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  1. A Grey 350z convertible overtook me this morning (6:20) on the A1 just before Stevenage South We had two car zed convoy until I had to turn off at Welwyn 😁
  2. jr6yam

    Kentish coupes

    Around Ashford, a Grey 370 with a V6 numberplate In Tenterdon a Silver 350, with Gold after market alloys and a ducktail spoiler
  3. Great North Road but, actually, dahn sarf in Hertfordshire Spotted this morning heading towards Welwyn. An Azure (I think) 350z Coupe, sounded very nice 😍
  4. jr6yam

    Cheered me up

    Shame Red is such a rare colour (only 3 on Autotrader) because it looks really good
  5. jr6yam

    Cheered me up

    Two spots today in Stevenage, both on Martins way First an Orange GT-R crept up behind me at a roundabout 😁 A bit later, while I was putting the rubbish out, I heard a glorious howl and a Red 370z coupe flashed by; he was 'making good progress' 😉💗
  6. jr6yam

    Nice view

    Yesterday afternoon I was followed along the Hertford road in Stevenage by a Black 370 nismo 😍 It turned off at Burghley Close
  7. I haven't actually done anything to the zed, but I did flash the credit card for services rendered. A small service, auxiliary belts and an MOT. Passed, no advisories, obvs 👍😁
  8. jr6yam

    White 350z

    In the Sainsburys car park at The Poplars, Stevenage Looked very clean, and had Pistonheads sticker on the rear window I toyed with the idea of parking next to it and taking a picture; but that's, maybe, tooo sad!
  9. Saw a 66 plate 370 nismo (White) on the A1 near Letchworth on Saturday evening. It had a trade plate on the dash, and the driver seemed to be dabbing the brakes a fair as he exited the motorway; was wondering if it was one of the Norton Way Motors mechanics on a test drive..
  10. Was it Blue? I saw a fezza on Gunnels Wood Road, but didn't catch which model it was
  11. Will keep my eyes peeled for the Blue one Always good to see zed's out and about
  12. Fitted some heavy duty boot poppers at the weekend, 5 minute job Combined with my SGS struts I now have a boot that will open, and stay open! Even in winter...
  13. Have seen a Grey 370 in Welwyn Garden city a couple of times recently Yesterday in Stevenage (Broadwater Cres) there was a lovely, Black, 370 nismo
  14. jr6yam

    Two spots

    Left work early today, and as I pulled out of our road a 370z was turning in. Silver zed, Bessemer Road WGC When I got back to Stevenage there was a 200SX (5th gen) on Gunnels Wood Road. Red with a Black bonnet
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