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  1. Will do, part should arrive monday, will post back as soon as finished.
  2. Hi thankd for the advice and stuff on this thread. I have chanced it and gone for a cheap part. i hope it is the right bit but if not i will pm zmanalex with my tail between my legs. technically it is a part for a 200sx but the seller said he thought it would be the same, and a pic of it looks the same as far as i can tell. fingers crossed.
  3. thanks guys Zmanalex does that include P&P? if i cant find a generic part i will get back to you as would rather buy from you than nissan (for that price however i will do without rear squzzers )
  4. Hi I am currently in the process of trying to get a new part. the mechanic ordered the one for eurocarparts Vemo Washer Pump Part No.: 488700010 and the mechanic said it was the worng part and sent it back; I believe I have already cheesed him off somewhat so i need to make 100% certain this part does fit (he said the part he received was totally different than the nissan part he had taken out) before i really anoy him by questioning his judgement, is this definitely the part and it can be forced to fit even though it may look a little different or should i order this one http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Nissan_350Z_3.5_2005/p/car-accessories/car-components-accessories/hose-pipes-parts-and-pumps/universal-12volt-washer-pump/?BAR825&0&cc5_896 also from there. thanks for any help
  5. thanks however it is saying i do not have permission to access the page when i try to pm him. Maybe it is becasue i am not a regualr here. will just have to hope he sees this message. thanks M.
  6. my car is currently at the garage so am holding the guy up. my front and rear washers have both packed up (it is the washers) 350zuk has a couple of companies which stock compatible parts, the one i was gonna use was http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Nissan_350Z_3.5_2005/p/car-parts/car-body-parts-and-car-exhaust/wipers/car-washer-system/?488700010&1&cd8269b47267e0bd5b80021b83072a531f389510&000599 however the mechanic thinks that that wont fit. the part at nissan is £45+vat so he said to go back to the forum and double check and the blooming site is down please can anyone confirm if this paet will fit, or point me somewhere where i can get a pump from for less than £60 from nissan. the mechanic said the part is different than the generic washer pumps he has in stock.
  7. thanks guys. Zmanalex must be good, i have had so many reccomends for him on another forum too. chillired I would love some prices please, its an 05 uk car with brembos.
  8. Hi After nearly having a heart attack on the advisory list from marshalls (can take 10% off these prices but still...........) Rear Tyres £238 each - bridgestones front pads (no price) front disks (656.92) rear pads (£219) I have been looking online and saw an add for JDM Performance And wow the prices are so much better. Sure i will need to get them fitted but I know a cheap reliable guy which can do that i think. so i was wondering on your thoughts of the following from here http://www.jdmperformance.co.uk/item.php?c...tTypeNumber=157 Pair of EBC Turbo Grooved Front Brake Discs - GD7122 Item number 59832 | Price: £ 209.05 (including VAT) or Pair of EBC Standard Replacement Front Brake Discs - D7122 Item number 59829 | Price: £ 183.25 (including VAT) For normal road use is it worth getting vented? how will these compare with the proper "Nissan" part? and the pads, I just want a good solid road pad so was thinking EBC Greenstuff Front Brake Pads DP21644 Item number 55486 | Price: £ 50.60 (including VAT) & EBC Greenstuff Rear Brake Pads DP21537 Item number 55487 | Price: £ 40.89 (including VAT) For rear tyres i was thinking a pair of http://ssl.delti.com/cgi-bin/rshop.pl?deta...=P&dsco=110 I know these are not the BEST tyres however I have a hell of a bill coming (on top of the £333 just spent) and I do not need a super track day tyre. On ly Fiat coupe Falkens and Kumho tyres were widely recommended. Any thoughts happily taken. I drive sensibly and am never going to go on track. Its a 2nd car so i wont be driving in snow!. cheers M.
