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  1. Cool - thanks Paul - will try and find it this weekend and let you know.
  2. Hey all, Anyone know of you can alter the volume of the rear parking sensors? Mine have suddenly gone quieter....! Had a play within the volumes on the in car entertainment and couldn't find a setting there. Cheers, Simon
  3. Got quoted £450 for a P2 at the Newbury Nissan dealer - when I mentioned that that sounded quite a bit more than others had been quoted, he 'realised' that he was quoting from the 18 month or 2 year plan rather than the yearly one. So the quote went down to £289 all in.
  4. Just about to go in for my P2 - being able to quote the part number on page one was useful - thanks!
  5. Got them fitted at last this morning - first impressions: the reduction in road noise is very noticeable. Increase in traction? Not sure - am comparing new boots with ones that were just legal - so prob not fair! But (and yes it is a little sad) the tred pattern on the Vreds looks very cool. Hope it also reduces / eliminates the scrubbing you get from the Bridgestones.
  6. Forgot to update this - sorry - but Paul, you were spot on, a (very) lose battery connection. Hasn't done it since so here's hoping....
  7. Cheers both - will check battery connections this morning. Loose earth eh? Bet that was easy to diagnose..... ;-) triffic. Will keep u updated
  8. You and I both - my plans had to go on the back burner for a while - but they are still there.... What will the insurance allow though?
  9. This looks good - my is up for renewal Feb next year - will contact Adrian Flux then. Interesting about the modification part. What are the details around that Andy?
  10. £930 including the postage & fitting for four vreds. Looking forwards to getting them on the car now. I used mytyres.co.uk - found them slightly cheaper than Black Circles & have used them before and they were quick to send the tyres out. We'll see if that's the same situation with the apparently hard-to-come-by vreds. EDIT: Black Circles were not listing the vreds, just the Hankooks & Toyo options Simon
  11. That was my immediate thought Paul - but.... 1 - no 'No Key' message came up; 2 - there was total loss of power, not just wouldn't start; 3 - as mine is an 11 plate, I thought it would get the new bits without this problem. I have just checked the label on the steering column and it a version C (48700 JF00C-01-01) I have a cracking knack for making cars break this year....
  12. Drove my son to school - all fine. Got back in the car, pressed the Start / Stop button, a brief flash of life and then completely dead. Wouldn't start for love nor money. Was going to wander off for a paper whilst I waited for the AA and went to try and lock it with the key - fine on the drivers side, not on the passenger side (no key lock that I could see) and the window then dropped and of course, no power, no way of raising it. Great. Just as I was about to have a temper tantrum, I tried the power button again, and hey presto, it came to life again. It wasn't just me - it had definit
  13. Thanks both - my local Bosche service centre will fit tyres for £14 plus VAT each, so think I'll order online & ship to them. Seems there's no way around the fact that tyres are gonna be expensive.... But then I knew that when I bought it ;-) I am a few mm over the legal limit at the moment and things are getting pretty slippy on the Bridgestones - makes for some entertaining driving though!
  14. Ok - time to bite the bullet & order up some new tyres for my 370. Pretty sure I am going to go for Vredestein's front and back based on peoples experience on here. Just wondered if anyone has a good place to buy them currently? I'm based near Reading / Swindon / Oxford if that helps... Cheers all! Simon
  15. The interior sensor switch is behind the seat - if it's due to something in the car setting the alarm sensor off, that will do the trick. But if it's due to something else..... you are going to be disliked....! ;-) Hope it goes better tonight.
  16. There was a hope pipe ban?!
  17. I tortured myself with this video on youtube loads before I went and bought the 370z ;-) And yes, I did download the song & enjoy playing it very very loud when pushing on a little. Child? Me? Oh yes... lol
  18. I think it's backside looks wrong. Also has far too small alloys imho. I like BMWs but never been too keen on the Z4 styling. Each to his own though.
  19. Eewwwww! Ok, ok he was getting help. But part of me can't help thinking, just get off your a*** & clean the place up you lazy sod!! There's hoarding & there's being prepared to live in a s*&t hole! ;-) Not sure if this was the same person you are talking about Chubbs, this guy was gay. Edit: and he lived in Liverpool - picture of him here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-hoarder-next-door/4od#3334801
  20. Too funny - the second one currently rings very true in our house ;-)
  21. You are not kidding - I flicked over to this & was hooked by the weirdness of it all. Talk about issues....! Did you see the floor?!!! Yuk!
  22. £200k?!!!? Really? I know it'll be exclusive and all that. But really??!! GTR money, fair enough. Maybe a little more due to the exclusivity. But 2.5 times that? There are an awful lot of very exclusive cars which can be had at that kind of money. But then if can afford £200k on something like this, you probably have a garage full of those exclusive cars already ;-)
  23. 2011_370z

    Hosepipe Ban

    We're not on a meter - because they couldn't find our shut off valve to install one despite five visits. Wonder if I can get a monthly reduction because of this..... bob & hope right?!
  24. Practical? It isn't an estate or a 4x4 But you can get a reasonable amount in the boot. I couldn't live with it as my only car - but then I have a wife, two small children & a dog. But they appear to be pretty reliable, if a little heavy on the go go juice - although I suspect it would be more frugal if I wasn't so keen on the acceleration or that little rasp at around 3k rpm.... But it is quick, looks gorgeous & sounds wonderful. I test drove & bought very quickly there after & have not regretted it one little bit. Enjoy it!
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