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  1. MHR's Kev. I hope you have something nice planned!
  2. I dont ever remember using them on my 370 when I put them on.
  3. Thanks Jo, Nice to have something other than Porsche on the leader board 😁
  4. Firstly I'd like to thank Scott for allowing Gav to drive his car for most of the day due to a bleed on Gav's front caliper nipple. Top bloke . Morning was mostly dry. but we had a steady rain in the afternoon for the Alpine and Handling Circuit. This didnt deter from the experience and I have to say I had the most fun I think I've ever had in the GTR. The Handling was wet and made of concrete so combine this with the semi-slicks and weight of the GTR and you have for a very slippery track, moderate breaking causing ABS, 4 wheel slids out of corners with moderate throttle...... Nevertheless after a few pointers from Colin I was able to drive faster and reached grip limit on all corners of the circuit. I could have drove that circuit all day, I could feel the car on the limit but felt oddly comfortable with it. It was such a blast. Last challenge of the day is a 5 lap (warmup, 3 timed laps, cooldowm) challenge for consistency. Taking on the skills taught and the pointers from Colin I managed a 0.24 difference between the laps, which won me the challenge and placed me 4th on the CAT leaderboard. It was a great day with great people and great hosts. Mr Consistent. Oh Neil, I asked whats next. Optermisation, then Trackday......... yes a trackday with CAT instruction!
  5. I noticed a knocking when the car was cold, especially when staggering speed humps. My friendly MOT guy let me have a look underneath and pointed out that the bush was worn. I contacted SRD and they confirmed that given age and mileage that the arms were the likely cause, so at the next service I got them to check. I made the decision then to order the arms (i replaced both as it makes sense) which came to £1200 including delivery and import duties versus £1600+ from Nissan. I didnt get them changed until the next service which would have been around 4500k miles, so I likely did 7-8000k miles with them worn. This decision was made from talking to Lee @SRD who said as long as I could live with the knocking nothing much would happen, only concern was it the failed entirely and popped out. Obviously they didnt. As I say I never had an issued driving spirited as the suspension is under load, its generally slower driving over bumpy roads/speedhumps that cause the issue. Personally I would replace both as it saves costs and if one is wearing then so is the other. Oh and you'll need a geo done.
  6. Latest service completed. Just turned 60k (that 30k since I've owned it)miles and I had to top the oil up for the first time. Ash at SRD kindly washed off all of the pollen Switched to 10w60 and added and engine breather to help with the oil burn This service was a little expensive as the ball joints on the lower arms where completely worn, and Nissan in their wisdom require you to replace the lower arms, but ordered them from Amayama and saved £400. Also needed to replace the y-pipe due to leaks on the flexi.
  7. For anyone wanting to scratch the GTR itch, now is the time before prices rocket.
  8. Garage as we know it will be called Collections, but there are a number of issues with the plugin that need fixing. I have not had any real time to get into it unfortunately. It is on the list though.
  9. I've found what I was looking for. Do you still need the harness?
  10. To be fair, its not the first time. I had the front go when I was in Munich. Most inconvenient.
  11. I thoroughly enjoy driving the GTR, but driving it all year, in all weather, with the condition of the roads can take its toll. Last MOT showed a nail in the inner 3rd of a newish rear tyre. Nail removed with no loss of air and all is good. Roll on January....... First really cold weather and I noticed the same tyre losing air. 5 days, then 4 days then every day. So a dry weekend I decided to remove the wheel and have a look. So off I went in search of a some replacement's. So changed them up for some newer DBA wheels However, me being me didn't fancy them a standard colour, plus they had a little scuffing. So. A nice satin bronze. Although using the car for a few weeks and the weather not being so great the car now looks a little sorry for itself.
  12. I'm a little annoyed really. I know I have one somewhere, but cant find it for the life of me.
  13. Unfortunately, I can't find the box. Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  14. Sorry bud, Ive been away, but I will look tomorrow morning for the loom and let you know.
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