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  1. Much appreciated for the pics of your exhaust Lesmo. I've written an email to Nissan customer support so we will see what they have to say and in the mean time I will keep pursuing the issues with the supplying dealer. Will keep you all updated.
  2. Had the illuminated door sills fitted this week. Read up on the instructions of how to fit and thought this can go very wrong given my lack of skills so had Nissan fit them, only took an hour.
  3. Much appreciated to all for the replies and a very special thank you to Lesmo for doing the video. You're a star mate. I would have to say the clunks seem a lot more pronounced on mine but not had a lot of experience with Nissans (Ford focus RS's was always my choice of cars). I've given the Nissan dealership a call to get the car booked in and looked at, just for piece of mind really. Also have another issue with the exhaust peeling and rusting. Have already been to Nissan with this issue and they said it's just a normal characteristic and they advised I could either use a metal polish to take the rest of the black paint off or use a touch up pen ??? I was less than impressed (2 month old car, less than 1k miles) but I suppose it's a good excuse for a decent aftermarket exhaust. Will keep you all up to date of the ongoing issues with Nemo (name the wife has given the car ...... Don't ask lol) Strange thing though, the missus very recently bought a brand new Nissan Juke, while not a looker (the car that is lol) it drives really well and is suprisingly enjoyable car, and not a single knock, clunk or squeak to be found. Maybe I should look at getting a Nismo Juke lol.
  4. Have not reached 1k yet so was wondering if something still needs bedding in but it's a very distinctive clunk when depressing the clutch pedal.
  5. Back in a Z and have recently bought a 2016 370z Nismo. Am loving the car. However, have noticed that when engaging / disengaging the clutch there is a loud clunk sound from the gearbox, especially at low speeds and manovering on/off the driveway. Have been told this is normal for a Z and a characteristic of the drive train and clutch. Anyone else experience this ? Gotta say, it doesn't fill me with a lot of faith in the vehicle.
  6. Lee RS

    Lyrics quiz

    ' Thompson Twins ? Something like Get me out or Take me out (hang on, that can't be right, ones a reality show with Ant and Dec the other is a dating show with Paddy McGuinness)
  7. Mind = Blown !! Epic thread with two awesome cars I don't know what words to use to describe how much respect I have for the time and effort you have put into those cars. You do know you're bonkers though
  8. Here's a video of the car. It's not a bad little video clip apart from the Neeeesan and Zeeeee references. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYuK2brjgBg http://youtu.be/LYuK2brjgBg
  9. Hello All My TPMS warning light has come on 2013 Face lift 370z, has done 256 miles (I know, drive it more LOL). On the weekend the TPMS light started flashing then stayed illuminated. Switched the car off, then restarted, same thing happend. Checked all the tyres, no damage to any and no flats. Checked the air pressures, all on 35 PSI. So left the car for a few hours and tried again and low and behold, flashing warning light then stayed illiuminated. Decided to consult the Owners manual and according to that there isn't a TPMS ?!?!? or any reference to it ?? After some searching have found many american owners complaning of the same fault and that it is quite a common fault on these cars ?? Have found a service bulletin from Nissan reagrding this fault - so will get her booked into Nissan this week and get this sorted. Anyone else had this issue ?? 370z.pdf
  10. I've got an MY13 in white. Admittedly, you would have a damn hard job spotting it on the road during the winter as shes all tucked up in the garage until spring
  11. Pic as promised. Picked her up Tuesday, the modding has started already.... Changed the Nissan front and back badges to Satin Silver "Z" badges Piper cross filters Splash guards on the front (back ones on order) Rear window and small side windows tinted
  12. Thanks for the welcomes folks You could say that lol
  13. Hello Was a member on here a couple of years ago and had a 2010 Nissan 370z. I had to let her go due to buying a house. Well, as of end of August I will be back in a Z. Have placed order for a 2013 Nissan 370z Auto in white. More or less like this one I guess. Just thought I would pop back in and say hello. Hope you are all doing well.
  14. Hello It is with great regret that I have to sell my beloved Z . 2010 (10 Plate) (private plate L33 NSN included in sale) 4k miles Full dealer service history 7 speed paddle shift Plus all the usual refinements of a GT model immaculate inside and out £22k - no offers as the price is lower than any other of the same age and mileage as I'm looking to release some funds for a new house so needs must unfortunately PM me for details - Cheers Lee Update - 22/09/11 Now SOLD - Mods please delete or close topic. Many thanks
  15. A lot of people dont bother with Insurance but I would never recommended this. I read the story about a guy who took his Astra VXR (Nurburgring edition, ironically), to the ring, subsequently totalled the car after a corner was entered way too fast. Some of the costs he was looking at..... Base fee for attendance of armco truck: €150 * Removing damaged armco: €10/metre * Replacement armco: €31/metre * Removing damaged armco posts: €5.10 each * Replacing armco post: €39 each * Safety car attendance: €82 per 30 mins (car + 2 people) * Circuit closure: €1,350 per hour * Recovery truck: €190 (inc VAT) * Hospital stay & air ambulance: Cost not listed...doubt it's cheap. Everything except the recovery truck is then subject to 19% VAT. The story has made it onto several forums over the past year and is quite well know so apologies if a re-post. Full story here... http://www.vxronline.co.uk/forum/showthrea...ash-at-the-Ring. Sobering stuff.
  16. Just spotted this on ebay, never seen a bonnet spoiler before http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Painted-Nissan-370Z-...=item3cb90068a8 Wouldn't mind some differnet bits of kit for the car just to personalise it a bit, but think will give this one a miss.
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