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  1. Happy Birthday J Hutch!

  2. I have a 2011 370Z Twilight Grey GT with Paul S reversing camera and Dash Cam. Nearly 41,000 mile on the clock, will be looking to sell later this year. Just had new Bosch Battery, and about to put new brake pads on.
  3. Just had a quote for new pads all round for £200. I don't track my car and it a daily driver so don't need anything to special. I asked what pad he be using and the answer was Delphi. Are these any good? if not what should I get?
  4. So last week I noticed my offside headlight wasn't looking great. It doesn't look like condensation, any ideas what is and how to fix it.
  5. Hi My Zed has done nearly 41,000 miles and still on it original set of pads and discs. I noticed at the weekend a grinding noise when brakes were cold but not when warm. Though it must be some dirt that had got stick but has happened since then only when I have cold brakes. My question is how long on average do disc and pad last? I been looking at various option as I don't have time to go to dealer or pay there prices: Mobile mechanic using OEM parts for £660.10? Buy Brembo pads and disc for £550 and get a mobile mechanic to fit them? Has anybody used mobile mechanics, are they any good? Thanks for all advice in advance.
  6. Ok so I thought I was sorted but just open my passager door. The window drops but doesn't go back up unless I manually press the button. Is there a reset I need to do to resolve this, there is no problem with the drivers side?
  7. I don't move my seat a all. Maybe couple times in a year and only small adjustments. Maybe this is a more common issue and need adding to the know issues topic. 2 hours labours is better than a new BCM, totally agree.
  8. Update on my Zed: It went to Westway this morning and the fault has been tracked to a seat wire that had rubbed and burnt out, tripping the other components. The wire can be repaired without the need fir a new wiring harness. If anybody is looking for a Zed they had a 2 year old facelift white 370z manual outside with 4586 miles on the clock for £24k.
  9. Don't like the sound of a new BCM, see it going to be expensive but it basically same issues I have. I going to dis connect battery tonight and reconnect and see if I can at least get the windows up and watertight rather then blue plastic I've had to tape onto the car. Little worried about paint work but used packaging tape and scotch tape as I figure there less likely to take the paint off.
  10. I swapped the battery and everything went back from where it came. I find it hard to see how fuse would blow by the battery diving and new one being installed.
  11. The battery dying caused the issues. I hope it is just a fuse as the windows move down when I open the door so the motor seems to work just not the switches. I'll try and get the fuse out again. It been sat there for 6 years so well and truly fixed in place.
  12. It's booked in Tuesday but if can avoid going I will. I think it's criminal charging £120 for diagnostic then £95 per hour of labour after. I can't rationalise the cost.
  13. How do I change this and where do I get a replacement?
  14. I've had a look at the fuse. The power windows fuse is in a sealed triple fuse next to ABS, I saw nothing referring to the electric seats. The heated seats and every other electrical system works.
  15. The manual only refers to the fix that Paul suggested before. Then refers me to a dealership. Looks like I'm going to hand over a chunk of my hard earned money to Westway.
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