z.... Looking on the Nissan UK website over the last few days there seems to be some strange going's on.... First I noticed it said "Explore the new 2011 370z" - but the link was broken... Now, they have reverted back to the original 370z home page but when checking through the car builder they have removed the dark grey colour (can't recall the proper name)... I really do hope they have not removed this colour as an option - for me it was by far my favourite.. Spoke to a dealer a week ago and he revealed that there is a Nissan dealer day on the 14th April at Silverstone where he hopes to understand what the new 2011 line up is and when the UK will see the 2011 standard model with the new improvements as well as the GT version.... Anyone else got any info or news on the availability of the 2011 cars and what colours they will be available in?
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