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  1. Happy Birthday Allycat!

  2. Well it is actually my car! He put it up for sale on PistonHeads, all I did was copy the description over. So nerrrrr! hehe
  3. Hello, For sale here is my partner's lovely Nissan 350z GT Convertible, in white. This car has been a prized possession in household for 2 years now and we have loved every minute of owning it, unfortunately, our upcoming wedding requires we streamline a little... The car is a 2009 GT Spec convertible, with the 313bhp HR 3.5 v6 engine (really a very fast and powerful car!) It has been meticulously maintained, given regular waxing and has wanted for nothing. The engine runs smoothly, the gear change is slick and precise and the handling is pin sharp. Couple this with the very modern and "on trend" colour of white, the "like new roof" and you've got a stunning performance sports car. This particular car comes complete with integrated satellite navigation system, cruise control, BOSE stereo system with 6 CD autochanger, full black (unmarked) leather interior with heated seats, power folding roof, electric windows, Brembo brakes front and rear and Xenon headlamps with integrated washers. The car has never missed a beat in the time we've owned it, has flown through every MOT and has recently had new tyres and brakes and a full service. As you can see from the pictures, there is a raft of history with the car and it really does shine up well... we always get admiring comments! In a nutshell, a well sorted, honest car, that we will be very sad to see go... oh well, we're getting married! :-) Price - £10,995 ONO Pics can be found here http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/nissan/350z/nissan-350z-v6-gt-roadster--convertible-313bhp-2009/2217627 We welcome any questions, comments or viewings, James and Ally, 07769165138
  4. Happy Birthday Allycat!

  5. Yeah have you not heard of them??? Thanks guys You have been really helpful
  6. Your right... when the engine is cold its fine, but when I got her home it was being all sweetie box like Yep and it does go quiet when the clutch is down
  7. Yep thats my private plate
  8. Aarrrghhh my head is going to blow lol. Lol… this is very true Jimmy Right... Report No clunking with any of the gears, being changed up or down No clunk when being tested at different revs However when she is idling there is a rattle coming from underneath. The best way of describing is a box of sweets being shaken
  9. Right I’m going to have to go for another drive now and have a play... as i need to be total sure in my own mind what is going on with it lol
  10. It seems to happen when going from 3rd – 4th or when I'm in 1st bobbing up on the drive I have to give a little bit of beans to bob her up the ramp… I’m not sure if it is me who is being a little paranoid while getting use to the car. The noise is almost like a grinding notchy kind of noise.
  11. Thanks all for the nice comments. One question – Iv posted this up on the old facebook page as well. There is a bit of a clunking noise coming from the gears. Is this normal? (Sorry a bit of a newbie here) Help please
  12. Id like to say I did but it was my other half lol
  13. A much more comfortable ride… but feels a little cumbersome compared to the nippy go-kart feeling of the MR2. But I’ll get used to it
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