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  1. Thanks for responses folks. After a bit of hunting about it seems to be as you have all said....HID for the dipped and Halogens for the mains..... BTW WoREoD....Tis Xenon.you caught me on a bad spelling night methinks..and me an old grammar school boy too. Heheheheee Steve
  2. Hi Folks Thought I'd drop this one in here as no one seems to use the garage much of late. On my car (GT4) are the headlights HID? They definitely seem to be high intensity as they take time to warm up, but looking at LED replacements they are all saying that some 350s do and some don't have the Zenon/ HID lights.................any thoughts on this people? Steve
  3. Mine is Yellow too hey, there were only 76 made. going in for new clutch tomorrow
  4. Is there any more news on this register folks? Steve
  5. Hi I wanted to start a new post in the 350z mechanical section of the garage but the start new post box is gone and it says I cannot start a new post? Any help with this please? Steve
  6. Could you post prices for these items please? Steve
  7. Hoping so, got me a Zunsport grille ordered too. Steve
  8. Thanks Sarah Could you maybe explain why it is that a car I have driven 300 miles in 2 months just keeps pinching all my funds? Another £300 or so today Hmmm BTW had loads of questions but figured most out myself...there are still a few though...be warned! heheheheheheeee Steve
  9. Hi Folks Been under the radar for a while due to work The phone thing was Although I deleted the previous owners phone list/ directory it still saved (must be a bit of RAM in there somewhere) the last dialed number... which was the one pertaining to Ms Angry............Hmmmm Simply solved.. just dialed home so now reverts to that. As I been away a while, I have lots more questions to ask, don't like to take folks time too much so prolly leave them for a while as I been a stranger. Good wishes to all Steve
  10. I think it was about seven times.. just need to reset this machine methinks.. anyone know how to?
  11. Oh stop now ya scamp Actually said one wrd..cease Git Mind you. was a southern copper so I would expect nothing different Steve
  12. I do have the scruucies for the BT adapter yes mate.. Sarah.. why you laughing? Steve
  13. Sounds that's the case sir. I followed both books, the thing worked, would just like to blank/reset/ zero the phone book.. The one in the car memory that is. Ta Steve
  14. Hmmmmmmm Was just trying to set up a bluetooth adapter in my car.. followed the struccies, it seemed to sync ok (well kinda ok, we get to that later) all seemed well but then every button pressed it rang this lady, no one in my phonebook, an old lady by the sounds, she wasn't impressed...they were having a housepartry methinks and by the fifth phone call I was introduced to a policeman friend..............was no one in my phone book and had to apologise heavily.....so wtf..is their some phone memory is something stored in the car or what? This lady was in the other end of the country from me, no way it was a random call times six or so..any thougths folks... BTW thy policeman said .. in his words "Cease"..I tried to explain was just trying to get my phone/car to work and he offered me short shrift...we can trace your number and all that...sigh Steve
  15. I know a couple of cold, wet alcoholics but not down your way unfortunately. Hehehhehe Steve
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