  9. Followup on above Nissan Marshalls Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk) Did a P3 Service and MOT on my Zed Immediately discounted 10% on saying i was a member of various car forums. Final Bill was £333.05 that was supplying my own (5/30 fully synth magnatec) oil (knocked of £46+vat for using my own oil). This included a rear wiper blade. and checked out airbag light - which they said may or may not now be fixed which cost £18.99 (included above) If not it needs a new part which will be expensive. so all in all a LOT cheaper than Marshalls Cambridge The cleaned and hoovered the car, and gave me complimentary 1 year car recovery inc home-start and European cover free - Sadly i already have it BUT if they do it every year and you currently pay for it then its a good bonus) The guys were friendly and enthusiastic.. I have a list of advisories and the prices are enough to curdle milk but that is for another thread to see if i can find cheaper. but over all, if you want a main dealer and are around Cambridgeshire i can recommend them. Unlike Cambridge Marshalls no eye candy to look at (its all micras, Dukes, quashkais and the like, no sign of the 370 or GT-R which are in Cambridge but i would happily miss out on that and save myself the £120 extra which Cambs wanted. OHH yeah, and the car instantly drives better!!!
  10. no one in particular, i spoke to a lass, who when i asked about a discount said let me check, she came back and said no problem I always flash other Zed owners..... (sadly i get less of a response than i used to get from other coupe owners when i had my 20VT / 20VT+ )
  11. prices as of today (13th April 11) P3 service at Marshalls Cambridge £456 inc Vat P3 Service at Marshalls Bury St Edmunds 345.89 inc Vat how can 1 Marshalls charge 100 quid more than another less than 30 miles away? Both charge 55 quid for an MOT Both are quick to knock off 10% if you mention you are a member of a car forum.
  12. no probs pics here. I got the Zed from Prestige Performance in Selby Yorkshire, I mention because it was immaculate, the seller - Matthew - a pleasant chap and he currently has a stunning looking 30k on the clock Azure Zed with nismo kit for sale. Anyway i digress, my cars..... The New Zed http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb230/bigmike20vt/new%20car/IMGP1747.jpg Next too my old car http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb230/bigmike20vt/new%20car/IMGP1750.jpg My short list Tough decision, I could have got either for around the same price (not that exact cerb as it wasnt for sale but it was around the same price, I went with my head and not regretted it to be honest, but the 4.5l AJP V8 cerb is the best sounding car i have ever heard, it sets off car alarms!) http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb230/bigmike20vt/new%20car/cerb1a.jpg ohh and my 1st ever performance car. Not a Zed but i love it, its my fave car I have owned so far and will take some beating http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb230/bigmike20vt/new%20car/coupe3.jpg
  13. Hi I too had a cerbera 4.5 or a 350Z on my short list infact here is both on my drive. http://i204.photobucket.com/albums/bb230/b...pg?t=1302629709 The cerb is a very well maintained AJP 4.5l V8 which had had its engine remapped, the Zed is a stock 276bph one, and bottom line the cerb is significantly quicker in a line, but the Zed handles so so much easier. but the thing I love, and will always love about the cerb is how LOUD it is, unless you have heard one I just cant describe it, it sets off car alarms when you go past then, and makes my mates DB9 sound positively tame. I have never regretted my choice, the cerb is a beast, and not really a car for wet or icy weather, and as i cant fit either car in my garage, i feel the build quality of the Zed made the choice a no brainer, but, for 14k (for a good example) if you are thinking with your heart, and you know a bit about car maintenance, there is no car even close to it for the money imo. Its a true supercar. Even inside it is something special, with hand stitched leather dashboard and carbon fibre inserts inbetween. PS the cerb has been as far as i know totally reliable for over 2 years now, they do say however to bank 3K a year in running costs, and what you save 1 year roll over to the next. I think with a cerb, even more than any car its about finding the right one, an AJP 4.2l or 4.5l ideally which has had the engine remapped (no need to rebuild it like the speed 6) and had the car frame already refurbished.
  14. I actually am a member of 350z-uk however i was looking around for different garages to get my zed serviced at and noticed that marshalls of cambs seem to offer 10% off for members of here I have had my Zed for 10 months, its not missed a beat aside from the annoying air bag light which is getting worse, i tried to get at the plug under the seat but gave up so gonna get fixed when i get serviced and moted so Hello .
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