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  1. Nissan e.dams begins new Formula E season with strong momentum Season six victory and podiums energize team ahead of championship’s first races in 2021 RELEASE PHOTOS [11] SAVE DOWNLOAD SHARE 2021/02/22 YOKOHAMA, Japan – T
  2. The 72 hours clause is untenable (in case of the inadvertent driving without insurance). If it is the fine print of the policy then they won’t change it. No other solution but to change company. Regret harsh answer, but risks are too great.
  3. I must admit I don’t know of anybody on the forum who uses a space-saver in a Nismo, or GT for that matter, but we’ll see if any answers pop up.
  4. Welcome from me, as well! See you in the Nismo section with your questions, and hopefully some pictures, weather and light permitting! Oh, and whereabouts in the country are you currently locked down?
  5. I should have stated the the tyres being replaced are the original Potenzas after 21.5k miles of my best driving!?
  6. Re-inflated the tyres a couple of days ago - pressures down to 24-27 psi because of under-use. Today I remembered that the MOT inspector had offered some kindly words last March concerning the rear tyres, so thought I better check before this year’s test. Couldn’t get the depth gauge into the tread in the dark - got an LED torch out and discovered why. Two new rears ordered (Michelin PS4S - £214 ea through Black Circles). Fitting (Monday) included in the price. As I knew the tyres were at the end of their lives, the lesson learnt here is how much they deflated in the garage just
  7. I’m sure it won’t take the garage too long to find a set of Nissan ones for you. I think it is a reasonable expectation of the buyer that the wheels are secured properly! And with the correct locking nuts! Might be worth checking the under-floor cubby in the boot first to make sure it’s not with the jack or wheel brace.
  8. Not really - it is just a way of enhancing the signal. Ordinarily, you can keep the fob where you choose.
  9. The fob receptacle is on the underside of the dash in front of your right kneecap - if it’s too cold to go outside, there should be a diagram in the handbook. If the fob battery is “completely depleted” then you can’t start the car. Extrapolate from this - if the fob won’t undo the doors and you have to use the key, then you are most likely going to have start issues sooner rather than later. Change the fob battery!!
  10. One or two more things about the keyless system - if you unlock the car then don’t open a door or the boot, it will re-lock in 1 minute. Opening the fuel cap does not prevent the auto re-locking. Don’t pack the spare fob somewhere obscure when you travel - if you stop for a coffee, you can’t lock the car! The orange key warning symbol in the instrument panel just means that you have to change the fob battery - the car will start using the normal button - sometimes you have to insert the fob into the receptacle by your right knee. When the fob battery is utterly dead, it won’t unlock
  11. The voltage will drop to approx 12.2V when the charging cycle is complete - the reading you have indicates that charging is still taking place. No dramas at all, but, like the rest of us who are scrambling for legit reasons to drive our Zeds, you may have to resort to a trickle charger (or battery conditioning charger) before this winter is through in order to keep the battery in top condition, particularly if the car is to be parked outdoors. There is a more detailed explanation of the various voltages etc in the recent topic on Battery Chargers, and if I can find it I will post a link f
  12. Happy Birthday! Good way to remember the insurance-due date! PS Members’ birthdays are automatically announced on the forum. Just sayin’ .........
  13. All you need now, John, is a warm day to fit them!
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