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  1. Nissan e.dams set to go racing on iconic Monaco street circuit Team to debut new Nissan Gen2 Formula E powertrain RELEASE PHOTOS [14] SAVE DOWNLOAD SHARE 2021/05/04 YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan e.dams is back at the iconic Mon
  2. GT-Rs have been part of you since I joined 8 or so years ago. The reduced usage explains so much. Thank you for replying to my curiosity - I didn't mean to pry! Jeff.
  3. A very well known and respected Club member (and former Chair) has changed his signature block, deleting his Champagne GT-R. Any comments from said member?
  4. In almost all circumstances of this warning, the cause is the fob battery. As its voltage drops, the fob will intermittently lose connection with the car. If you put the fob in the fob receptacle (in front of your right knee when sitting in the driver's seat) the warning often goes away. Change fob battery for a reputable make CR2032. I've had this happen and checked the battery voltage on a multi-meter - it only needs to have dropped by fractions of a volt to start playing up. As stated on another recent thread, keep a couple of fresh fob batteries in one of the car storage are
  5. Nissan e.dams races hard at eventful Formula E Valencia double-header A great drive from Oliver Rowland from P8 to P4 in round six RELEASE PHOTOS [9] SAVE DOWNLOAD SHARE 2021/04/25 VALENCIA, Spain – Nissan e.dams drivers O
  6. So was the intercooler the cause of the alarming warning light? Oh, and the car looks beautiful!
  7. Just to clarify, we would be happy for any Moderator or member intending to attend to act as EO. I think this thread would be better placed in Events Discussion 2021.
  8. Nissan e.dams heads to Valencia for second Formula E European double-header Championship races at Ricardo Tormo Circuit for the first time RELEASE PHOTOS [11] SAVE DOWNLOAD SHARE 2021/04/20 YOKOHAMA, Japan – The Nissan e.d
  9. Happy Birthday Chubbs! Hope you have a relaxing time today.
  10. Nissan e.dams heads to Rome for double-header Formula E event Nissan recently confirmed commitment to championship until 2026 RELEASE PHOTOS [13] VIDEO [1] SAVE DOWNLOAD SHARE 2021/04/06 YOKOHAM
  11. Happy Birthday Caz! Hope to see you later in the year. Jeff. X
  12. Many Happy Returns! I hope you have time to celebrate today!
  13. Nissan to bring more Formula E racing excitement through 2026 Nissan continues to bring its electrification strategy to life by extending its commitment to Formula E into the Gen3 era RELEASE PHOTOS [17] SAVE DOWNLOAD SHARE 2021/03/24
  14. Jeff-W

    ESSO 99 Ron

    Paul, I believe you mean “ethanol” in your text. Don’t put methanol in your fuel or your stomach. Ethanol is allowed in both, in limited quantities.
  15. Many Happy Returns to our great friend! Jeff & Joan. X
  16. Passed - no advisories. Year’s mileage - 2550 (all legal).
  17. From memory, the rears are indeed 275s. I don’t have my car either today as it is being serviced!
  18. Historically it has not always been possible to get front tyres to match the latest versions made by some manufacturers which are available for the rear. I have just fitted Michelin PS4Ss to the rear, for instance, but last March could only get PS4s for the front. I don’t lose sleep over it. Bottom line - some manufacturers do not make all of their tyre varieties in the correct size for the front of a Zed.
  19. It’s a long time since I downloaded my phone book into the car, but I remember that it worked through a wired connection (ie USB). You could try that if the Bluetooth is being fickle.
  20. I have just taken my Zed into our trusted Indy garage for its 5-yr service and MOT at 21.6k. I cleaned it inside and out at the weekend, so what could possibly go wrong? I noticed whilst cleaning it that, despite this year’s reduced use, all panels need the clay bar more than ever. I’ll wait for a warmer day to tackle that. Next report at 5pm!
  21. Nissan e.dams scores points in first two races of new Formula E season Exciting double-header under the floodlights in Diriyah kicks off season seven RELEASE PHOTOS [12] SAVE DOWNLOAD SHARE 2021/02/27 DIRIYAH, Saudi Arabia
  22. Nissan e.dams begins new Formula E season with strong momentum Season six victory and podiums energize team ahead of championship’s first races in 2021 RELEASE PHOTOS [11] SAVE DOWNLOAD SHARE 2021/02/22 YOKOHAMA, Japan – T
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