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  1. I have had my 2017 Q60 for 3 years. 
    my 5 year 50000 mile service is due soon. 
    is it a timing belt or a timing chain on this engine. If it is a rubber belt when should it me changed.
    Infiniti do not support us anymore. I phoned them but I got someone in Paris. An authorised Nissan dealer in Stockport do carry out service and stock parts. But there knowledge is very limited. A 5 year service costs between £310 & £632 at Stockport. 

  2. Thanks for the help guys .

    I have replaced all four tyres on the Q60 with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 245/40 R19 XL ZP.

    I have read that runflats give a harder ride and are noisier the grip felt lot better straight away.

    Actually it feels a softer ride and possibly quieter then the tyres that Arnold Clark put on the car to sell it.

  3. Hi all

    Which Tyres would you recommend for a Q60 Sport Tech 3L.

    Originally they were 245/40 ZR19 Runflat when I bought the car it had cheap EP tyres 245/40 ZR19 98Y XL none runflat tyres but they slide all over the road in the wet.

    I have chatted to Infinity about this & they said the runflat are recommended.

    Obviously I want the best grip possible, I believe that the suspension has been set up for the runflat as the tyre walls a harder.

    Dose anyone have any comments on this

    I hope that you are keeping well at this time.


  4. Hi All


    Finally posting some pics of my Infiniti Q60 Sport Tech 3l.


    I wanted to clean it have the wheels re-furbished and ceramic coating put on before posting pics.


    As you can see I still have my Nissan 370Z GT in a pic which is still for sale due to the lockdown.


    There is an add on here & Autotrader if anyone is looking for a 370Z GT










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  5. Hi Chilli Red


    Is this the tread to advertise my 370z for sale.

    I have advertised it since i bought a Inifniti Q60 but I cant find the add I have previously posted.

    If you can find it can you send me a link so that I can modify it,




  6. I have both the 370Z GT & the Infinity Q60 Sport Tech 3L.


    They obviously have different driving characteristics but the Q60 does have better power delivery it does help with the 4 wheel drive system. I t is much more stable in the bends. I upgraded for the 4 seats (with pressure form the Mrs lol) but the technology in the car is superb.


    The 370Z i used to get around 32 MPG but with the Q60 I get around 24 - 25 MPG no matter which driving mode from Eco to Sport +.


    I hope this will help people out in their decision.

  7. Nissan 370Z GT, with semi-automatic gearbox paddle shift. 52550miles.

    Top specification with touchscreen & talk to satnav/phone. Bose audio system complete with sub-woofer and hard drive storage, USB, Bluetooth.

    Leather/Alacantara heated electric seats.

    Automatic lights and wipers.

    Electric windows folding mirrors.

    Wheels have been powder coated and in perfect condition at a cost of £260 all tyres have lots of tread left.

    The bodywork has been treated with Liquid Glass Shield (Ceramic treatment).

    The car has been very well maintained with a full Nissan service.

    It has had the trouble of the steering lock replaced at a cost of £732.74. All documentation supplied including MOT’s receipts manuals and brochures.

    This is my weekend car I have had it for nearly 7 years.

    Now upgraded to a Q60 Sport Tech 3 litre.

    £13000 ono

    Mobile 07540778280











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