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  1. I phoned Leeds today and they confirmed it is a timing chain I also got a price of £284 for a service I will look at the other prices I have at home later
  2. I have had my 2017 Q60 for 3 years. my 5 year 50000 mile service is due soon. is it a timing belt or a timing chain on this engine. If it is a rubber belt when should it me changed. Infiniti do not support us anymore. I phoned them but I got someone in Paris. An authorised Nissan dealer in Stockport do carry out service and stock parts. But there knowledge is very limited. A 5 year service costs between £310 & £632 at Stockport.
  3. Who makes the break pads, disks & callipers for an Infiniti Q60
  4. I had this problem with an almeria I used for work. I think it had been in a flood. what I used was as many bags of silica gel I found that did the job.
  5. Thanks for the help guys . I have replaced all four tyres on the Q60 with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 245/40 R19 XL ZP. I have read that runflats give a harder ride and are noisier the grip felt lot better straight away. Actually it feels a softer ride and possibly quieter then the tyres that Arnold Clark put on the car to sell it.
  6. I ha spoken to kwic fit & they advised me not to fit run flat tyres because they as a company do not repair run flat tyres so no point in paying the extra of about £60 per tyre. I am looking at Goodyear F1’s or Michelin Pilot
  7. Hi all Which Tyres would you recommend for a Q60 Sport Tech 3L. Originally they were 245/40 ZR19 Runflat when I bought the car it had cheap EP tyres 245/40 ZR19 98Y XL none runflat tyres but they slide all over the road in the wet. I have chatted to Infinity about this & they said the runflat are recommended. Obviously I want the best grip possible, I believe that the suspension has been set up for the runflat as the tyre walls a harder. Dose anyone have any comments on this I hope that you are keeping well at this time. Paul
  8. Sadly sold my 370Z to a guy who live 3 miles away so hopefully see it again sometime. He was the first person to view it. One consolation is I do have my Infiniti Q60 3 litre Sport Tech. We may see it on here as I have given him on of our cards
  9. Yes it does go very well & they ha thrown the technology at in the bucket load but still has the same satnav as the 370z with no zoom at slow/fast speed. There are other toys to keep me amused
  10. It really pops in the sunlight as there is a lot of glitter in the paint
  11. Hi it is quicker off the line cause obviously its 4 wheel drive. I have not had the chance to open it up but very quick it turn right at traffic light I am around the corner before they have moved. Yo the back seat are usable but the boot is not that big for a larger car
  12. Hi All Finally posting some pics of my Infiniti Q60 Sport Tech 3l. I wanted to clean it have the wheels re-furbished and ceramic coating put on before posting pics. As you can see I still have my Nissan 370Z GT in a pic which is still for sale due to the lockdown. There is an add on here & Autotrader if anyone is looking for a 370Z GT Paul
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