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  1. I have been told by Middlehurst Nissan they will carry out servicing as they have always done but not any warranty work so no idea who will do this as yet
  2. Is there anything I need to know or look out for when buying a Q60 3l sport tech. Any assistance would be great full. Paul
  3. I had a phone call from Middlehurst Anissa today. They told me that the existing Infinity dealers will still be able to carry out service & warranty repairs so I take it that they will be stocking spare parts as well.
  4. Thanks Chilli Red I may see you at Silverstone
  5. I would like to be kept informed about what happens as I am thinking about the Q60. I did test drive one but it was a nightmare because the battery was flat before we started but would like to try one again.
  6. What are they going to do about spares, service & warrantys for those that have bought them already or intending to buy one with Nissan take over
  7. Hi guys My steering lock has failed today. It failed in the unlocked position but the key light came on, I didn't know this is a regular fault so i went to get the spare key which the battery was dead so I got a new battery to no avail. I called the breakdown/recovery he tried the various work arounds still no luck. The windows came down so they took it to storage over night then being taken to Middlehurst tomorrow. I will keep you all informed of the outcome. Apparently Middlehurst have changed a few of these units. I have read that 2010 models were recalled. My car was registered in January 2011 so I will contact customer services tomorrow.
  8. Hi guys Keep me informed i would like to attend with Kim if it is the dates as shown on saturday & sunday.
  9. Hi have booked it in at Westway Manchester for a major service at £300 . I got other quotes from £199 to £400 the highest was my local dealer in Warrington & they are not a high performance dealer. Nissan should take control of this.
  10. I have been Quoted £370 for an 8 year service by Middlehurst Nissan (ex high performance dealer) St. Helens & £260 by Chorley Nissan Wigan for the same 8 year service or £200 foe a minor service. Why can there be so much difference.
  11. My car didn't move when we had snow. I hope everyone is well Paul
  12. Yes it was a fantastic day when will we be invited to the next event maybe the new 370Z
  13. I have phoned them and they said they are a different part number part number and are the price i said earlier
  14. Are they genuine Nissan part number 40343-5y700 as th dealer are charging £13.09 each
  15. Dose anyone have genuine 370Z center wheel caps for sale or know of where I can buy 4 but not paying dealer prices
  16. I had my email on Thursday I replied to it they sent me another and that one worked. Now all paid up thanks again WoREod
  17. Sorry for the late reply due to sunning myself in Jamaica. Thank you to John for assisting to confirm my place on the trip of a life time. I had fantastic time from leaving the GB through France & Belgium to Spa. The day was great I was surprised when we went on the 105 km road trip with John of GT-Roc when they said just follow the sat nave as I thought some one would have been with us. John did the first stint this was my first hot ride of the day as he is a race instructor. I enjoyed the drive but did not push the car to anywhere near its limits. On the track it was better to push the car a little more and see the 911's jumping out of the way on corners when they seen us coming up behind not that I am that experienced. Its a shame that we did not have more laps on the track thanks to the 911's I would like to say a big thank you to William & Nissan for the whole weekend with a nice hotel and meals. Has any one got their in car footage if so where did you get it. I have attached some pics I have a small video but it is too large to upload. Hope to see you all again soon Paul
  18. Unfortunately I had a busy week after Spa and I am on holiday in Jamaica for two weeks. I have just seen the post I will post my pics and what I think of the fantastic GTR when I get home
  19. I am not sure what you mean by that as I have never been to a club meet before
  20. Its a United Arab Emirates plate
  21. I am looking at going on saturday then onto Brands Hatch for the GT race on the sunday. Is the event inside the castle grounds or outside
  22. Get them to give me a call if they are interested Paul
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