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  1. Welcome And I agree with Badger
  2. I think West-Way Nissan in Aldershot or Oxford (My dad got his GTR from Oxford) is the next Closest that can service 370z's
  3. that is a little far and I think the discount will be taken up by the fuel
  4. I would like to keep the service book stamped with Nissan GB
  5. Denied it completely that is why I had to get the head of WLM Group to get the Nissan in to solve the issue! like I said I would trust Indy but not any of the other people down there...
  6. They messed me around with my 370z and wasted my time (also taking my 370z for a test drive with the receptionist, I worked down the road and see them ), so had to get Nissan involved to get what the noise was and they have sorted the issue... Also when my dad had a GTR they replaced all the screws for the under try because they where corroded and charged him for them, even though again after writing to Nissan they said the car has 3 years Corrosive warranty? I would say that Indy is a good head mechanic though, but he only dose GTR's and not 370z...
  7. Dose any one have a recommended Nisan Dealership that can service a 370z? (I have lost trust in Slough WLM)
  8. Worth the time to have a look And I have to say thanks to Paul_S for the invite last time Gallery Nissan Juke R
  9. Dont like the front , or the more rounded off wheels I like the fangs *All new car models sold in the EU have to have running lights as you cant trust people to turn there lights on Attached My Go at a face lift (not allot but keeping the fangs , and two tone the wheels )
  10. I would recomed this to any one (dont be put off by the small size it last for a very long time) http://www.highdefin...inition_wax.asp
  11. At my limit of upload Will upload them to a location where they all can be viewed, and that sun was very bright today. and Pictures now uploaded My Gallery
  12. Sorry got the name wrong would help wont it 18+ due to the name and language
  13. Dose any one rember a youtube clip that showed the GTR and 370z racing around a track fast, then switch to Porsche driving around slow taking the P***? dose any one have a link to this
  14. Postcode = F* Insureance = Sky Insurance (Would Highly Recomend) Cost = £800 Requirement = Tracker
  15. Get some Rubber Door Seal Cleaner, and that should help remeber they dont have door frames Helps with the windows sticking when frozen also...
  16. o0MattE0o - Matthew Earley - 370z Twilight Gray '61 - Middlesex/London
  17. Toyota MR2 Mk2 UK Spec 180bhp JDM Spec 250bhp (Turbo) Rocking Hourse **** 200bhp (BEAMS) Great cars , do miss driving it
  18. Always best to get full service History any way... Resale value...
  19. I think most of them are from after market fill ups but this was sent to Manufacturs :S
  20. Dose the 370z have a R-134a Refrigerant (350z might ) Contaminated R134a Refrigerant This informtation go sent to FIAT FORD Hyundi Infiniti Honda Bentley Aston Martin Farrari Citroen BMW not Nissan though :S
  21. Camera (JDM Version) I cant read the Japanses text though
  22. I dont mind fitting it (not a problem) its getting the parts and connectors, but I would think that the new GT Edition would not be that much different just an extra but of wiring. any one know of partnumbers
  23. Try setting keep the exposure down for 10 secounds, which was taken just past midday you just get a white wash effect (White Image), The ND darkens the image and stops light which allows you to keep the exposure open for longer, so the water (things moving) blurs... if you use larger appature you get a shallow depth of field use a small Appature your get a darker image but less depth of field... Main points you can use Neutral density filters can be used to create any combination of longer exposure time, a shallower depth of field and a sharper photograph. the first one being the most common the image I posted is not a picture of a smooth river its more like a rapids. It dose depend on the camera though more expensive cameras will not need the filters as they have better controll over the light hitting the sensor :S
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