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  1. The new owners of the Horwood honoured my no-cancellation booking with De Vere Horwood from this year for same rooms, same price, so I decided to stay with them. It will be interesting to see how events unfold in the Spring as to whether any of the big meets will go ahead in ‘21.
  2. I echo the thoughts of Milanored and PaulW above; in some ways this announcement by the government reminds me of one about 12-15 years ago when the Minister for Digital Comms (or some such similar title) declared his government's intention for the whole country to move over to digital radio within about 5 years. That is, for analogue radio to go off air. Once the facts of life had been explained to his dept, the proposal was quietly withdrawn. There are parallels to be drawn here.
  3. As John says, Well Done. Sorry nobody came along to help - thanks for sharing the knowledge, though.
  4. Having had a brief play in Signature (and in the body of a normal post), this spacing would appear to be the system default paragraph spacing for both. I can't see a way of reducing it myself. It might be worth typing the text in Word - or similar - with the line and para spacing set to zero then try importing the text.
  5. This thread is for users to ask questions about functionality of the new forum. Note that it will mainly work on a peer-to-peer basis as Ctte IT will not be able to answer all the queries. So, if you’ve sorted something out yourself, then post up; if there’s something you can’t figure out, please do similarly. If a particular gripe evades solution, we will try to get Ctte IT onto it after the AGM. Post below! Jeff-W For Ctte
  6. About 6 seconds, having started from this thread.
  7. John, I have my link set to forums.nissansportz.com which takes me to the home page. However, if I just use the club name I go straight to the landing page (no delay) and then selecting the forum again goes to the home page (no delay).
  8. I’m getting the first page almost immediately on PC, iPad and IPhone. I too am finding the clarity of presentation a great improvement.
  9. Many happy returns my friend! We hope you are well and that you have a great day. Jeff & Joan.
  10. Good news! It is not unusual to get a mild smell of burning from the new gaskets and seals for the first hour or two with a new zorst, so don’t worry if you get this. Enjoy!
  11. John, it varies state by state and thus gets terribly confusing for the younger travellers.
  12. I still haven’t seen a red coupe in this country since I sold mine in March 2016; nor another Daytona Blue one since I got mine in April of that year. Hens’ teeth by the looks of things.
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