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  1. FOR SALE I recently purchased this wheel and tyre plus jack for a trip abroad this Summer, (I didn't want to rely on the sealant) these wheels weren't available in this country to my knowledge, but were available elsewhere, and are very hard to track down, and expensive! The wheel hasn't been used but has very light marks as can be seen in the pictures, the tyre is the correct Bridgestone and is brand new and unused, as is the jack, which is not a genuine Nissan one, but has the same mount and I have tested it. The spare fits under the Bose sub see the attached link ( Thanks to Shenley for the guide) I am open to sensible offers, only selling as I have now sold the zed. I am based in Essex about ten minutes from the Dartford tunnel for collection, it can be posted but I would need to get a quote for you if interested. http://forums.nissansportz.com/topic/32363-what-have-you-done-for-your-370z-today/page-36?do=findComment&comment=372119
  2. As Chubbs said so much variety. On my Storm White Zed, I use DoDo Juice Diamond white hard wax, followed by a sealant, like Dodo Juice Supernatural Acrylic Spritz for example, but again loads to choose from! P.S. Don't forget to clay and polish it first!
  3. Very good condition geniune Nissan boot carpet,used. Make me a sensible offer!
  4. Just as an update, Thanks to Shenley for the tip off on a wheel, and a lucky find by my local tyre dealer, I am now up and running, just waiting on my jack and wheel brace from ebay. Although I won't be buying my replacement tyre sealant from Nissan £173!!!! and no, that doesn't include the compressor!
  5. OK, thanks, WD40 is a good way of removing the glue!
  6. Paul, that is a good idea re the jack. On another note, is there any adjustment on the Zed for switching the headlights over to the European pattern, or do I need to get some Eurolights?
  7. Thanks anyway Paul. I'd already spotted Shenley's post, and I have been looking for a while, like you say best get two kits just in case, fingers crossed. A couple of years back we got a puncture as we drove onto the Eurotunnel, in my company car, they will not let you change your wheel on the train. I luckily borrowed a compressor to get enough air into the tyre to get us off the train and platform and to a garage just up the road.
  8. Hi, I have a planned trip to France in the Summer, and would like the comfort of a space saver. Although the odd wheel comes up on Ebay, it seems the biggest problem is the tyre. I have been looking for some time and I had asked local suppliers to no avail. My question is would someone on here in the south east, Essex, Kent area, consider lending me their space saver for 10days for beer tokens? and if needed a security deposit. thanks in advance.
  9. Sounds to me like it is inside the gearknob, I agree it is annoying as is the rear cover that rattles as well! Please let me know if you find a fix, I too removed the gearstick surround, there was nothing loose under there. It is probably "engineered" to sound like that!
  10. Well as this was becoming a PITA I have now replaced both batteries again! With Duracell ones (as suggested by Paul) and hey Presto all fixed! Annoyingly the other batteries were an equally good make and had long dates, but obvoiusly the Zed didn't like them!
  11. Thanks again, regarding locking/unlocking that seems fine, it's just starting that is the issue.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Both keys do it occasionally, but one more than the other (the main one that I use) and yes I did put good batteries in twice. I'll have a word with my local Stealer at some point.
  13. Has anyone else had this issue, just lately and most of the time I get in the car with the key in my pocket (As I have always done) I get a "No key" warning, I have to place the key nearer the dash or put it in it's socket and then everything works fine, and yes I have replaced the batteries TWICE, and cleaned the internal contacts, Any ideas anyone?
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