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  1. Jeff-W's post in Scrape/scuff was marked as the answer   
    He is Simon Bloxham of Windrush Paintworks, Unit E, Swain Court, Avenue 2, Station Lane, Witney, OX28 4YB, 01993 706359, or, better still his private mobile which he gave me 07415 899197. (I just happened to have his business card on me......)
    Just mention my name, if you are brave enough!!!
    There is only one way to Bristol which involves Witney to Oxford first, then a connection to Bristol but I can help in any way, just PM me.
  2. Jeff-W's post in Help with alloy colour spec was marked as the answer   
    Thank you all so much for your thoughts, research and opinions. I have negotiated a selection of samples to be provided before I choose the (new) colour. Alloys will be done before first mod day at Chilli's.
    Again, my thanks, and I know that this kind of outstanding response to my question is why this forum works,
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