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  1. I phoned Leeds today and they confirmed it is a timing chain I also got a price of £284 for a service I will look at the other prices I have at home later
  2. I have had my 2017 Q60 for 3 years. my 5 year 50000 mile service is due soon. is it a timing belt or a timing chain on this engine. If it is a rubber belt when should it me changed. Infiniti do not support us anymore. I phoned them but I got someone in Paris. An authorised Nissan dealer in Stockport do carry out service and stock parts. But there knowledge is very limited. A 5 year service costs between £310 & £632 at Stockport.
  3. Who makes the break pads, disks & callipers for an Infiniti Q60
  4. I had this problem with an almeria I used for work. I think it had been in a flood. what I used was as many bags of silica gel I found that did the job.
  5. Thanks for the help guys . I have replaced all four tyres on the Q60 with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 245/40 R19 XL ZP. I have read that runflats give a harder ride and are noisier the grip felt lot better straight away. Actually it feels a softer ride and possibly quieter then the tyres that Arnold Clark put on the car to sell it.
  6. I ha spoken to kwic fit & they advised me not to fit run flat tyres because they as a company do not repair run flat tyres so no point in paying the extra of about £60 per tyre. I am looking at Goodyear F1’s or Michelin Pilot
  7. Hi all Which Tyres would you recommend for a Q60 Sport Tech 3L. Originally they were 245/40 ZR19 Runflat when I bought the car it had cheap EP tyres 245/40 ZR19 98Y XL none runflat tyres but they slide all over the road in the wet. I have chatted to Infinity about this & they said the runflat are recommended. Obviously I want the best grip possible, I believe that the suspension has been set up for the runflat as the tyre walls a harder. Dose anyone have any comments on this I hope that you are keeping well at this time. Paul
  8. Sadly sold my 370Z to a guy who live 3 miles away so hopefully see it again sometime. He was the first person to view it. One consolation is I do have my Infiniti Q60 3 litre Sport Tech. We may see it on here as I have given him on of our cards
  9. Yes it does go very well & they ha thrown the technology at in the bucket load but still has the same satnav as the 370z with no zoom at slow/fast speed. There are other toys to keep me amused
  10. It really pops in the sunlight as there is a lot of glitter in the paint
  11. Hi it is quicker off the line cause obviously its 4 wheel drive. I have not had the chance to open it up but very quick it turn right at traffic light I am around the corner before they have moved. Yo the back seat are usable but the boot is not that big for a larger car
  12. Hi All Finally posting some pics of my Infiniti Q60 Sport Tech 3l. I wanted to clean it have the wheels re-furbished and ceramic coating put on before posting pics. As you can see I still have my Nissan 370Z GT in a pic which is still for sale due to the lockdown. There is an add on here & Autotrader if anyone is looking for a 370Z GT Paul
  13. Revised Price of £11995 with 12 months MOT full service history in excellent condition. It has been very well looked after.
  14. Hi Chilli Red Is this the tread to advertise my 370z for sale. I have advertised it since i bought a Inifniti Q60 but I cant find the add I have previously posted. If you can find it can you send me a link so that I can modify it, Thanks Paul
  15. I have both the 370Z GT & the Infinity Q60 Sport Tech 3L. They obviously have different driving characteristics but the Q60 does have better power delivery it does help with the 4 wheel drive system. I t is much more stable in the bends. I upgraded for the 4 seats (with pressure form the Mrs lol) but the technology in the car is superb. The 370Z i used to get around 32 MPG but with the Q60 I get around 24 - 25 MPG no matter which driving mode from Eco to Sport +. I hope this will help people out in their decision.
  16. Nissan 370Z GT, with semi-automatic gearbox paddle shift. 52550miles. Top specification with touchscreen & talk to satnav/phone. Bose audio system complete with sub-woofer and hard drive storage, USB, Bluetooth. Leather/Alacantara heated electric seats. Automatic lights and wipers. Electric windows folding mirrors. Wheels have been powder coated and in perfect condition at a cost of £260 all tyres have lots of tread left. The bodywork has been treated with Liquid Glass Shield (Ceramic treatment). The car has been very well maintained with a full Nissan service. It has had the trouble of the steering lock replaced at a cost of £732.74. All documentation supplied including MOT’s receipts manuals and brochures. This is my weekend car I have had it for nearly 7 years. Now upgraded to a Q60 Sport Tech 3 litre. £13000 ono Mobile 07540778280
  17. Sorry Paul we can’t make it we have an appointment on the Saturday daytime & it is Kim’s Birthday on the Sunday
  18. It was a second hand car as there are no new cars available for sale I will put some on at the weekend
  19. I found an Infinity Q60 with the spec & the colour I wanted & bought it 2 weeks ago. They have thrown bucket loads of technology at this car I am still learning all the menus. The acceleration is much better than my 370z. I am unfortunately going to sell my 370z which is in very good condition.
  20. I have seen the price dropping. I would keep it for a number of years so shouldnt be a problem
  21. Which is a shame because I think they are very luxurious cars & they should have took off big time with the technology that is in them
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