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  1. Does anyone have any ideas why it can't come to Europe? Surely if they already use the motor over here, and it's being made in RHD for the Japanese market, why is it so difficult to build a few thousand for the UK market? The marketing has already been done so most dealers and Nissan UK surely wouldn't have to even do anything. Or am I being hopelessly naïve???!
  2. I really like the looks. I can even get on board with the square grill. That interior is a real step up for sure. A shame about not bringing it to Europe. That whole launch was aimed squarely at the US market so I think it was fairly evident pretty early on. I'll hold my judgement of Nissan until I can check import prices though!
  3. Does digital unveil mean it won't be a physical car that gets revealed but just a rendering?
  4. It was super smokey across the park too for days so I knew it must have been bad. Glad you guys are okay. I'd love to pop along on the 19th to see you guys and have a bit of a catch up.
  5. Many thanks everyone...had the day off work so just spending the afternoon in the pub! What a novelty!
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