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  1. Unless there is an even spread and the groups split.
  2. Neil, which course are you looking at booking this time, as this will impact who is likely to attend. I will be interested depending on the Course you're looking at
  3. Try Horsham or Abbey motorsports. They may br able to make one up. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  4. Mine ran decats. Made it a little louder but not overly. Chas removed his rear silencers as well. That's why his is so loud
  5. We drink a LOT of milk.
  6. 17,000 Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  7. Had to buy some milk on the way home. Parked up and boom.... Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  8. Its on my list John. I'll report back as soon as Ive got something
  9. Love to have seen your face when you saw it was litchfield on the phone. Glad its not too expensive a fix Neil and by the sounds of it, it looked like it needed replacing anyway. Interesting that a potential boost leak has cause the gearbox to error though.
  10. So, whats the verdict? I have read that some have had the same issue when hitting a large pothole. TCM reset sorted them out though. I hope its not anything too serious though, but if I had an issue with my gearbox I'd try Andy at ACSpeedtech up in Warrington. From what I've read he's a genius.
  11. I'll have a look into it.. UPDATE: I've quickly added something
  12. I've also read you can insert it in the fob holder around 10 times to get the car to register with it. Apparently the indicated will flash once its done. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  13. I've averaged over 120mph over those particular set of corners. Many moons ago
  14. Permissions issue, which I have now rectified. Can you try again please @vjordon
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